Without looking, can you describe your character’s face?

  1. Are we related? In all fairness I feel like argonians got the short end of the stick with customization. I love ESOs argonian customization.

  2. Yes, I spend a lot of time creating my characters on each game. Plus I usually check during the playthrough how does certain clothes and armors look on him.

  3. You know how whenever you're in a Zoom meeting, you're, most of the time, just looking at your own camera feed to check how you look?

  4. I feel that. There's something about the default character creation that especially makes Nords look Tommy Wiseau-ish.

  5. She’s blonde, super Nordic. She has a scar across her left cheek. There’s a whole backstory for her so I spent a bit of time deciding

  6. I spend up to an hour doing the face. This is my 3rd play through (got distracted by ESO) and I managed to knock out a solid face on 15-20 mins.

  7. He mostly looks like the default character, but with a bunch of small changes. The most notable would be the jaw doesn’t stick out to the sides as much

  8. Bosmer, male, long brown hair in a ponytail, tan skin, narrow mostly black eyes with brows to match, plain nose, small mouth, afternoon shadow with a bit of a beard, pointed ears, high cheekbones, smallish chin (looks big without the beard). I think that is the basics covered.

  9. Weathered wizard. Even in plain clothes without a hood, someone would probably look at him and think 'that fella is a wizard'.

  10. A basic nord, with long hair in a bun and the biggest beard. I usually like to change the face after creating my character, so it can match up better with my armor and class

  11. Light blue eyes on an average Imperial male face. Thin eyebrows that are clearly self trimmed. Thin downward pointing nose followed by average lips. Eyes and cheeks are sunken as if he’s had too many sleepless nights and too many hits in the Skooma pipe. His skin is pale for even an Imperial. His hair is shaggy and overgrown but not long. His beard varies from overgrown to full blown Gandalf depending on his mood.

  12. Shes a breton with extra pale skin, white hair, white eyes, with black eye shadow to make them look extra sunken in, and she has a scar across her whole face.

  13. I have many mods for the appearance, and I play in 3rd person all the time, so I constantly look at my character(s)

  14. A semi narrow face Nord, with long slicked back, braided, blond hair, with a big blond beard. Blue eyes under thick brows a scar under the right eye and black war paint on the left.

  15. I decided to do a female, to try out the bow guns on a fresh character(then ended up switching back to melee cause it was more fun), so here’s what I have: Basic default face, except white. I moved the 3 scratches face art to cover over the right eye and make them red to looked like fresh wounds. Left eye is green, right is red. Has blue hair in a pony tail….I spend to much time in this game. WAY to much time

  16. I tried to create my own face as accurate as possible. So: -wide cheekbones -short nose -average sized eyes -full beard 5mm -medium dark skin

  17. I didn’t do any character design. Picked a random preset and played the game. I never see the face anyway past a certain level because the armor always ends up having some kind of mask, usually a dragon priest mask

  18. Badass but attractive 40 years old Nord warrior, witch blond long hair and beard, and some scars on his adventure marked face.

  19. Nordic, red hair at shoulder length, a large scar under her right eye, and a Nord tattoo crossing the left side of her face. Eyes yellow like a cat.

  20. I have learned to just tweak the presets and move on. In any case, u can always visit the face ~butcher~ sculpter.

  21. A mix of how I look right now and how I want to look right now (Breton, short brown hair, blue eyes, white skin, similar facial structure to myself, medium-larger build, etc.)

  22. Argonian with scars on his left eye, orange marks under the eyes with orange spikes across the bottom of his face, curvy horns on his head, actuall skin is black

  23. Most of em probably look like their first preset with different hair, other than my scrawny orc dude who I gave the longest, pointiest nose I could.

  24. Male Argonian all red. Like bloody red and with horns. Normal eyes though not the cat ones. Also a vampire so quite pale and with fangs.

  25. A wood elf with a roundish face, wavy pixie bob haircut with natural ginger hair, emerald green eyes and a light makeup. Also freckles. Love freckles.

  26. I was playing with an unlimited followers mod, basically amassing a private army. So I made him look like big boss. Eye patch and all

  27. I haven’t played in a few months and I know he has a mob face with a long prominent nose, thick lips, pale skin, a long beard, and bright blue eues

  28. She is an Imperial barbie with long dark blond hair braided back, blue eyes, and prefers to be a light armored Stealth Archer with a 2 handed sword. No scars, no warpaint, no nothing. Just a fresh faced asskicker. She hates helmets cos she prefers to be bareheaded. She prefers to look as good as possible in her armors, so she is always looking for the next dressy type of armor. She knows ONE healing spell because that's what her mother taught her before death.

  29. Yeah i spent two hours she’s a nord although i like to make her role a nord with a quarter elf she has blue icey hair , pale skin and bright purple pupils with blue a tattoo on her right eye and her name is violet , she’s hybird too

  30. Fluffy black/white striped face with big green eyes & a scar over the left eye and a cute black nose. Am Khajit.

  31. Orange fur scar on her nose constant look of irritation despite my characterization of her has her alot happier than that

  32. Light green/tan skin, he has large teeth like tusks that come up from the bottom. His nose is large and flat, square looking from the side. He doesn't have any horns on his head but he wears his jet black hair in a low man bun style. A young warrior fresh from the stronghold looking to make a name for himself.

  33. Ummm.. Which one exactly? I have About 10 thst i could actually some what describe And maybe twice as much of those that i probably even forgot lol

  34. Sul Angwyn is born of an Altmer mother and a Dunmeri diplomat. He was a part of Naarifin’s Boethiah cult and is a believer in the King of Strife.

  35. I'm a dark skinned orismer, small horns acsenting in vertical lines across the temples and horizontal ones below those, little dirt but very defined cheekbones and chin, with a scar from a bandit attack on mt left cheek. Red war paint in the plus sign formation along with void black eyes that sunk deep into the skull. Facial and regular hair is coal black with a pony tail on the beard, and the back of the regular hair.

  36. My latest hot Redguard vampire will haunt my dreams until I die. It’s been a fun playthrough so far.

  37. Calm and alert, pale and perhaps a bit snobbish. Tall and angular, with low brows, a hawkish nose, and bright eyes. Thin lips chiseled into a thin but strong face.

  38. Im on AE so she has a simple vanilla face, long light brown hair from ks hair and diamond skin mod .

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