BT Sport's Pundit Predictions - Champions League 2022-23

  1. City statpad in the groups but Barca go on to win it/get to the final. City running up the score against easy opposition has been a fairly common theme

  2. there is nothing wrong with that, Best player may contribute more than just goals to the team.

  3. I think the peak of it was during 2017/18 when they had signed Neymar+mbappe and had Dani Alves, I remember the hype during their ro16

  4. Probably because despite all the memes and mUh HiStOrY city have objectively a top 2 squad and team just about every year. They’ve been phenomenally unlucky in the CL.

  5. Yeh... Can't say I don't agree with this one. Foden's 22 years old and has played 171 matches for Man City. Hardly a "yong player" anymore...

  6. Absolute facts lol. The fact he wins this for the PL despite every season a young player having a better season than him is laughable

  7. For example if Haaland s ores all his goals in the Groupstage but does nothing after that and Lewa solo carrys Barca to the final

  8. Haaland could bang loads of goals against clubs in the group stage while they whimper out in the quarters, while Lewandowski scores less but lots of important games deciding goals in the knockouts on the way to barca winning.

  9. True, but really feels like we'll struggle a lot once the 3 peat players all retire/leave. The kids are good, but let's be honest, they've had like one good season

  10. I'm preparing for the inevitable "MAN CITY - THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE'S BIGGEST BOTTLEJOBS (2023 EDITION)" compilation video.

  11. Come on, it's at least going to be a finals loss - you know, now that they have the player that they just had to buy

  12. Honestly, what is wrong with these predictions? It's not like they're saying Tottenham are going to win. The only odd one is Lewa best player without being top scorer.

  13. If Manchester City lose Bilva I find it difficult for them to do too well. Too many pieces have changed at that point.

  14. I agree that it’s wild all 3 chose city. But predictions shouldn’t be judged by “imagination” unless you simply want entertaining hot takes people don’t actually believe.

  15. As long as a team keeps reaching semis consistently and keeps winning their national league, they'll always be favorites. Would be stupid to not see them as such.

  16. Foden is so overhyped its unbelievable tbh. Very talented but he's not had a "great" season yet and you consistently have these pundits tout him as the best young player in the world

  17. I feel weird disliking a player for being overrated by other people but it’s starting to get there w Foden, I’ve seen nothing out of him that has convinced me he’s a “generational” talent yet but he gets treated as by far the best young player in world football it’s crazy

  18. I mean, that's not much different than last year. They managed to replace all their outgoings with the only exception being Zinchenko, however they are still rumoured to be on the hunt for a player in his position.

  19. That hasn’t happened at all though. It’s not like Leicester or Liverpool with so many injuries the season is basically written off. City seem to get away with it somehow.

  20. This is exactly it. Haaland and De Bruyne their best players, both suspect injury records and De Bruyne in a WC year too.. plus they may even be selling B Silva before the window is out!

  21. Actually i am surprised to see how less attention Liverpool gets groom English media. Here in Madrid we actually know that Liverpool is the most capable team. But i must see City maybe it's because of pep.

  22. If they signed Mbappe they’d be overwhelming favorites, I think people are just wary because it’s not like any of their wins were convincing and at least two of them were caused by straight up chokejobs

  23. Be definitely much better than all the other big teams in the competition, presumably. It would be wrong to call their win last season a fluke, but they certainly didn't do things the easy way in any of the knockout rounds.

  24. Foden ? Vini is a unarguably better player than him, yet these blind pundits think like frogs stuck in a tiny well

  25. Why are people voting for Lewa? He cannot play alone after we (Barca) get knocked out in groups.

  26. How can they make these predictions when the transfer period hasn't even ended yet? We don't even know if Barcelona will be able to register a lot of their players

  27. We all love to rag on City and to rag on shit pundits, but: there’s nothing wrong with predicting City to finally win the Champions League and their star striker being top scorer. They’ve won the PL four out of the last five years, got to the CL final two years ago and the semis last year, and probably have the best team on paper along with one of the best managers in the world.

  28. Yeah in terms of pure quality even in the UCL u can argue they should have won it like 3 or 4 times in the last 5 seasons, bar probably the season where Bayern were god tier

  29. Don’t really see the problem with picking city. They aren’t cursed and they are arguably the best team in the world.

  30. You mean to say, a team that has reached the final and semi final in the last 2 years, are a stupid idiotic pick for a winner? Come on mate, you have to have litterally no clue about football to believe it.

  31. Yeah, im really struggling to understand how 3 individual people's predictions somehow means all English people are arrogant again. It's not like its even too out there to think City will finally do it this year, and then if they were to do it it's likely that their players will get individual awards.

  32. Man City is always the favorite to win the UCL because by the laws of chance if you bet a million times for the same horse, it will win at some point.

  33. I doubt it. We have world class players but that doesn’t really mean anything as we see from psg and city every year.

  34. If Barcelona really wins it, then Xavi is a Pep level coach lol. To be fair, he showed great things last year. It only took a few matches for him to start implementing his vision, and Barca won almost as many points as Real Madrid since his arrival. But CL his a different beast, I don't see them beating City, Bayern or Liverpool. They could be serious contender next season though.

  35. So many people calling the pundits lazy for picking Man City, while there are also so many lazy people in the thread trotting out the usual 'LOL City will fail again' routine.

  36. Yes, funny in hindsight, but what's wrong with these predictions? People would think they were a bit crazy having Real as favourites, if you looked at the odds during the competition as well.

  37. Not having Real Madrid as favorite isn't really the reason why they are mocked but them overwhelmingly choosing City just show bias

  38. We real Madrid fans know we are still re building. We just rebuilt our midfield. Now we focus on attack. But our team has shown that can win whatever the condition maybe. Unlike other teams. Like yours and most others real Madrid has quality. So that's why we should never be scratched out. Our boys deserved the win. Now we move on to the 15th win.

  39. The City / Barca wank off is on, honestly loved last year UCL and rooted for Madrid due to this kinda attitude

  40. Not a City fan ( obviously) but if Haaland was in that City side in the semi vs RM, they'd have been battered by City at home.

  41. What you fail to understand is that city never had problem to score they scored 4. Your observation is useless.

  42. Im a huge Conte fan and believe you guys will be close to winning the league, but his record in Europe isn’t too promising. I think he will break it eventually, but his main focus will be the league. Will make it hard for Kulu to be young player without a deep run.

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