Chelsea 2 - [2] Tottenham - Harry Kane 90+6'

  1. I was taking with my kids during this game about Mendy and I said that although he's not really good with his feet, he's an elite athlete and is amazing at claiming everything that comes close to the 6 yard box.

  2. Also amazing that there were 3 Spurs players ready to head the ball but no Chelsea player there.

  3. What’s sad is I consider him to be in maybe the top 2 of refs along with Oliver and they’re both trash

  4. Referees would rather ruin a game through inaction than potentially ruin a game through sending someone off.

  5. This definitely should not have counted, but what the fuck was that defending from Chelsea, they just let 5 spurs players freely attack the ball

  6. The commentary I was listening to even went as far to say they were wondering why VAR was looking into it after seeing the replay.

  7. Absolute bullshit from the ref and VAR there. Insane precedent to set if you can just yank on the players hair and there's 0 consequences

  8. People forget since they've been going through it for a several years now but arsenal fans are actually the worst, most delusional, mobbing fan base . Liverpool fans x5 at least

  9. With the first goal, you get those going against you sometimes. How they review that Romero hair pull and still didn't give anything is grounds to sack Taylor on the spot.

  10. The defending on that goal was atrocious. Just awful. They all went after the single upfront runner and watched the ball like there was someone else to get it… nobody. And the keeper laid off. Just terrible.

  11. Couldn't happen to a nicer club. Gonna be some miserable post-match book burnings afterwards.

  12. This is a game we would normally lose a whole lot, especially to this team, especially at the bridge. I'll absolutely take it.

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