Story of my Life

  1. It's funny, I heard on the radio today in Canada that everybody needs to start practicing social distancing. I was thinking, I've been practicing for a good 10 years now atleast

  2. This was my year to be more social and was looking to step out of my comfort zone then Covid-19. Now I am back in the comfort zone but finding it boring. A year ago, social distancing would have been so welcome.

  3. Exactly. I feel that since I cannot really step out of my comfort zone, like I had been making myself do before all this went down, I’m going to be back at square one with my anxiety when this is all over. :(

  4. From the social distancing perspective, I'm actually totally cool with this whole thing. I mean, it's not cool that people are dying and the world is in chaos, but I don't mind just cooping up in my apartment and waiting it out. It's almost peaceful in a way... and interestingly I almost feel that my fear of going out is more "valid" now.

  5. Feels a bit different now that it’s expected for everyone and some choice about it has been taken away.

  6. I’m a SAHM/ work from home. So aside from missing some library and playground trips for my little one.. everything is exactly the same as it always has been

  7. plot twist: I'm actually psychic because I've anticipated and have already been preparing for coronavirus by practicing social distancing for the past decade or so

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