What do you think Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder would make of this? The truth is out there, my friends.

  1. They’d use critical thinking skills and realize that they’re in a military town and move on with their lives

  2. How was it proven to be flares? These are staying at a consistent altitude and are perfectly equidistant. Flares would lose altitude and drift away from one another.

  3. It's illumination rounds dropped from a C-130. They can be dropped from helos and we can fire them from mortars and howitzer too.

  4. Some food for thought. These mysterious sightings keep happening inside one of the premiere Naval training ranges in the world, W291. W291 is a massive offshore military training complex that stretches from below Guadalupe Island Baja California all the way up to San Clemente island from the Sea Floor to FL800. Every single one of these incidents keeps happening in the same Whiskey range. No other coastal city on the west coast regularly has sightings like this. Highly probable what your witnessing is your hard earned tax payer dollars at work and the navy testing a fancy new plasma technology. Ymmv

  5. Looks like a military plane circling the runway to land on North Island. Especially near the end of the clip where it is banking into a turn.

  6. Homeland security circled the area around the object for around two hours. It was seen clearly down in TJ, too.

  7. There’s another post where these lights were over the ocean in Rosarito. Started as only 2 then 3 lights. Now they cruise over SD? Weird

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