New Construction Home Required Solar - SoCal - Picking system size

  1. Definitely go big as possible and take advantage of rolling the extra into your mortgage. Adding on at a later time will subject you to the latest NEM. You will be far better off getting grandfathered on NEM 2 in the long run. Don’t play the short game with solar.

  2. Well that’s the problem, I won’t know if I’m getting NEM 2.0 or 3.0 until they are installed, which won’t be until Q4 2022. But I’m forced to make my decision now, and role it into the mortgage.

  3. I just spotted a system with 10 panels. It's like dipping your toe in, but not fully committing (hehe). They fell for the "We can REDUCE YOUR BILL!" pitch. And the bill did go down, but after all is said and done, they feel like they could have done more for all that trouble.

  4. Worried about going large in CA, seeing NEM 3.0 changes, and then not being able to realize the benefits that are being advertised right now on NEM 2.0.

  5. I think aiming for 100% is the way to go. The benefits of going bigger than that are minimal especially since 1:1 net metering will eventually go away.

  6. Unfortunately I'm forced to use Sunpower right now. Debating if it would be better to just go with the 2.45, and then re-assess in Early 2023 once I've been using the system for a while, and will understand what NEM 3.0 looks like.

  7. I would take the free system, if once you move in nem 2 is still around you can add a 2nd system for a lot less than they $4 watt they are charging .and you will know what your signing up for if you decide to spend the money

  8. What size is your house? 2.45 sounds pretty small. My house has no gas and I have a 10.34 kw system. My parents who do run gas for the ovens, stove, water heater, and heater still go slightly over with a 7.48kw system.

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