bro and sis in-laws coming

  1. pork tenderloin is the best, unable to fuck up, shows off sous vide cooking dish that you can do. And 2 tenderloins are perfect for 4 people. 2 hours 137-140f then dry off and season and sear in a screaming hot pan on all sides. Remove, add shallots or garlic to the pan, saute till soft, little dijon mustard and white wine and reduce. Add a little cream if you want to make it extra rich.

  2. I just did this and had boneless chicken breast and boneless pork chops. Same cook temp and it gave the guests some variety. Worked well.

  3. Can’t go wrong with some kind of pork. I prefer pork “back” loin. It’s cheap and can feed an army, and cooks relatively quickly. Choose to do it as chops, and individually sear, or as a roast and slice at the table.

  4. There is a pre-seasoned “garlic and herb” and a “steakhouse” pork tenderloin. About $7 each and about a pound each. Feeds 4 easily and they are super easy to sear on the stove or grill. They are both pretty good seasoning and something different. Cook for an hour and a half at 135 to 145 and cut with a fork. Easy to slice into 1/2 inch medallions and pretty plate appearance.

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