The waiting list for season tickets across the Premier League

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  2. Our number seems correct as Purslow a few weeks back quoted the number when talking of our application to expand the stadium

  3. I'm sure I've read before that Green Bay Packers fans put their newborn children on the waiting list for season tickets there because of the insane wait. I could see some Premier League season tickets becoming like that eventually.

  4. Waiting 10 years for a season ticket vs. waiting 10 years for public housing. What a time to be alive 😅

  5. Joined the waiting list in 2014, was around number 70000 in line. Just checked and im at 51000 now. Progress!

  6. The waitlist for Green Bay Packers season tickets in the US is around 140k people. Approximately 1000 get off the list every year, so the approximate wait time is 140 years.

  7. My dad put me on the list for Green Bay Packers season tickets when I was 1. I’m 28 and still about 5,000 people ahead of me.

  8. My mate who is a red member got offered a Season ticket last year. The caveat is if the original season ticket holder wants it back this year they can reclaim it. Its easy enough to get tickets to every game anyway (especially now we have come 5th) so not much point imo. Most people buy them then just sit on them. At least now you can transfer your ticket. Lots of empty seats before because season ticket holders didnt bother showing up.

  9. Some people got the choice to defer their season ticket because of COVID for this season, and I was lucky enough to get chosen. I was at the time (September 2021) at 55,000 in the queue down from 87,000 in 2015.

  10. This list is so random. How long would I have to wait on a waiting list with 100k+ people? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

  11. I was on the Arsenal waiting list since 2009 and offered my first season ticket last year (this season). I believe there were 50,000 people in front of me when I originally applied, must be much more now.

  12. And this is just season tickets. Our ticket situation is pretty grim; I've managed to get tickets to 10 games since 2017/18 and I consider myself one of the lucky ones. 2 of those games were the Community Shield and West Ham away in the home end.

  13. Don’t put yourself on these waiting lists, ring your club at the end of every season, you’ve got more chance. I know multiple people that have just phoned up United and got them.

  14. I’m glad I got my Brentford one years ago - although never thought they’d be in the Prem so soon - it’s a bit of a nightmare to get tickets these days if it’s not league cup. Weird to see it change so much in such a short space of time

  15. What stand you in? I’m in the West Stand next year again. I’ll put my balls on the line and say it’s the most consistently loud stand in the premier league.

  16. What does first come, first serve even mean? The way I understand it works at Chelsea is existing holders obviously get the opportunity to renew and then any tickets available after that are based on a points system earned through attending games.

  17. At Newcastle, existing holders have until 5pm today to renew. Any tickets that haven't been renewed will go on general sale soon. I don't expect them to be available for long.

  18. I think it suggests that there is some usually available at the start of each season, which would be a bit of a surprise

  19. I think the increasing difficulties with travel and the new rules on sharing season tickets have also played a part for Brighton. Family members of mine have not renewed because of the amount of rail disruption this season and the difficulty in letting other friends and family use their tickets.

  20. I was thinking of getting a Brighton season ticket this year, do you know what the best zones are? Haven’t been to the Amex in ages so can’t remember

  21. I’m looking at moving to the UK soon and highly considering grabbing one, but the lack of tickets in the North Stand is a big shame as that’s where all my mates sit :( guess it will be sneaking across from the west as usual

  22. It would be interesting to know how many seats are sold as season tickets vs being made available for general purchase

  23. One thing I would say for our megadome. I've never not been able to get a seat for a game on resale, I may be in a dreadful seat; but if I really want to go to a game, I can get a ticket. You'd be lucky to get a ticket to most games at Upton Park if you didn't have a season-ticket or enough points, it's one of the few benefits of the new stadium.

  24. One off tickets are easy enough if you go the hospitality/premium route. You pay a bit more but get a good seats/experience.

  25. Depends on the club, I know for Arsenal you can get the red membership and they release 3500 tickets and allow people to buy from those that release them.

  26. This is what that whole Barcelona kerfuffle was about when all the Eintracht fans went in. I'm sure there would be ways.

  27. Not directly. Usually you just release your ticket to the club and they re-sell it. At Leeds we get the price of our ticket (divided by 19) back, and then the club re-sells at a profit.

  28. You will be seeing a big change in Newcastle United waiting list next season. We already crashed our website when season tickets were made available recently, it’s tough to get to games these days.

  29. "First come first serve" means that the club is still likely oversubscribed every year, so there will be a scramble for released tickets when the window opens. It's just that there's no organized year-on-year waiting list.

  30. Norwich City, a team relegated from the premier league, have more people on their waiting list than Manchester City, the team about to win the entire league.

