How much improvement in bass can you expect by adding two Ones (SL) to Beam 2?

  1. Adding 2x Ones to Beam for music is also worth it. I have the same listening preference as you, more on music. Having the surrounds with a "Full" music setting improves the overall experience like you are listening in a studio or concert hall. Though the Ones do not add much bass, they at least produce full frequency range so you will get some dynamics from them

  2. In practice I find that without a sub the Beam at least tries to fake it by bumping the upper bass and mid bass, if you add the sub yet turn it down you end up with worse sound due to the lack both real bass from the sub and fake bass from the Beam.

  3. They don’t add bass, but they do add a whole new level of sound to your movies etc.Listening to music is loads better with surrounds attached, you set the surround to “full” in the settings and it sounds great. Loads better than the Beam on its own.

  4. It may be worth it to me if adding the surrounds can improve music by a lot, I’ll definitely give it some more thought.

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