Needed to rush some Christmas presents

  1. This definitely isn't enough beans for extract. You'll have some nicely flavored and scented vodka but it won't be strong enough for recipes. There are lots of methods online that just aren't accurate.

  2. Vanilla extract, but i wanted to expedite the time line, so i brought out the SV to keep it above room temp to help release the oils without cooking them, or making them astringent, and I wanted to 'automate' the shaking by using a stir plate. Neither are necessary, but when you have the tools, might as well use them.

  3. That reminds me I still have some pandan leaves and some high proof rum. May have to make some fancy pandan extract.

  4. Also, since you’re crunched in time, I would split those beans open. If you don’t gift them in the bottle, you can dry them out and pop the beans into some sugar or salt to infuse them too.

  5. Currently doing Coffee and Vanilla flavored Rums based on high-quality dry white Rum. Process is similar.

  6. It took some work to get it just right. And then I wasn't allowed to walk through the kitchen in fear that my airflow would disrupt everything. The biggest challenge was getting it so the beans didn't get caught in the whirlpool and move around. It was a very fine balance

  7. Have you tried this for other extracts? I go through lemon and almond so fast but my last attempt to make them at home turned out to be weak.

  8. I have a 32 oz mason jar that I usually fill every year to keep my continuous vanilla going. Right now it has ~10 vanilla beans in it. I usually add 1-2 a year depending on if my wife gets to the beans I bought before I can get to filling it up.

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