[SkySports] "Manchester United have to be a top-one team not a top-three team" Derby coach Wayne Rooney responds to Cristiano Ronaldo's claims that it is not acceptable for Manchester United to be aiming for anything less than a top-three finish.

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  2. Then get rid of the rot at the top, middle, and bottom. You can't keep saying 'we need to be better.' But the only people that can approve and speed those changes are part of the rot.

  3. It's amazing how United have been in almost a decade of decline at this point, and yet all their fans, pundits and former players talk like they deserve to be winning titles.

  4. The structural changes made the last two seasons seem to have been completely ignored and Woodward went back to Football Disneyland by signing Ronaldo. Ronaldo's mentality is great and he's still incredibly good even at 36 but it's coming at the expense of the team.

  5. I think Rooney has got it wrong and Ronaldo was talking about top 3 this season. There's no fucking way we're winning the league this season... Unless.

  6. Unless what ?!? Some aliens land in England and abduct some of premier league (except nan United ) players ?!? Is it even mathematically possible for man United to catchup

  7. He's right in the sense that the mentality is lacking. It stems from the Glazers not being interested in anything other than monetary success, but has trickled down to mismanagement at a club level. The recruitment and scouting itself has been such a big issue the past decade, despite the name and allure.

  8. Rooney has got it wrong almost as much as Ronaldo, both top 3 and top 1 is unrealistic for United, unless the other teams somehow get kidnapped or sick with diarrhea before every game. But the fact is the club of it's size has to aim for the n1 spot every single time, same as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern etc.

  9. All these comments are so empty. The constant acknowledgement that current performance isn't good enough, with no impetus on how the club actually needs to improve (starting with the owners/board and general structure).

  10. There's a lot of years post-Ronaldo, that Rooney WAS United. Sir Alex fielded some pretty trash teams (talent-wise) that challenged for or win the title.

  11. If he somehow keeps Derby up this season, he at the very least atleast deserves a mid table side in the Premier league.

  12. These stupid dick measuring contests on how good united have to be is tiring. You have a whole generation that only know of united as being a meme team. United don't have to be anywhere in the league, they are where they deserve to be.

  13. Tbf for a team that is arguably in the top 5 (if not higher) for most fans in the world and makes a ton of money and spends a ton of money on players. Considering the incompetence at every level of the club we deserve to be out of European competitions tbh. It’s more an expectation based on history, size, and money spent. Similar to how everyone expects a team like Barca to be one of the best. Expect for a longer period of time.

  14. It's fair to say that on average you should be top 3 as United. The thing is you should also say that as Chelsea, City and Liverpool and that means one club is going to finish below their expected average.

  15. On one hand, yes the historic dominance of a team doesn’t mean anything for the current landscape so Man Utd shouldn’t be expected to be a top 3 club. On the other hand, when a club has hundreds of millions of dollars to splash on big players, they are supposed to win stuff.

  16. With Man City and Pep as good as they are, anyone will have to wait for them to drop to be competing regularly for top spot

  17. should've stayed with Mourinho, they'd be in a much better place by now imo... the 2 seasons of Mourinho have been much more fruitful than 3+1 seasons of Ole and Ralf

  18. Diagnosing problems tends to be the easy part. Fixing them is where the challenge lies, and Mourinho clearly can’t do that with the new generation of players who don’t respond to his style of management.

  19. I don't think it would have lasted much longer. He dragged them screaming and lost the dressing room. He wasn't THE problem but he was A problem.

  20. Lol. The revisionism is fucking insane. If we stayed with Mourinho --- Alderweireld would be the Maguire type signing and Perisic would be idk what. God knows what would have happened to Rashford -- probably ended up like welback by now if Mourinho had his way.

  21. Mourinho got himself fired, granted the board didnt help and arguably they were the reason why Mourinho said “fuck it, imma talk shit till im sacked” he has a very unprofessional approach, stopped giving a fuck and he got sacked

  22. Man, it's like a cheap and lazy punditry from Rooney here. Ignored the whole context of Ronaldo's interview to slag him off cheaply.

  23. I don't think you got what he was trying to say. ManUtd needs to be aiming for those achievements from the very top down and they need to hire the people who can make such a thing reality again

  24. Shut up. he is talking about working and earning it. What do you know about winner mentality anyway? Loser club with 3 decades of being around top 4 and some times not even making it. You used to be current Arsenal till no longer than a9 years ago

  25. I find all of this pretty arrogant and entitled to be honest. United don't "have" to be anything - they are where they are because that's how good they are at this present moment. They're not good enough to be a top 3 team, and that's the reality.

  26. Why for Ronaldo? They have to be top one for their fans and the history of the club. No individual player is above the club.

  27. What he is saying is not realistic, other english top clubs have had major evolutions over the year where united has been sitting still. To say now that they should be a top one team is too easy

  28. Man Utd won’t compete as long as debt collectors JP Morgan are in charge (in the form of the percentage-taking Glazers)

  29. All clubs are going threw cycles. Some clubs only peak once or twice in their existance. Having a natural right is complete bs..

  30. Yeah we'll, unless United get sold to a nation state, there's only one top team in the land. And their names rhymes with shitty.

  31. SMH head at this mental midget. Manchester United have to be a top 0.333 team (repeating, ofc) and win the septuple on mars, earth and maybe place 5th on one of jupiter's moons.

  32. Best player to have ever played for Manchester United. Unbelievable passion, dedication, hard work ethic and win at all cost mentality and attitude. He could create and score beautiful goals. Wayne Rooney is an absolute legend of MUFC. Top Goalscorer for United of all time is just the cherry in top of a an astonishing United career. He won everything at united. Legend.

  33. Well tbf, he is right, their squad on paper is more tham capable. But there seems to be a fundamental issue within the locker room.

  34. Cris will respond like he did Cassano. "Well Rooney, last time I checked my 825 goals and 249 pedicures were more than your..."

  35. All the shit the red mancs gave liverpool when ex scouse players said things like this, now the boot is on the other foot and they're all rolling out the 'living in the past wagon' ... how the turntables!

  36. I get the notion of elite winning mentality, but you can't literally always win - nothing is guaranteed, if there is at least 2 contenders no one is guaranteed a title. Things are especially different now in the PL.

  37. Waye Rooney is a legend who retired at 35. He last played top flight 4 years ago. Ronaldo is about to turn 37 and is still 4th top scorer in the current Premier league, despite playing for a team who are 7th. They are both greats, but no one can question CR7s drive and determination.

  38. Pls don’t make Rooney manager. I wasn’t old enough to watch Ole so I didn’t have a strong emotional connection to him. I would hate to have to say Rooney out.

  39. we will be back, 8 years out of the top and we still have a bigger following and revenue than almost any other club and still live rent free in every rivals head.

  40. Even with a -21 points deduction he’s 11 points away from safety with half the season left to play. Based on the form of Derby vs those above them it’s not crazy to think they could even stay up. They’ve lost half as many games as the 5 teams above them and without the points deduction they’d be 10 points in the clear. If they manage to get a decent loan or two and continue this form then who knows.

  41. Is he seriously a good manager or is this just a joke? I checked derby countys record and they are last, although in their four last games, they won 3 and tied 1.

  42. I think they had a lot of points deducted for some shit they did. Also they have no money. I don't know much about the problems they faced tho. These are just the things I came across.

  43. Don't forget that they got hit with a 21 point deduction. They were at -3 points in September. He started the season with a bad hand. Being at 11 points after all that is pretty good.

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