Name a show that never got bad, season after season.

  1. Second this. It's too bad it's not getting a third season due to "rebranding" by the network to be more of a "women's channel" (because women can't like good Sci Fi, apparently?) but the way s2 ended stands on its own as a good ending.

  2. Did the ending have any finality to it or was it another one of those cliffhangers that we'll never resolve kind of things?

  3. Loved that show! I wish it had continued! I bought the post show TV movie they made but haven’t watched it yet. I think I need to rewatch the series again first.

  4. The best answer and best sci-fi show. Due for a rewatch. I remember being devastated at both the season 4 finale and the cancelation news. Peacekeeper Wars was probably the best wrap up fans could've got especially compared to what Firefly fans got.

  5. As somebody to recently discover it just last summer, I'd say mid-late season 3 made me worry the show was really running downhill, but it gets ever better later. I adore this show!

  6. It is an example, a very very rare example, where the makers TRUST the audience to follow astonishingly complex timelines and genealogic trees. To my knowledge, nothing that comes close to this was ever done on TV. Instead of playing it safe and dumbing it down, they trusted us to stay with it and decypher the fiendishly intricate plot

  7. You must watch in the original German though. Watching with the original acting is much more powerful to my understanding.

  8. I loved the guy who got himself in trouble and needed saving from Team Machine multiple times. Leon I think his name was.

  9. Season 1 was mostly crap with a few gems sprinkled in. Season 2 was better, and the show really took off spectacularly in Season 3. My favorite Star Trek episode is from Season 6 of DS9 - In The Pale Moonlight. It also had one of the best finishes of any Trek series to date with an amazing 9-episode arc.

  10. Like most Trek shows, the first season's by far the weakest, but even that one's not terrible. It even gave us Duet, which is one of my all-time favorite episodes of any Star Trek show.

  11. Dirk Gently, the second season was, lets say, different, but not it was bad either. Too bad it got cancelled, but as each season is mostly independent from each other nothing big was left pending.

  12. The ending of the second season of Dirk gently left it with so much potential! I would do anything for another season.

  13. Eureka used an interesting technique to keep their seasons from compounding on each other and ruining the feel of the show. "Screw it, just forget about it." There was a plot line where Henry was evil. Then the writers just said "mmm, nah", which was a great move IMHO.

  14. Not sure about one more season, I just love how they see themselves driving into eureka at the start but you don't know and then the end it shows it properly

  15. I really enjoyed Orphan Black, but it 100% relied on Tatiana Maslany’s performance. It would have been a fairly average low-budget show without her.

  16. This is good to hear. I only saw the first season because of reasons, but it was one of my favorite shows ever, and I keep intending to go back and finish it.

  17. For Stargate I think it should be noted that there's a definite split around season 8 when they bring in the Farscape pair, but it just gets slightly different rather than worse. I would also include Atlantis in the continuously good run.

  18. I didn't like season 5 as much. 1 through 4 was a slow zoom out. And then 5 was this weird soap opera that I guess worked on character development, the factions, but it just felt like filler and a bit of faff.

  19. I know I'm in the minority but both the last two seasons of the expanse have fallen off hard for me. The first 3 seasons I'd put up against any SF show pretty much. 4 and 5 both really dragged for me. They still had excellent moments and both seasons started and ended well. But they both dragged hard for me thru the middle with slow paced, repetitive plots. Overall I still love the show and am a fan. But I couldn't say it's consistent. Just my thought though, I don't think it's nearly as clear cut as many other shows that fall off

  20. Loved it from start to finish. And "Peter" is one of my favourite single episodes of television ever.

  21. Stargate Atlantis only has a few episodes to skip that are bad. But its got a great overall plot moving forward all the time. Tho the last episode was a rush to finish ofc.

  22. Stargate SG-1's bad episodes are pretty much all in season 1. They do have clip shows (because that was standard practice for shows in the early 2000s), but they tie the clip shows into the story really well.

  23. Yeah, I can understand if not everyone liked how the show progressed. But it's hard to deny the sheer balls of a series that followed through on its ideas to such a transformative degree as to basically reinvent itself every year, even as viewership plummeted. And it explored those concepts to a high standard throughout, and effectively related them back to the development of its wonderful cast. Walter remains perhaps my favorite character in television. That Fringe managed to reach its natural conclusion, and a good one at that, is practically a miracle.

  24. Second this. It was absolutely amazing and original and kept being original. It told a complete story and it had an amazing cast. Time for a rewatch.

  25. I'm a huge Babylon 5 fan, but there's no way S5 is on a par with S2-4. The first half is very bumpy, the second half is almost back to classic levels though.

  26. Babylon 5. Season 1 was a little slow what with setting the story and characters. But it wasn't bad. The rest of the seasons just got better and better.

  27. Well, I’d argue with you on season 5, but really it just went back to being as good as season 1, so the show never got worse.

  28. Caprica, even though it was only one season long. It had a lot of potential to move through time to BattleStar Gallactica.

  29. I agree with Monk. No procedural has any right to be as emotional and well done as that show did. I’m rewatching it right now and it still holds up excellently.

  30. SG-1 definitely deflated toward the end. I legit couldn't watch all of SG-1 S9 and 10 because the Ori arc was so garbage. Lasted 5-8 episodes of S9, then skipped straight over to 200 and the finale.

  31. I'm not sure it counts as sci-fi but I'll still throw it out there since I'm eternally disappointed it's cancelled now:

  32. Venture Bros is as least getting a finale movie soonish. It’s not another season, but it’ll be closure, at least.

  33. I'm one of those people who hated the ending, I think they should have stopped when they found the lost colony. No spoilers, but that was the perfect ending.

  34. I didn’t hate the ending, thought the writing was interesting, but I think the show had overall flabby storytelling and it wore out its charm by the final season. Telling a continuing story without an endgame in mind leads to weird and implausible places. The final five stuff was dumb and a sign it needed to end.

  35. Someone please explain Starbuck? I read a million articles and still don’t get it. Is she a ghost? The whole ending for starbuck seemed like such bullshit to me.

  36. I worked on that show and enjoyed it as a viewer. Nice to hear of someone else enjoying it too. Each season had a different arc but the ensemble cast worked well together and the world and history that the show created held up.

  37. That and Earth 2. (S:A&B was probably better. Earth 2 did have that "we just arrived at Alpha Centauri and our colony ship burst into pieces that will turn into factions" vibe. Though the Alpha Centauri 4x game didn't have the gem that some government had already used the planet for a penal colony on the down low too. Whoops.)

  38. I can't believe I had to scroll this far down to see this. It must mean that a lot of people have missed this absolute gem of space opera. Fantastic cast with great chemistry, and a story that expands throughout the five seasons. It also has my one of my favorite villains: Delle Seyah Kendry.

  39. Don't worry, season 6 will be a banger. Sad they canceling it after season 6 bit it's a good place to end if they weren't gonna get 9 seasons.

  40. I thought the end felt rushed and a bit slapdash. Annoyed the heck out of me. I enjoyed the rest of it though.

  41. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it mentioned yet, but Gravity Falls. The show is a masterpiece. Out of all of them there has to be like one episode I didn’t like

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