Children who play more video games show greater gains in intelligence over time, study finds

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  5. Gaming is for sure more active than watching tiktok or TV, but how about comparing gaming to other activities, such as reading, learning to play instruments, studying, playing chess or other board games, playing in team sport, drawing, writing and other things kids can use their time on outside school.

  6. You're missing the point of the study. This is something that children are intrinsically motivated to engage with, and something that they are actually engaging with in-the-wild. There aren't many kids out there who are trying to play instruments for 4 to 6 hours a day.

  7. In role-playing games you read a ton, not only do you read a ton you evaluate and synthesize social relationships between characters. While learning about the major themes and motifs in the narrative.

  8. I think gaming would be competitive with most of the activities you listed, but gaming is mostly consideted a leisure activity and I think more directly compares with social media, books, and TV.

  9. TV is literally the worst form of entertainment. Zero interaction and audio and visual are both there for you.

  10. Not to dismiss those things, because I believe all of them can be important (especially study with active learning, i.e. not just for a test); But a lot of those things don't actually promote adaptability, or at least not the same level of, or at the same pace as required by video game. Adaptability could be feasibly be considered a key component of overall intelligence.

  11. I tried reading the article and came to the conclusion that I need an ad blocker before I open that again. So just based on the title I'm guessing this is the reverse. Smarter kids tend to play video games vs playing sports or other things.

  12. And if you think about it, getting tackled in football or hockey, kicked in the head in soccer, etc.. is bound to lose a few brain cells for sure

  13. Typical IQ tests concentrate on visual-spatial intelligence. Given that many modern games rely on visual-spatial awareness, these results aren't surprising. Kids are literally practicing the skills that are on the tests.

  14. Why do people think this of IQ tests? IQ tests have a lot more than visual and spatial testing. They test for reasoning, processing speed, associative memory, abstract problem solving, verbal comprehension, quantitative reasoning and numerous other things. Look up any of the tests and what they are actually testing for you'll see a plethora of things depending on the test.

  15. Video games are free or at least very cheap. A laptop is also relativley easy to get your hands on even if you are somewhat poor. Hell people in poor countries make work of grinding gold or items in mmos.

  16. Also, what about... people who are good at video games are also good at spatial awareness, they test at the top of the video game players you'd think the ones who lasted that long gaming would be good at these tests...

  17. Idk I’ve played video games since I could remember and still play everyday at 28 and I feel pretty dumb sometimes. I don’t think video games make you violent however. Also a kid who grew playing puzzle games and a kid who grew up playing RPG and a kid who grew up playing racing / sports games are all gonna have different results. Puzzles being strategic, RPGs more so long term planning, and racing and sports gamer are more reactive. Thats also just a laymen understanding cause a game now a days can have all three of those.

  18. Gaming has taught me many things that have helped in my adult life. I recognize patterns quickly and have little issues in memorizing pictures or numbers.I have decent spatial awareness and I seem to be the only one that tries to actively engage in problem solving at my job.

  19. Published in Scientific Reports, so question the validity of the paper. They'll publish anyone who pays the fee so long as it's not outright nonsense.

  20. I can assure you been gaming since PS1, starting with Breath of Fire 4 and Legends of Dragoon, this cranium is massive.

  21. Intelligent sure. But then there’s unmotivated and self-destructive due to gaming addiction.

  22. And there's also using gaming to as a healthy escapee from mental illness, and the social lives that some people can gain from it when they otherwise couldn't. The pros definitely outweighs the cons, when it comes to a medium of media that you have to be engaged in more than just staring at a screen.

  23. BS....addictive tendencies happen only in people that would get addictive to something else anyway.... Science programs proved this

  24. That is only cool if your child one day gets up and decides to touch grass and understands how real world works. Most intense gamers have hard time doing that. Intelligence is only useful when you use it properly.

  25. Having a high int stat won't help you improve the world if your charisma stat is to low for anyone to listen or talk to you.

  26. Not to mention the countless studies that show a correlation between gaming/screen time in general and difficulty with emotional and behavioral regulation in kids..

  27. Looking at this poorly-written clickbait article, I would like to know what the writers general definition of "intelligence" is. Scientifically spoken, doesn't it just include cognitive and executional traits of a person but also take into account social and emotional fidelity? This article somehow seems to leave that part out. As with most IQ tests. That's not to say gamers are antisocial. But I do wonder how many studies have been done on kids growing up with video games compared to a lifestyle with physical/collaborative activity mixed in.

  28. Reminder that every intelligence study showing increased intelligence in this way has been thoroughly debunked historically and your prior should be that this is false unless there's extremely strong replication.

  29. You mean to tell me that children who actively choose to read, problem solve and work in teams to achieve goals are the ones using their minds? Wow, who knew.

  30. Conservatives had the wrong idea targeting educators for educating and ‘indoctrinating’ the youth. Turns out video games are the real educators

  31. Geez, it only took you 28 years to write an article about how sick video games are at connecting dots in the minds of kids who otherwise receive inadequate schooling and attention from their parents.

  32. Keep in mind correlation doesn’t equal causation - it doesn’t mean that a kid is smarter BECAUSE they play video games. For instance, kids who play more video games can be born into wealthier families, and thus have more access to more resources, which can enable them to grow smarter. Gaming can be expensive..

  33. I am jealous of my son's experience with videogame. He gets to play games actually designed for him, while I had to play Atari and Nintendo games that made no sense to even those who knew what they were doing.

  34. As a kid it was hard looking at the art on the box/manual to see on the screen a circle holding a bow and arrow, then convince yourself the epic story blurb was enough.

  35. It probably matters what type of games they're playing. Genres like strategy seem much more probable to increase intelligence than Candy Crush Saga or something.

  36. Depends what kind of games. Call of duty or fortnight over and over and over again every night for years as opposed to somebody who plays and beats 5 or 6 different games a year probably have different results. Not saying there is nothing to be gained from competitive online games its just the other experience nets you more overall exposure to art and different game play mechanics.

  37. I feel like of they have gaming as a hobby, their socio economic level provides a good development evrionnment

  38. Was this study funded by the entertainment software association, international computer games association, or international game developers association?

  39. I assume this depends heavily on the type of game as well. Anything interactive, that requires one to think about what they're doing and how to do it will help.

  40. Ok, but if you game your life away and never apply your intelligence, then what use is it? Many people are more addicted to videogames than they would like to admit.

  41. I'd like to see a study on the breakdown on different genres of videogames(and say, specific games from the top 5 of the genre) to determine which genre has the largest effect. As well as map out which genre has the biggest effect on which specific kind of intelligence. For instance, do FPS's help spatial intelligence and reaction times more, or ability to plan more? Which game type will have more downstream effectiveness on training executive function etc.

  42. My kid is learning how to read from playing Roblox and finding her own videos to watch on YouTube.

  43. Playing certain games forces you to out think/maneuver the enemy. Thinking steps ahead can be applied to all facets of life

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