Match Thread: Netherlands vs United States | FIFA World Cup

  1. Im just happy the Fox commentator's wont speak about the US every 5 minutes while Im tryna watch a game. Shits annoying as hell

  2. We would have gotten humiliated in the next match if we somehow won. The other teams are on a whole nother level.

  3. It has nothing to do with relegation. It has everything to do with the culture not being about football/soccer. Our athletes just don’t play soccer. I know it’s fucking stupid to say and a cliche but you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think it’s true.

  4. Doesn’t work in the United States. Owners like the haslems would never buy in and invest if there is a chance they are playing teams in the second league. People like me wouldn’t go to games to watch them play in the second league

  5. That isn't true. America just doesn't value soccer. Most people I talked to today didn't even know the game was today, let alone the result.

  6. I am looking forward to seeing the national team in 2026. I hope more US players get to compete in highly competitive leagues like Pulisic did.

  7. Lol, life quality is a lot better in the Netherlands compared to the usa. Healthier food, better infrastructure better health care. We are good in football because almost every boy and/or girl join a soccer team at young age.

  8. This reminds me of delusional people online who said if US put their NBA athletes into football it would be a walk in the park. It's about skill folks, not athleticism. Even if it was athleticism, it's a different type of athleticism sport to sport

  9. So you are saying America just doesn’t produce that type of athlete?? Lol you are all so daft if you think that all the defensive backs in the nfl couldn’t play soccer if they were trained from the right age or taken from school and put in a fucking soccer academy as a toddler.

  10. We still don't watch the game. What our competitors have internalized before their first kick, we learn as a second language years later. We need a coach for everything while others use the game as a coach. Kids elsewhere can learn on the street because there's always a game and they watch at home. We have pay for play because we don't have the cultural support for organic development

  11. The idea is more that if it were more popular or more respected domestically than you would be taking a lot of athletes that fit that specific type of athleticism and giving them the training at the proper age. There are plenty of basketball, American football, and baseball players that are choosing to play something other than soccer and will never be properly trained as footballers even if they pick it up later in life or fail at whichever sport they decided to play. Some of that has changed though and we finally have some decent youth academies and are producing players domestically (Philadelphia).

  12. It’s not delusional if you’re talking about putting them in soccer at a young age instead of basketball. One of the biggest hurdles for soccer in the US is the fact that other sports (namely American football and baseball) hog youth athletes. If soccer was the number one sport in this country we’d be much more competitive.

  13. It’s a fact the the States best athletes play sports other than soccer, if you don’t agree with it you should spend more time watching American sports at a collegiate and professional level.

  14. I feel like generally our baseball players would make for better soccer players, no? Generally shorter, anyway. Can't see Anthony Davis or LeBron James doing anything particularly inspiring on the pitch, except maybe at keeper lol

  15. Huh weird, 35% of the last 15 years NBA MVPS have gone to foreign nationals, do you have any suggestions to make the US better at basketball that’s a pretty embarrassing stat!

  16. See you guys are so thin skinned you make it too easy for us to take the piss. Just lighten up a bit, and work on your banter, because jingoistic nonsense about sports nobody gives a shit about besides Americans isn't exactly a great clap back.

  17. Delighted the Dutch won! Honestly they still looked fresh as daisies at the end - they looked like they were trying to conserve energy for the next round. They knew they didn't have to play all-out to beat the US and they were proven right. A well-deserved win and a masterclass in game management.

  18. John Wayne, Die Hard, Proud Boys, Westboro Baptist Church, Chris Brown, Donald Trump, Butterbean, Macklemore, Ariana Grande, The Punisher, Rosie O'Donnell, Bart Simpson.. your boys took one hell of a beating!!!

  19. On the off-chance that someone from the USMNT ever reads the depths of Reddit comments… so damn proud of this team! Tough match today, 3 mistakes all game did us in. My heart has never been more “in” for a team, saw the best skilled USMNT I’ve ever seen in this tournament. End the talk of “we have made progress” next time, let’s get to “this team has arrived”!!

  20. I love how Americans are simultaneously shitting on their team and country so much but then also claim they'd dominate every sport if they just invested enough.

