How do i make a woman cum?

  1. I find the easiest way to make my GF cum is to put two fingers in her pussy and do a "come here" motion while licking and sucking on her clit or rubbing her clit with my thumb. She cums so hard that she practically crawls up the headboard of the bed.

  2. My wife says she doesn't like oral or fingers in her vagina. She told me this when we first started dating and hasn't budged on it. I can't tell if it's a mental barrier or if she's just one of those women that doesn't have nerve endings in that area. She doesn't make it easy...

  3. Yes, OP try this. But also make your your nails are shortened and groomed. It's painful when they're all overgrown. Also, this is probably just me, but I always make my partner wash his hands b4, but I'm a germaphobe lol

  4. I feel like I see men always saying this. But not one has ever used fingers and tongue. And especially never correctly doing the “come here” motion.

  5. Don't be afraid to SLOW DOWN. Nice and slow, and pay attention. She'll let you know what's working. If you crank it up and think you're close and it doesn't happen, slow it back down. Give her a kiss. Give her a smile. And start REALLY slow....again. Then, when it still doesn't happen. Don't worry about it. She's already fallen in love with you all over again.

  6. If she can tell you what she like then do that but remember with women constancy trumps speed. Slow sex that never stops is more likely to make a woman cum that fast and hard sex that you have to take a break or adjust yourself every now and then.

  7. Its not a porn dont bang her. Go slow, get her relaxed and all the way in then grind. Dont do long thrusts, just try to stretch her insides for a while. Try different angles and depths until you find the right spot.

  8. Talk dirty to her, try to penetrate from some different angles, put a pillow under her ass, make her rub her clit. I hope this helps. Also sometimes if a woman is not 100% in the mood , it will probably be very hard to make her cum even if you do everything right

  9. I get wound up on top, grinding on you. If you’re tall enough to sit up a bit (prop on pillows) and suck my tits while I grind 🥵 Yes to bringing a vibrator to bed Finger + tongue or clit sucking

  10. The easiest way for most women is on top. Her clit lines up with your pubic bone and she can grind into it. This might not feel very exciting for you but the pressure on the clit in this position and the girl having control makes this a great beginner position for female orgasms. Another one to try is basically the same thing but with you on top, you can grind into her and encourage her to grind back. Next would be oral. Porn shows cunnilingus horribly imo we ladies laugh about it. You don't tickle it with the tip of your tongue, you eat that shit. Again, lots of constant pressure on the clit. Another way that works on some girls is the come hither fingering thing others have mentioned. The girl will start to feel like she needs to pee, but she's not going to pee, she's going to squirt and possibly cum. If she fights the feeling and tenses up, she might be in pain for a minute afterward. That one is more "advanced" because it's a g spot orgasm and most women have only given themselves clit orgasms, so this way may take some time to figure out. Overall don't focus too much on her orgasm per se, you don't want to give her performance anxiety. Just make sure she knows you want to please her, whatever that means to her; lots of open communication and a relaxed attitude go a long way. I will tell you as a woman who can easily have orgasms I do not always want them and sometimes sex is better without. It's frustrating when men are too focused on whether or not you had an orgasm, not whether or not you feel satisfied. They are not necessarily synonymous.

  11. We’re you both virgins? If so, you will need to explore and communicate. Or as others said, listen to body language.

  12. Every woman is different. What works for one may not work for another. You need to do some work to discover what works for her.

  13. Talk to her. Ask her if she’s having a good time. Ask her if she wants anything different. You can’t know what she wants or whether she’s feeling good unless you communicate with her directly.

  14. Focus on her zones(areas to stimulate), I would say get lots of foreplay. Focus on the clit and the beginning 2 inches inside her vagina. I would also recommend to use certain areas of her body to stimulate her. These can consist of neck , nipples , inner thighs , clit and vagina. Some women can get off with stimulation to the armpits but maybe this one is an exploratory one, as well as the ass. Also be careful on stimulating her to much since if you do it can make her become to sensitive and make certain actions hurt instead of being enjoyable. If you do things like nibbling/biting her neck, sucking softly but light nibbling on her nipples are great starting points. Then move down to her clit and vagina use a licking up and down motion on the clit as well as light and gentle sucking. If you perform oral you can insert your tongue inside and focus on licking the top part of the entrance. You can introduce your fingers and also focus on the top part of her vagina with 1-2 fingers slowly do a closing motion and reopen you pointer and middle finger again . Some tips, some may work better depending on what she prefers , could also be more but these are good starter ones

  15. The most important thing you can do is work on paying attention to your partner's pleasure during sex. Your GF will definitely have an opinion on what she likes. If you can put aside your own hormones and focus on her pleasure for even a 20 minute quicky, you'll learn more about what works for her than what any resource could tell you.

