Stew meat but no aromatics?

  1. Beef, barley, onions, and beef broth in the slow cooker with some salt and pepper is well on your way to beef and barley soup.

  2. A bit of red wine wouldn't hurt, either. I'd say OP is more well-stocked than they're giving themselves credit for. 🙂

  3. Onions, potatoes, and a good mix of spices and some beef broth (with some flour or corn starch to thicken) gets you a pretty hearty stew.

  4. I was thinking about doing this but was worried about the loss of depth of flavor! Maybe that’s not a concern??

  5. Don’t use sour cream in the slow cooker, it’ll break (the sour cream not the slow cooker).

  6. I do a beef carbonnade with beef, onions/garlic, spices and beer (wine would substitute well) that I serve with egg noodles and some optional sour cream . No veg really needed. Turns into a bit of a mock stroganoff/stew. A spoon of whole grain mustard can add a bit of flavor interest.

  7. Maybe a stretch but… Do you have V8 or vegetable juice? I use half that and half broth. The depth of flavor it adds is great. I now keep cans of spicy V8 in the pantry for just your situation.

  8. Yum! I have both dry mustard and about 10 kinds of wet mustards. I think I’ll probably end up doing this—I wish we had egg noodles!

  9. If you have apple cider vinegar and some brown sugar you can totally turn it into BBQ beef. Mustard, ketchup or tomato paste, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce or soy sauce, sugar & some spices make a tasty bbq sauce. Mix it all up and taste it before you put the meat in & you can add beer or broth if you need extra cooking liquid. Serves great on buns or bread as a sandwich. It can also just be your meat & serve with sides. Depending on what potatoes you have you can do a loaded baked potato which with a salad is definitely enough for a meal.

  10. Drink the wine while waiting for the slow cooker to finish . Stewed beef over rice is yummy, but you can sub barley or potatoes.

  11. We live in an allergy house so can’t have carrots celery or herbs and spices, so we’re well used to cooking like that but I can’t promise complexity of flavours lol!

  12. You can just add sour cream to your serving. There isn’t any need to put in the whole thing. I do the same thing with tomato sauce, I’ll just mix in some dairy in a single serving, so I have options for leftovers

  13. Salt and pepper the meat, Brown the stew meat in a pan and deglaze with red wine or broth. Dump that into the slow cooker with a few garlic cloves and some rough chopped onion. Add more liquid…most likely broth and a tablespoon or two of tomato paste. Add a bay leaf, dried rosemary. when done serve with mashed potatoes.

  14. A bit behind but do you have onion soup mix? I tend to keep a box handy for a last minute roast when I don’t have a lot of fixins

  15. I actually found this recipe only 15 minutes ago, and I was wondering if it would be good because it’s so stripped back, but I think it might help you

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