I’m truly in awe at the fact that I have boobs.

  1. exactly, just cause you have tits, dont mean all guys will get horny for them lol but hey...thats all OTHER guys...

  2. Don't fret about this. From the ages of 35 until senior citizenship you will likely have nice boobs and not giant saggy hangers.

  3. same! i'm sixteen and when i look around all these g's in my school have perfect sized perky ass titties (and everyone in my family too)! but this post gave me a real hope/confidence boost.

  4. See.. girls develop way earlier than boys, girls start getting their boobs at 13 or 14, while boys have to wait until they're 30 or 40

  5. From a guys point of view this is interesting because I never knew any women thought like this. That's so cool that your excited about your body. Yeah boobs r awesome aren't they. I'm happy for you that they came in and are great!

  6. Don't men think like this with beards and other hair? I have some guy friends that started developing beards late in life and they sounded like OP

  7. As a man, this is how I felt when I could grow a respectable beard at the age of 25. In high school, other boys started to get facial hair on their cheeks but I never did. I accepted my date once I graduated college but lo and behold, a beard did show up eventually!! Years later, it still baffles me that I have a beard.

  8. Congratulations, but let me tell you a cautionary tale. My wife was very similar starting puberty later. She did not have her first menstrual cycle until 16 almost 17. After we got married and tried to start a family, early 30's, we found out that she has a thyroid/hormone disorder that went undiagnosed for decades along with bunch of other issues with her reproductive organs. When we asked our fertility doctor if there would have been any signs of issues before the only one he could point to was my wife's late start of puberty. She's now in her early 40's and is starting menopause. So I pass on this information and hope you are not in a similar boat.

  9. Appreciate the comment. Luckily I was just a late bloomer but not to the point where it was a hormone imbalance or anything. I got my first period at age 14 which is still considered normal and I still had boobs they were just tiny little A cup mosquito bites lol. But my OBGYN has said everything looks healthy for me! Sorry to hear about your wife.

  10. I’m almost 27 and am still in a 34 A. I mean, I’m only 5 foot tall so I it looks proportionate. And I still have cleavage. But when I was younger I kept thinking, they HAVE to grow, right??? Boy was I wrong

  11. Boob size really doesn't matter. I new this girl that had small boobs but rocked the most incredible Victoria Secret style bras. I had a boner for miles every time she'd kinda bend over. Shawingggg!

  12. I can totally relate. I was a B cup all through high school. Then I bounced up to a C (no pun intended). Now I’m a full D cup (I think maybe my birth control aided in that extra boost). I sometimes wish they’d get bigger, but honestly they sit nice and I think they’re pretty. As a woman it’s nice to have a body part that you can look at and be like “Damn girl - you got it goin onnnnnnn”.

  13. I wish I could relate. For several years leading into middle school I had the biggest boobs of all the girls in my class. They were close to full-grown by the time I was 12. Everyone thought I was way older than I was. I joined children's art classes and the kids oogled their eyes as if to say, "Why is someone so much older than us in a class with us?" but I was their age! As a young teen I was hit on more than I'd like to think about. It was really weird to say the least. I felt like my childhood was stolen from me for puberty hitting me earlier than others my age. I envy late-bloomers for that reason.

  14. My gf grew her boobs at 29. Apparently she had a hormone imbalance her entire adult life and her birth control put her on the right course. Her boobs grew from an A to a C over a few months lol

  15. This just gave me so much hope that maybe my breasts will eventually grow in. I’m 16, almost 17 and have been scared that my chest would stay small forever. Not that anythings wrong with having a small chest, I just personally love the look of nice big round breasts, especially since my hips are very unproportionally large compared to my small upper section. Hearing that it’s still possible for them to grow made my day. Thank you!!!

  16. As a man, I'm less in awe about the fact that I have boobs, and more just embarrassed. Damn ice cream for being so delicious.

  17. This is how I feel as a guy who couldn’t really grow facial hair until his mid-late 20s. It’s still not perfect but I like it now with proper grooming.

