Match Thread: Liverpool vs Crystal Palace | English Premier League

  1. Imagine we thought £50m for Zaha (what Palace asked for) was too expensive and instead went and bought Pepe for £72m… Shows you the value of being prem proven!

  2. The true story of the 2018-19 and 2021-2022 Premiere League titles was draws that Liverpool failed to convert to wins. Both seasons lost on the last day, by one point, since Liverpool couldn't directly beat City earlier in the year.

  3. You have to give Palace credit for coming to Anfield and getting a deserved point, but fuck me, will refs ever clamp down properly on time wasting.

  4. Núñez man, he’s got to be more disciplined, can’t be loosing his temper like that! Now he’s going to be out again United 🤦‍♂️

  5. No idea what to make of him, he seems to cause chaos (good and bad) wherever he goes. I suppose he's not the first hot headed Uruguayan striker to play for Liverpool.

  6. Man Utd have been shit for 10 years and in that time Liverpool have won 1 league title (with an asterisk) 😂😂

  7. Very hard to be optimistic about the rest of the season after a start like this: points-wise, performance-wise, depth-wise, anything-wise. Darwin is a silly, silly boy for getting riled up so easily. Hope we'll thump United next week at least, because surely three draws in a row against relegation fodder is too much.

  8. You had a few rocky patches performance wise last season as well. Top quality team and we all know how dangerous Liverpool are when they eventually hit their stride. You closed a large gap and gave City a run ‘til the last minute. Don’t lose faith mate :)

  9. Man United are expected to be shit. Liverpool are meant to challenge City for the title. Yeah that's not happening

  10. Good job on cracking down on the time wasting - It's definitely worth it for Guaita to do it if he can get like 5 mins in total of the clock or something similar for a yellow card

  11. What's the use of giving multiple warning to professional football players and subsequently not even doing anything about it? Imo you could card him immediately because he is a prof and knows exactly what he is doing

  12. Considering how small the points gap was last season, it might legit be difficult for them to catch Man City now.

  13. Seeing all the CL flairs criticizing Viera is hilarious. Shows how they know nothing about watching football other than bandwagoning top teams.

  14. I think its more than that. Timewasting teams get backlash from 2 places. The opposition, in this case Liverpool, and most of the neutrals. Why? well when you are up a man and still decide to show a timewasting masterclass, it comes off as cheap and low.

  15. Such negative football from Palace playing scared parking the bus all game even when your opposition has 10 men should of pushed the advantage and gone for a win!

  16. Always makes me laugh how you'll book someone for timewasting in stoppage time, but then don't add that wasted time on in stoppage time.

  17. Huh, the game went on for around a minute longer than it should be. That time was clearly added.

  18. He made a couple of bad decisions, the Nat Phillips block on Zaha was one, and I'm a bit annoyed about the constant bearhugs in the area. The one on Diaz was the worst. I'd have to see it back fully, but Anderson probably should have conceded a pen and been sent off.

  19. liverpool need to try something else other than long balls and crosses into the box. Especially without a striker

  20. Can’t believe Tierney didn’t book a palace player for it. Absolute disgrace. Referees have it in for Liverpool…

  21. Arsenal fans have short memories, to be fair I would be keen to forget the start they made last season if I supported them.

  22. Can’t believe i’m seeing people slating Palace. They are playing against one of the best teams in the world away and if they try and go toe to toe they obviously get fucking hammered.

  23. I mean I get being frustrated if you're a Liverpool fan because they looked the better side even when they were down a man but there's probably 18 teams in the premier league that would happily take a point from Anfield. Plus, why tf would Palace push up and go for it, even against 10 men, when Liverpool still looked like they were more likely to score? If Palace push forward and Liverpool get them on the counter then everyone is calling Palace idiots

  24. Absolutely correct. Even though Liverpool had >70% possession, they didn’t create many clear cut chances, whereas if Zaha was a bit sharper with his touch he could’ve had a hat trick.

  25. They like to pretend if they were a manager they’d be instructing their team to go hammer and tongs just for the sake of honour. Weirdos.

  26. It’s genuinely like some people have never watched football before. This happens every time a smaller team shithouses a bigger one.

  27. Liverpool could have done with a big striker up front to try and help them score in the last 20mins

  28. A while back someone once claimed most of our team claimed to have asthma and as a result used inhalers (which apparently have some benefits for footballers).

  29. One unsourced report claimed liverpool overprescribe asthma medication because it's basically steroids. No other reports exist to corroborate, they all refer back to that one piece.

  30. Liverpool players happen to all conveniently get diagnosed with asthma after joining the club, allowing them to use a kind of inhaler that would otherwise not be allowed.

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