  21. I mean tbf if the us had the footballing culture of a Brazil/Argentina/Mexico/Spain we’d be the biggest(by population) footballing nation by a mile. The us already has a rabid, deeply ingrained sports culture that absolutely churns out athletes and it’s hard to deny that if that culture was focused on football (and had been for 100+ years) the us would certainly be very competitive in international competition. It’s a useless hypothetical and you can say the same for both India and China based purely on population, but it’s also true ¯\(ツ)/¯

  22. Lots of people praise Westin, but honestly I think he looks slow and sloppy. Gave away a number of balls. Tyler Adams didn’t have his best defensive game obviously. At least Wright and aaronsen bring some speed and creativity to the pitch.

  23. Weston IS legit though. He literally just came back from injury right before the tournament and was never fully match fit. So yeah, it’s no surprise if you saw a tired player.

  24. You're right. It's not a real sport unless people wear helmets, run into each other and then have 5 minute technical briefing during a mid-game commercial break to figure out a way to immediately run into the other team again. And repeat the whole process again and again.

  25. It’s crazy that the Netherlands have played in more semifinals and finals than Spain and England combined and never won it. Probably the Greatest country to never win the World Cup

  26. As an argie myself I strongly agree. They are clinical, efficient , they don’t play with fouls, it’s the only European team I root for until Friday…

  27. It hurts so much. I was 9 during the world cup final of 2010 and still remember it so vividly. Still hope to see us lift that trophy during my lifetime

  28. I sometimes forget that the Dutch National Anthem is actually a real thing and not just the F1 end-of-race theme song for the last 2 years.

  29. it doesn’t matter if our midfield is young and athletic when we have 0 goal scorers that put fear into anyone decent.

  30. You realize that you guys are quickly replacing us as the hated, insufferable country, right? I've run into plenty of Europeans who will just randomly start hating on English people completely unprovoked.

  31. You’re going through a lot as a Liverpool fan, I can understand your outburst and frustration mister squiggles.

  32. I was born in the Netherlands and wanted the USA to play a good game. Unfortunately the USA doesn’t have a good goal scorer and had serious trouble putting shots on the goal. To many waisted opportunities.

  33. We don't expect much. Not many tears get shed over soccer here. I'd say most fans are just proud they made round of 16.

  34. As an American I'm honestly surprised we made it to the elimination round. Nothing salty here just glad we made it as far as we did. Good luck to all teams going forward though. I have a friend from South Korea so I'll be watching them next

  35. The US just lost the most basic skills required in soccer,the ability to man mark.All 3 goals were caused by a lack of marking.

  36. I played goalkeeper. The lack of Turner telling his men to mark up was insufferable. He was watching the ball all game and not commanding his defense to fill the holes.

  37. simple basic takeaway: US is desperate for a truly talented forward, all tournament they were great at getting opportunities created but zero, dedicated clinical finisher or target man. Netherlands may have won 3:1 but never truly looked convincing as a european favorite. I think their first game against a truly good team is going to expose them. I saw confusion in the back line at times that would have lead to being scored on by a better team.

  38. I agree that we're not good enough to win the world cup, but I'd say we looked a lot better than England when they played the US. Had an easier time creating chances, and much more in control defensively. Only major problem is our passing, we lose the ball way too easily

  39. Some of the Americans on this thread are obnoxious, but so are all the Europeans who feel they have to take every opportunity to bash the US. What's the obsession?

  40. Trash talking the other team while being an insufferable twat about your own is the #1 sports related past time in America; the sports themselves are secondary.

  41. They're taking their opportunities while they can, because if the US really starts investing in football they may become a very good team who will probably be insufferable if they win.

  42. The Dutch were so efficient and clinical. They can play so many different styles and dictate tempo when they choose. They may be hard to beat for anyone. Even if we had played our best match, it feels they would’ve been able to match or beat it. Kudos to the Dutch and their fans, you deserve one!

  43. You don't have to leave 100 comments about how much 'soccer' sucks. Yes fine, we know. Us poor third world Europeans, South Americans, Africans, Asians play this sport. We are all stinky terrorists and the Americans are the beacon of this world. Now go back to your handegg sub

  44. I hate to admit it, but I was thinking the same thing watching. The Dutch goals were boring as hell, just passes in front of the goal, and our only goal was pure luck. I really don't understand how this is the most popular sport in the world, probably because it's so cheap to play.

  45. If I want to see two forty year olds jog/walk/stand for an hour and a half I will go down to the local park for a men’s softball game.

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