Favorite spirits for blight and defense?

  1. Depending on what expansions you have/are willing to get, there's a spirit in the Feather & Flame expansion who you might want to check out! Their name is Downpour Drenches the World, and they have a very distinctive playstyle focused around repeating the same card multiple times. Their left innate defends (with a twist) and their right innate removes blight (with a price).

  2. A couple of Jagged Earth spirits come to mind, namely Starlight and Stone. Starlight can do a bit of everything, but if you get the right draws can definitely focus on defense and blight removal. Stone gets around blight by mitigating the downsides mostly (stops presence destruction and can take blight from the box instead of the card), but also has removal and defense in their starting kit.

  3. You might like the beast spirits. Many Minds Move as One, from Jagged Earth, uses beasts to provide defence and generate fear. Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves, from Branch & Claw, uses beasts for damage (with some fear generation on the side). Neither one removes blight - that's a pretty rare thing for spirits to do - but good defence and the ability to stop builds / destroy explorers immediately after building stops blight from happening in the first place.

  4. I wouldn’t stick to the play styles you like, it’s good to try them all to know what they do and then work your play style around the spirits at the table.

  5. As someone who plays Fangs or Wildfire in 90% of multi handed games I disagree. The most effective way to learn SI is to find a spirit you enjoy and perfect it.

  6. Definitely Downpour. There aren't that many spirits with innate or unique powers that do blight removal. Green has a bit (the max level of its second innate.) Vital Strength has Guard the Healing Land. There's a lot more spirits that have defense abilities than ones that have blight removal, although any spirit that uses water a lot is relatively likely to gain blight removal powers (some exceptions, like Purifying Flame.) Spirits that use earth are most likely to gain defensive powers.

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