Walking in the pre-apocalyptic hellscape of a once beautiful city. The past few days, I ventured out into this wasteland so you don't have to. Here are a few pics I took of this failed city.

  1. I bought heroin from one of those fiscus trees in 1994. I’m glad to see they are doing so well so well. I heard they do drug counciling now.

  2. Fiscus is doing great now. He has 2 small children and works full time providing shade. Great guy, very quiet.

  3. They were doing well until fentanyl/meth showed up... Now they're ball'n out of control! For sure making more money than the politians from the tax dollars, cant tax the dead and the departed

  4. They just live on the other side of twin peaks.... I didn't know there was a non-foggy side of the city for many years haha.

  5. I wish I had thought of something fun/funny to say about each one, but I don't know if I would have ever gotten these posted if I tried. Lol

  6. Op definitely forgot to post the “abortion” that was taking place in the alley, in plain view of the cHiLDreN

  7. Lmao love you for this. But the people who have never even stepped foot in the state despite cosplaying online as an SF resident might be displeased.

  8. I’d have to venture a guess that these photos were taken this weekend, which SF GGP is hosting Outside Lands Music Festival, hence why the city appears way empty. (There’s actually 80k people in the park).

  9. Sick of these cherry picked posts. Come on dude, of course the Mission is a hellscape, but there are still parts of the city where you don't have to endure the scourges of mural artists, Victorian architecture, and worst of all, sunshine.

  10. I’m shaking. Please put a NSFW tag. I really didn’t need to see all the poop everywhere or the hippie giving birth in public. Even the baby looked like it was on acid. And there was a gang member stealing it right from its mother’s loins. Please do not put your life at risk again. It’s not worth it.

  11. I currently live in Seattle, and moved here because as a teen I always thought it would be a beautiful and clean city, I was so so wrong. But then I visited SF and was blown away by it, it’s so gorgeous, clean, and welcoming

  12. I moved from San Francisco to Belltown during the pandemic. Granted, most of Seattle was shut down and I couldn't really enjoy it very much, but it was a beautiful place. The only difficult part with the people and how closed off they were. I get it was a pandemic, but being nice to strangers was met with rudeness, what's my SF hippie ass am not use to

  13. Coming from Chicago, SF is much dirtier. Having lived in Phoenix and Chicago, SF does not seem clean. I love SF the most though.

  14. SF is absolutely not a clean city, I've seen needles on the sidewalk on numerous occasions, even in nicer parts of the city.

  15. when I visited Seattle. I thought it was so clean and less crowded. But of course I was a tourist. I was made to see the gorgeous city. I live in Sf. I see human feces on every other block! Lol

  16. The sf 311 website ands it’s 1000 tickets it gets per day related to: street garbage, graffiti and damaged public property disagrees with you

  17. So sad to see. Wish california could get its shit together, like texas or georgia. Them mexicans with their voting, and the gays being all gay everywhere…

  18. I moved here about a month ago and am shocked and what an incredible place this is. I don't know who is in charge of PR for the Bay, or if all the rumors of decay are purposefully put out there to keep people away, but this is a world class city with some of the most beautiful architecture and natural beauty I've ever seen.

  19. Honestly the city has revived a lot the past 6 months. Now that we are moving to a post covid world, the city is coming back to life.

  20. I mean. This is just the mission basically. The more challenging problems are elsewhere, so while I get your point and still love SF it’s having problems right now it hasn’t had in 30 years.

  21. I visited San Francisco for the first time in 17 years back in March. I had heard things had really gone downhill with the homeless situation and the state of the streets etc. But I have to say I didn’t think it seemed any different to when I had been there last. I had a fabulous time and would definitely come back. These photos are bringing back great memories.

  22. Holy &$?! I’m a Bostonian who got recommended this post randomly, and that train station is amazing! I can’t believe that compared to what we’ve got here.

  23. thank you for exposing the true nature of these “bad areas.” so tired of seeing the same old beautiful tenderloin / fidi vacation posts on here!

  24. I’m filming in the TL with some friends. The weather is beautiful, the buildings a run down, and too many of the people are shattered mentally. The guy running the mission we’re filming out of said so many of them are from other places, but some here because the weather won’t kill them, and they can get services. One guy I talked to who was living out of his car said he’s been like that since Covid. But he said of all the places he’s been the caring in SF is different from anyplace else. I love this city so much, but so many parts of it are rough, and to find out we’re caring for many of the country’s homeless, because they can’t get help where they are, is sad.