  18. Same here. I had to buy them unfortunately because they never just magically appeared and I was flat as a board. I know a lot of people hate plastic surgery but I’m still happy I did it. I bought my boobs 15 years ago but I still have those moments where I can’t believe I actually have boobs. And then I jump up and down a couple of times to make them jiggle (yes, the plastic ones can do that too).

  19. Boobs are amazing. I think the male equivalent is when I was baby-faced till 28 and then suddenly my beard came in. I'm sorry for any guys that can't grow facial hair but my beard really improved my life for me. That is the truth. Its not even super nice beard, but it improved my appearance tenfold.

  20. I'm glad you posted this because, as a man, I always wondered if this was a thing. And I wanted to ask but of course, it comes across as creepy. Thanks for explaining.

  21. This is funny for me because my non-binary sibling just told me this morning they are getting top surgery to remove their boobs! Different strokes for different folks!

  22. That's awesome to hear, both that you're happy and that you're happy in your body. I'm really hoping that some day I'll meet someone as self-confident as this.

  23. That's amazing and I'm so happy for you that you love your body and get to live in it. That feeling itself is beautiful and not everyone gets to experience that. Have a perky day! :)

  24. I was flat chested until I was 23 and accepted it... until I gained like 80lbs+, causing me to develop niiiiice titties and was shocked af with how awesome they were. Then I lost all the weight but kept the tits! Overjoyed everyday that I ended up with a nice pair of sweater puppies.

  25. I feel the same about my kickass obliques and magnum dong. And I moved into an apt last year with stairs, and lemme tell you my hams are CLAPPIN' from all the time I spend climbing them

  26. Wow - I never knew that girls had this much boobies anxiety, I knew they had some, but not this much. Your breasts sound amazing, like everything a desirable titty should be. Men or women that get to see or touch them are super lucky. Use them to their full potential! Titty power!

  27. Yeah, I grew up looking at porn mags and always thought I was at or below average. It wasn't until much later in life that I learned the actual average size. I was pleasantly surprised and told my wife right away. However, she's only ever been with me so the reaction I got was more along the lines of " oh, okay, that's nice". Life is funny sometimes.

  28. Mine came in a little later than everyone else as well. Mine didn't start developing until I was 12-13. Idk I hate mine, but I'm glad you love yours bahaha. Other girls in my age group started getting theirs around 7.

  29. Tbh I read this comment and imagine a 44 year old divorcee man sitting on his porch and drinking light beer out of a wine glass

  30. I hate the words "soft" and "squishy" when referring to boobs. Don't get me wrong they are great I just really hate those words when describing them. That may just be because an ex used them as "stress relievers" and another ex said they were "soft and squishy" when using them as a pillow (which pissed me off). Either way yes they are great but a hassle to get around sometimes.

  31. 20F here & still waiting…you’re saying they grew at 23? Is there still hope for me? I barely fit an A :/

  32. I know the feeling! I grew two inches when I was 20. Suspiciously my penis also shrank two inches…

  33. I was a 34C for most of my life, until I found out I was anemic and got treatment for it. Then out of nowhere I went up to a 34DD and I was like YUSSS

  34. I turn 23 in a month and still waiting for them to grow, I hope this happens to me one day, maybe there is hope lol. I have AA cups and have pretty much been underweight my whole like, which is probably a factor. But last year I hit over 100 so I’m at least proud of that!

  35. I'm reading this at twenty without good boobs and I was getting excited about the prospect that I might get them at 23 and then you said you'd had them for a few years 🥲

  36. I once read this comic where the author says she wishes she could donate parts of her body she doesn't want to others who would love them. I would have given you my boobs in a trice. I want to be flat-chested. I don't want anything to do with my boobs. I wish I were as happy as you are with yours. But I am glad you like yours and you're feeling fantastic with them. That's the important part and I'm proud of you :D

  37. You have them, I want them, yours I mean, can I touch them and I’d be happy as you that I’ll be touching some freaking damn boobs :D!

  38. Can you tell toxic feminism how you feel so they don't just hate men for appreciating the same things about your gender that you do?

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