Frenkie De Jong during a CUPRA podcast: “Sometimes I arrive at the training center [Ciutat Esportiva] and I look up at the sky. Then I realize: I’m in Barcelona, ​​I’m proud of it and I want to do my best.”

  1. Can't hate him since he's determined. He's a quality midfielder that just needs to be more confident in his abilities.

  2. Nah what he needs is a consistent role and a consistent system around him. The confidence will follow. What he has to do every match can range from playing CB to playing near striker

  3. Why does he have to look at the sky to be reminded that he's playing for Barca? Surely the training center should be enough to remind him.

  4. He is a gem of a player. Very unfortunate that he got into Barca when the club is going through crises at sporting & economic level but can't really blame this guy. I am gonna miss him when Barca sells him to generate more funds. But he will always have my support wherever he goes.

  5. Isn't he thought to be too good to sell? I was under the assumption that be won't be sold because he apparently brings a good balance of youth and experience.

  6. I'd rather have my actual historically significant football club in the Europa League than be playing in the CL just because some oily authoritarian from the middle east needs a pet project to whitewash his reputation, thank you very much

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