It is that date again!!!

  1. Leaving China soon and kinda tempted to just spam my WeChat moments with tienanmen pics. Most younger people in China have only a vague idea, if any, of this even happening.

  2. There's probably image matching algorithms that will automatically block any of the famous images. If you're going to do that, you probably have to obscure it or distort it somehow. Otherwise, your post won't even be visible for 1 second.

  3. Kinda agree with this take. We already have a perfectly fine sub for shit talking China. No need to make this one the same.

  4. There 2 worlds. One according the the communist government of China. The other world is freely lived where possible and interpreted by individual humans.

  5. Not so sure about that. At least in China, people know they're not free. In the West, everyone *thinks* they're free... but are they really? I'm not sure what is worse: living under a regime that openly censors and denies the truth, or living in a democratic illusion where governments and big business brainwash people into believing they're living a "free" life.

  6. There were events in multiple cities, but what I would have done, had I made the post, is explain what went down in Shanghai

  7. It is actually more relevant to Shanghai than ever! You just came out of two months of captivity and abuse at the hands of the CCP. What is wrong with you?! Stockholm syndrome?

  8. Quite relevant, especially now since the Shanghainese sang the same song 33 years ago just a few weeks back

  9. There is a really good song dedicated to it. It is called 4 dead in Ohio. We talk about and remember it. How many died in Beijing during those protests? The photo of the one lone person standing in front of a tank is world famous.

  10. Because information about it is widely available for public access and consumption in the country that it happened. No one needs to put out information for awareness because the information isn't censored, and there are numerous accounts, books, and media that cover the incident. You literally linked to an article on the school website where the incident took place.

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