  31. This can be misleading to be honest, we have no 'waiting list' but we have a massive surplus of demand, no way in hell you are getting a season ticket next season unless you are renewing one that you already have.

  32. That's not what that means. It just means we don't operate a waiting list. If we had a waiting list with no people on it, we'd be listed as "Isn't one" alongside Brighton, Burnley and Southampton.

  33. I'm a Norwich fan who joined the waiting list for the first time in March and I was able to buy a season ticket two weeks ago. Effectively I don't think there's anybody on our list now as it happened so fast, you could probably buy one immediately

  34. I do feel for the fans of those London clubs especially. I've only ever really known cheap season tickets, accessible games, etc. and have probably taken for granted that I can just go watch the Albion almost whenever in some pretty good seats. There's not exactly a mob of tourists attempting to barge their way into the Hawthorns on a regular basis.

  35. I don't get this though. Tottenham is on the average one of the least full stadiums every game according to multiple sources

  36. I cant imagine you'll have to wait more than 15 years for that 98k queue to run down. Just make sure you're actually on the list

  37. You would be surprised. I applied and got on the waiting list for a season ticket about 6 years ago (demand was still crazy high). I got called and offered a choice between 2 seats about 2-3 years later, but I couldn't take them up due to family and work commitments.

  38. I think the membership that a lot of people buy to get slight priority for ticket releases (One Hotspur) automatically puts you on the wait list so most of those 98k probably don't actually want a season ticket. Basically a technicality that means they can claim they're very popular.

  39. As a Londoner I’m going to tell you right now there’s no way in hell Spurs have a 100k waiting list lmao.

  40. This does inadvertently help teams in lower divisions in a small way. I am from Leeds and was a season ticket holder from a child to my late teens, but then moved around so much it wasn’t plausible. Luckily I can borrow family members’ tickets now and then but mates in similar situations have started going semi regularly to watch teams like Farsley Celtic, Bradford (PA), Guiseley etc because they want to watch live football.

  41. I’m imagining calling Brighton to ask about a wait list for season tickets and just getting “isn’t one” as a response

  42. Meanwhile tickets to my local MLS team not only have no wait list, but the parking is like double the price of the game!

  43. My Season Ticket is £149 for the whole season, in the singing stand right behind the goal with solid views.

  44. Had been on the Arsenal list for exactly 9 years when they offered me season tickets last year.

  45. When I got my season ticket back in 2016 for Burnley, I had plenty of choices for seats. I could have bought 50 there and then. It was expensive, I paid close to £700 originally but when renewing it ended up about £450 on early bird rates.

  46. Go look at actual attendance compared to capacity numbers. Tottenham is one of the emptiest stadiums every week yet they claim a 100K waitlist.

  47. I know a lot of ST holders just stopped giving Mike Ashley money near the end. Whole time he just siphoned money from the club and a lot of people just stopped buying stuff that would fill his pockets.

  48. Arsenal one is the one that irks me the most always empty seats. Always heard growing up arsenal fans bragging about there 10 year waiting list.

  49. How many people is 10 years of waiting lists? I'm sure they could've used a number there instead of making ours look so much worse

  50. Sorry but can some one help me out, what does wait list means here? And is this some current situation of ticket delays? And shouldnt the season ticket be based on how many seats are allocated to them

  51. The wait list is just the list of people wanting to buy tickets who can't get one because of the demand, measured either in estimated length of time until someone gets a chance to buy one, or in number of people in the queue.

  52. A season ticket means that you pay up front before the season starts and can go to every match rather than buying a ticket individually for each match.

  53. I am not from England and not familiar with season ticket rules. Say if one owns a season ticket and cannot make it to some games, can s/he transfers (or sell) that one game pass to another person? Is that allowed? Thanks in advance for the answers.

  54. A season ticket is a ticket for all home league matches for a team over the course of a season. You pay upfront, but you're guaranteed a seat, and the ticket price is conventionally a little cheaper than buying individual match tickets.

  55. Wait what why do some clubs have to wait so fucking long for a single season ticket?! And why is Liverpool’s closed since 2011?!?! (Not from Europe so not familiar how this works)

  56. It's simply a fixed finite supply versus a huge demand. There are only typically 50-70k seats in an EPL stadium, while there are far more people wanting to watch the team play regularly, and buy season tickets to do it with. It's only a small portion of the season ticket customer base that wants to relinquish their ticket any given year. When a team has far more people chasing season tickets every year than there are punters not renewing, the traditional method is just to put the prospective customers in a waiting list.

  57. Liverpool are expanding though I doubt the new capacity will make much headway into the season ticket wait list. Chelsea are supposed to expand too/get a new stadium, Everton have a new stadium coming and united are rumoured to expand/renovate old Trafford.

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