[Veronica Inside on Twitter] Dusan Tadic on artificial grass in the Dutch League: "I hope the KNVB put out this kutgras (cuntgrass)"

  1. Should be said, kut is a broadly used term to describe everything ranging from shit to completly dissapointing and in this context has nothing to do with the genitalia or the swear word.

  2. We used to train on astro and the amount you roll your ankles on it is dire as well. The burns are shit too

  3. Always baffles me why grounds have it surrounding pitches aswell, probably even more dangerous having a change of surface like that when running to get a ball for a throwing or something.

  4. This is why certain aspects of sport shouldn’t be a democracy, there will always be a handful of clubs opposing a ban meaning it’s never pushed through.

  5. A few clubs keep opposing a ban because they can't afford real grass pitches since rich clubs receive a disproportionate amount of TV money.

  6. Maybe he can ask the KNVB and Ajax board for a more fair allocation the Dutch TV money too which is waaaay more uneven than in other leagues. The big clubs are hoarding all the TV money. So small clubs could use that to get rid of the shitty fake grass and invest some more in the Eredivisie. Would be a good thing for Ajax too if the level of the Eredivisie went up. And if that shitty grass would be finally gone.

  7. It is a bit hypocritical to have rich clubs crying about artificial grass, since they had the opportunity to resolve the problem with a ban but refused to help fund the transition.

  8. ~~I understand his frustration, but at the same time: his anual salary is about 175% of the complete turnover in Sparta's last season (which certainly isn't the smallest in Eredivisie)...

  9. Have Ajax not proposed different plans where the richest clubs in the eredivisie pay a fee to make sure every ground in the Eredivisie has real grass?

  10. It annoys me that we are all toeing the line of the extremely wealthy and privileged. Studies on increased injuries on AstroTurf are inconclusive, they've even held the women's world cup on astro and it had no statistical difference in injuries. Unless you count friction burns, in which case just wear long socks (I play centre half so sliding in isn't news to me).

  11. Tore my meniscus in both of my knees because of shit astroturf. Unless you're playing on the nicest 4g pitches, its a fucking pain to play on

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