Here’s How Anti-Abortion Politics Hid Science News From The Public

  1. Some people just want to vilify the other side, and claims like "my opponents kills babies!!!!" loose their shock value when you start getting all scientific.

  2. Paraphrasing: “So, switching gears, what about « insert politically charged thing here »?”… Your question is valid. The context makes is a poor choice at best.

  3. If you look back on many of the scientific procedures or experiments conducted during the 20th century, you’ll find scientific inquiry based on unethical practices (see: Ansel Keys, to begin). How would you answer your own question?

  4. In general? Yes. I support scientific inquiry based on unethical practices. We should be testing on sickly babies like the Spartans. It would free up resources in the healthcare industry if we no longer had to deal with all of those babies. What else would we do with all the unwanted children once we ban abortion?

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