Quick pot roast (chuck) question. Internal temp.

  1. Probably needs to be AT that temperature for at least 4 hours. If you must peek, try tearing with two forks to see if it’s tender.

  2. At 180 the collagen will break down better. I try to get mine up to close to 200. Like others have said, when it's fork tender you should be good.

  3. Tip for checking tenderness of items in the crockpot without removing the lid. I use a bamboo shish-kabob stick and use the vent hole in the lid as the access point. This lets me “scratch the itch” of checking on stuff without extending cook times.

  4. It’s safe to EAT at 160, will you enjoy it? No, will it be tender, no. When I make a Mississippi pot roast I cook it on high for 4 hours and it falls apart it’s so tender!

  5. Chuck, whether in steak or roast form, is better when cooked to well-done. Just don't let it get dry. You can treat it roughly the same as you would pork butt.

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