please help this keeps happening after i've cleared out all my mods and tried reinstalling already.

  1. Weird, when I go higher than 60 the game just thinks I'm swimming with walking around. play in 4k resolution and you get a permanent level up in the bottom right corner

  2. This is skyrim running faster than 60fps. Skyrim isn't Sonic, need to drop the motto "gotta go fast"

  3. I don't know the solution, but I know how to go around it. Try to download mod called "alternative start"

  4. Addition: it lets you choose between a bunch of different starts, like escape a prison, be an outlaw or become a vampire immidatly, ofc the normal start is still included if you'd like to choose it.

  5. Pro tip: once you get past this part, right before character customization, make a save so you don’t have to sit through this on future playthroughs

  6. This is a bug from the base game not mods. Its cause by some object being in the way of the carriage. Try the unofficial patch and start a new save

  7. This is why I keep a quicksave right when getting off the cart. When I start a new character, I don't have to deal with stuff like this lol

  8. Yep that happened to me once. I just downloaded a mod that fixed the issue, because I had a crap ton of mods and after a couple hours the issue did not disappear no matter what mods I uninstalled.

  9. I'm sitting here with my daughter laying on my chest asleep, laughing so hard and trying not to wake her up. I'm glad you found a fix but I might just unfix my own game JUST to watch this happen 😂

  10. Did you delete the left over folders from the uninstall? Some files get left behind after an uninstall and will effect a game afterwards. (I did this to fix a bug and had to redo it as several mods were installed already) also you could get the live another life mod and just skip the opening. It my preferred way to restart

  11. I got Skyrim VR and forgot to adjust my refresh rate. The tutorial before starting a new game went fine, but let me tell you… this glitch is an entirely different experience in VR and it’s even more hilarious.

  12. Reading the comments I finally understood why this happened in my first playthrough. Since I have a potato, I underestimated it and put almost every option on very low. I am actually surprised it was running higher than 60 fps 😅

  13. Do you have immersive Armor mod installed? If yes, deactivate it and run it again once you pass Helgen.

  14. Im glad OP got this fixed, but I do feel like this glitch is a sort of right of passage. The shock I felt the first time my overblown mod order resulted in this effect was hilarious.

  15. Why I suggest saving right before Hadvar says “who are you”. You can just click prisoner any time you wanna start a new game, super quick and skips the intro.

  16. Because of this problem I just used save before picking your race and naming character sa prisoner. Didn't want to remove mods.

  17. Maybe download an alternate start mod? It offers more role play variety and you get to pick where you want your character to start the journey

  18. I had this happened to me before google “skyrim cart fix “ or something like that downloaded a very small file and it fixed it

  19. Maybe your framerate is too high, the game and its physics engine is synced to 60fps, if yours is too high the physics will crash

  20. I think it's the bee. There was a bug in Skyrim where bees are immovable and will push objects. They had issues at launch due to the bee pushing over the carriage. It looked exactly like that. They were supposed to have fixed it tho

  21. Something else that happens is that the Dragonborn doesn’t get down from the cart which makes you unable to enter character creation. Literally had the issue like a year ago and just lost the resolve to play after I solved it.

  22. if your on steam right click on skyrim and find the repaid button and click it. a mod may hanve changed somthing and when you uninstalled it the mod just did not fix what it fucked up

  23. This is just vanilla skyrim. If you let it go it should proceed like normal. If it doesn't check the integrity of your files. If it still keeps happening, completely delete skyrim folder (back it up first) and reinstall.

  24. Wasn’t it a fix where you have that alternate start mod and you just give the game a minute to take in your mods then you go to the statue to pick the vanilla start?

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