Would you ever mount a sound bar above your TV either on a shelf or just directly to the wall?

  1. Get a piece of wood cut the same size as the base of the TV that raises it up enough to not block the sound bar. You won't see it because of the soundbar.

  2. Precisely this. You only need to move the TV up an inch or two, the wood can be finished to match the cabinet or black to match the TV / Arc, the Arc will mostly hide the wood anyway, and it'll be less visually intrusive and less work than putting a shelf over the TV.

  3. I have the same type of TV (LG). What I did was take a couple rems of paper and laid them side to side and put them under my TV. Because of the Arc you can't even see the paper.

  4. I have LG B9 and Beam gen 2 at the front. Didn't need to raise my TV at all even though it does sit very low.

  5. I’ve wondered about mounting above a TV as well. With a more traditional soundbar or speakers I’d never want that because of the sub-optimal alignment of drivers/tweeters to your listening position, unless angled down or with speakers that excel at off-axis response. I think even with Trueplay working it’s magic, you’d still want to face the front of the Arc down in a direction towards your primary listening position. You’d have to get creative with a wall mount, too.

  6. I have my Arc above my tv because my tv is in an armoire with no area for the Arc that wouldn’t dampen the directional speakers. It sounds great. The room also has a vaulted ceiling, so that may have some affect, of course.

  7. The sound bar above the TV works fine. It’s not as good as under if you are sitting but if you are standing while watching is actually better. Obviously, if the TV is mounted too high to start with then that will also make things worse.

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