  16. You don't. It's not up to you. What you do is create the conditions in which she feels safe, relaxed and connected to you in a way she feels desire and arousal.

  17. You’re 18 bro don’t even worry about that. Have fun, you don’t even know your own body yet. Learning a woman (girl/kid) at 18 is hit or miss. Most women don’t even experience orgasm until 30. Takes experience and the woman has to know how to relax and know her body. You have to communicate with one another in every way and that’s usually a problem at that age. We are all immature and to shy or think it’s corny to say right there and don’t move or little things that help get you where you ultimately wants to be.

  18. As a woman please don’t just fuck her , a woman’s orgasm comes from stimulating the clit not fucking her vagina . Also roleplay is very important before anything kiss her body SLOWLY do not rush it !! Going slow teases her and makes her extra wet . Eat her out by licking her clit but not to fast just make out with it for a good 5-10 minutes eventually when she starts moaning harder suck on the clit and proceed to pick her but faster then you can go in and do your thing I promise that will make her cumm . A lot of men don’t understand a woman’s mind and clit have to be stimulated plenty of men think just fucking will do it lol but also look into buying a small vibrator and hold it against her clit while you do her … enjoy !

  19. LISTEN TO WHAT SHE WANTS AND COMMUNICATE WITH HER! Asking her to show you how she likes to be touched is both hot and helpful🔥

  20. Everyone here says that physical stimulation is the key to getting women to buss but that's not the whole truth and I'll tell y'all why:

  21. This is VERY fucking true. I get turned on by a lot of external stuff not related to physical pleasure. Him whispering that I feel so good or that he wants me, or him moaning. Flipping me over. Him pressing his erection into me before we take our clothes off. The buildup, the excitement, the desire.

  22. Stop watching porn and when you do something ask her if it feels good. And no.matter what, spend most of your time learning how to.lick her pussy to make her cum. Sticking your dick in is one of her least favorite things.

  23. I'm 24F, been sexually active since I was 16, been with my husband for 5 years next month. Up until about a week ago, EVERY orgasm I've had, solo or with a partner, my hand has been on my clit. No one had ever been able to give me one without my help. I have now had 2 orgasms from my husband's tongue and a vibrator. Sometimes, our bodies just don't do what we want and it takes a lot of work to get what we want. Just talk to her about what she likes, needs, and wants, and be patient and understanding.

  24. You should touch her and ask her what she likes, where she wants you to touch, and how. Because she's 18, it's possible she's still figuring it out as well so you two could play a game of do you like this? Yes? Ok

  25. There is no one size fits all. Listen to her body and instructions. Every woman is different. Encourage her to be vocal and let you know if something doesn't feel right. There are several ways. My preferred method is licking her clit at varying speeds and intensity until I find one that gets her really vocal and I then stick with that speed/intensity. Once she feels comfortable being vocal with you she will let you know when she's close. Once you get more experience you'll be able to tell on your own. When she gets close DO NOT CHANGE what you're doing. Just stick to what has been working and be prepared to witness the magic of the female orgasm. It's a beautiful thing.

  26. Communication . Every woman is different , some can cum from penetration , some from licking their ear, just depends. Ask them what they like and if they don’t know, try stuff and see

  27. As woman, take your time. Make sure she’s comfortable and not distracted or worried. Make her feel comfortable basically and ask her for honest feed back when you go down on her.

  28. Every woman is different. Practice. Fingers. Play. Intensity. Softness. Clitoral / gspot simultaneous workings. There's a lot to it. Sometimes its easy. Find what your partner wants and take her there every time. Be consistent and a considerate.

  29. You don’t MAKE a woman cum, she cums on her own accord. What you can do is check the attitude that you can make her cum or that sex is something men do to women. Sex and pleasure are something you create together. If you want to know how to create pleasure for her, ask her. I’m just a rando on the internet I have no idea what would feel pleasurable to your partner.

  30. Girls like the slow motion at the start. They like the torment. Do lots of build up. Think further than the reach of your dick. If she needs something from you she should tell you. Also, don't be so serious all the time. Have some fun. Use words. Sometimes it's good to crack a sex joke every now and than. It's supposed to be an enjoyable time for both of you. Tale your time. Don't rush. You'll learn. If she's grabbing your head, you're doing the right thing. If she's humping from the bottom than you're doing the right thing. If she makes any realistic moaning sounds than you're doing the right thing. If she is taking her time on you than that also means you're doing the right thing.

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