My 3 second method which I recommend.

  1. lmao I'm almost 30, and I use this trick all the time. It legit really does help to just act instead of overthinking :) although that's not always the case, given our emotions and all ;)

  2. I have this card from My therapist, that is 4x4 So breath in for 4 sec, hold for 4 sec, breath out for 4 sec and hold for 4 sec. They use it in the military, and it has helped me multiple times

  3. This is great advice, especially the don’t overthink it part. I can honestly say that every time I was afraid to do something and tried to talk myself into it, the more I thought about it the more I talked myself out of doing it.

  4. I do this as well, it really helps!! You just need to push yourself to do something instead of overthinking it.

  5. For me, the overthinking comes after. I will spend days and sometimes weeks thinking about how I could have done it differently, framed the sentence in a different way, gave a different response... Imagining several scenarios with more favourable consequences.

  6. Omg I did this in high school when I was going to be late to class and had to open the door but haven’t done it since. I’m definitely going to do it for more things, thank you :)

  7. I use this every time I have to make a phone call. I let my fingers dial the numbers before my brain realizes what’s happening and by the time it does I’m already talking to the other person.

  8. Lmao I was expecting something so much more complicated for some reason but yeah, that would take 3s. Ig it can’t hurt to try

  9. I learned this from Steve-O surprisingly enough, been using it for the past couple of years and nothing has gone wrong with it so far. Would definitely recommend it.

  10. I love that other people also do this, I used to do this when i needed to get something in class. In my head it'd go something like "3, 2, 1, fuck it" then just go do it

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