I’m not sure what to make of the team this year

  1. I think we’re seeing a bit of an evolution of the team at the moment, so there are going to be teething issues. The weekend was a good example, we could have easily won but silly errors let Wasps back in the match. The style of play is changing, in my eye due to a couple of factors. Firstly we cannot rely on a mutant pack of forwards anymore to monster teams. Billy and Mako will be around for a few more seasons but after the World Cup I can see them leaving. This means we have to find a different way of playing, which I can see the beginnings of. We’re trying to play a quicker, more fluid brand of rugby, in my mind our own version of how Leinster play.

  2. Watching Spencer on Friday was equal parts gutting because he's left, and frustrating because his kicks were squandered so often

  3. I agree with you and I still think when we have our full squad and we get to the knock out games for the prem and Europe we'll come through. But I do feel there is a lack of consistency which we always used to have

  4. For me, the lack of discipline has been a real shock. We got marched back 3 times earlier in the season and then we’re in more trouble at the weekend. After a season away I think we’re in a great position even if we are not winning games we could have expected to in the past. The lack of relegation has also given some teams the freedom to play and we look like we’re trying to do the same but we aren’t built for that. Hopefully Smally is back soon because we need some fresh blood now we’ve done our internal business. Faz gives us that bit of steel and determination that other players want to match.

  5. We have really missed a wise old head in the team, like there is no brits, burger, Brad and Chris wyles We don't have a true captain that everyone can turn to in troubling times, we have too many co captain and no true leader. I havent been counting but I'm sure there has been at least 10 players that have been captain this season.

  6. We dont have the same depth in our squad as we have in the past, which is because of salary cap. So during internationals we dont have world class replacement like we did before, like have both wigglesworth and spencer at scrum half. So during internationals and with injuries it is more difficult. Also other teams are playing at a really high level, you feel that even teams lower down the table could okay well enough to beat any team, its a lot more equal. Which isnt a bad thing, we just are probably not used to it. We’re still in second and im sure we’ll have enough to make the play offs. With out first choice 15 we have so many world class players, so i dont think theres too much to worry about, every team has something they need to improve on.

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