Early direct deposit didn’t hit this week

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  2. When you get your deposit is based on when whatever payroll system your company uses sends its notice of payment. If they didn’t send it before today, then you wouldn’t get your deposit early unfortunately. You’ll likely see it tomorrow morning (I’ve had it show up late at night on Thursday night before as well).

  3. Yeah that’s kind of what I’m assuming. They said it was an early payroll week but I think they meant for expense reports and I have a feeling they didn’t submit it at the same time they usually do, hence this delay. Very unusual for them, but things happen I guess.

  4. Your employer likely submitted your direct deposit too late, or not at all yet. Mine came on Wednesday morning as per usual

  5. I looked into this and discovered my employer pays us a day earlier on holidays where the bank is closed. Usually my check date is Friday but I noticed Veterans Day holiday the check date was a day earlier. They did it again for this holiday and both our county and state paychecks were deposited yesterday

  6. I normally get mine Wednesday night or Thursday morning, and I actually got mine Wednesday morning this time. Might be a difference in how your employer handles payroll.

  7. I usually get mine Friday, which is no change from before early deposit. Today and one other time I got it on Thursday

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