  25. Outside my house in the mission, next to the burned down buildings that the neighborhood leaves empty. There was a fatal shooting here just yesterday.

  26. It has been really nice. I've lived here since 1997, but became disabled and moderately immuno-compromised due to a rare medical condition in 2016. When things shut down in 2020, I really became a shut-in to avoid Covid - and I have to admit, I was already depressed but it got a lot worse. It became really hard to get myself to leave my flat, just from a mental standpoint.

  27. I don’t know how you can stand to live in this beautiful city with murals and parks and everything…

  28. What a nightmare. Glad you survived. Thanks for your brave photography in this zombie apocalypse town

  29. I’m pretty sure those are just screen captures from madmax films. If not, I commend your bravery for documenting the utter desolation.

  30. Great pics! SF is indeed beautiful. Now start heading few blocks east from Dolores or north from Balmy alley and you will know why SF gets a bad rep. I love the city but I am not blind. Eastern parts of the city have declined.

  31. Howdy Arabia is beautiful this time of year, 112 in the shade with a failing power grid. And thankfully they finally ridded the state of the scourge of women’s rights.

  32. I love SF and appreciate what you're trying to do here. And maybe the goal is to balance out the negativity. But let's also not whistle pass the grave and pretend everything is perfect here.

  33. That's an alley and 24th Street is in the background. The alley is named Balmy (which I couldn't remember at the time I was posting).

  34. Nice pictures! And that doesn't even include the beautiful new over-the-tunnel parks in the Presidio. Glorious walk to the Golden Gate.

  35. Whenever the right wing nutcakes start talking about how bad San Francisco is, I say, "so what you're saying is, you've never been there." 100% of the time, that turns out to be true. It's sad that they deprive themselves of life's simple pleasures, like a visit to San Francisco, just so they can keep telling themselves how the liberals ruin everything.

  36. Currently visiting SF for the first time. SF is very beautiful, clean and feels safe. I can’t believe the fear mongering I’ve always heard before visiting.

  37. Wow! Glad I decided to come and visit this beautiful place in September again. Visited San Francisco way back in ‘91, ‘98 & ‘99 but somehow never made it back to this part of California since.

  38. I visited my daughter in 2019 and fell in love with this city. She moved to New Orleans in August of 2019, visited her and that is one nasty city. She moved back to San Fran exactly 2 years later and said it was like coming home. I can't wait to get back out there again.

  39. Wow a city that has a budget in the billions has a few nice areas, what a miracle! I'm sure someone else can take just as many awful photos of strung out drug addicts or needles or tents or trash on the sidewalk or human feces or all of the above in a single shot.

  40. You can cherry pick or curate the data to fit any narrative, on both sides. You’re doing the same thing people who decry SF do

  41. A feces laden hellscape of epic proportions! I will never recover financially or psychologically from living in this vacuum of morality!

  42. Where’s the camp next to Dolores park? Or Octavia and Hayes? Or any of the others really? There are some big camps but usually out in the industrial area or under freeway passes nobody uses

  43. When you said train station, I thought you meant the actual train station on King street, which I hear is not so nice. Did you go to Soma?

  44. Can we have a real discussion about how all the liberal west coast cities absolutely destroyed themselves by overzealously shutting everything down, telling people not to leave their houses, and letting the city rot for a couple years? There were lots of people on reddit early on who were saying this was a terrible idea and they all got banned because they were killing grandma.

  45. Heyyy #15 is from the meme factoid about wives pulling on their man's nuts during birth to cause them pain. Minus the nuts but still lol

  46. Very obviously the point is that SF is a beautiful, safe city despite all the hyperbole about it in national media. I thought that was extremely clear.

  47. My point is that I wanted to share my pics of this gorgeous city that is not the hellscape that the media likes to portray it as. Hope you enjoyed the photos. 🙂

  48. Blaming OP for cherry picking locations….continues on to cherry pick locations of super specific areas where homeless people exist. If it’s that easy to name where they choose to try to live, it’s also easy enough to avoid those super specific areas if afraid.

  49. As a long time resident, the rivers of poop after even the slightest drizzle are a horror. Still miss my litter brother.

  50. Those poor souls baking in the heat and having to resort to sitting on the ground because this city won't provide benches. Madness!

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