Aaron Rodgers tests positive for COVID-19, and now it's being reported that he lied about being vaccinated in August and is actually unvaccinated.

  1. Off-topic, but I can't stand 2 Bears anymore. He's such an idiot and hi jacks every conversation to make it about himself. Also listening to him blame all of his medical problems on everyone and everything besides his alcoholism is just getting old and unbearable to watch. I have no idea how Tom puts up with it. The only saving grace of the podcast is watching him recently coming to terms with the fact that Tom is much more famous than him and gets invited/access to places and events Bert does not.

  2. Rapoport rapoported that he underwent some kind of homeopathic immunization treatment and he tried to receive vaccinated status because of that but the league said hell no. That's why he said he was immunized.

  3. I knew a couple of people who intentionally tried to contract COVID from family members who were sick, in order to immunize themselves that way instead of getting vaccines. It’s a strange world.

  4. Where I work, they put out a thing where if you send them proof of vaccination, they'll pay you. They didn't release even overall statistics of vaccination to ease people's minds. Then they put something out that only people who are vaccinated are allowed in the office.

  5. It will be at Trump Rally with Anti-vaxers. Ironically he shills insurance which is a preventative measure against something bad happening but yet he won’t use the vax to prevent Covid. Snowflakes

  6. While Shailene hasn’t said she is antivax her very BFF is Miles Teller, (they are more like siblings- vacations always together) and he was the cause of movie production shutting down due to his testing positive (and getting hospitalized) after refusing to get vaxxed. Maybe celebrities really are just like us… prone to taking bad information as facts?

  7. The League will issue a sternly written letter and that will be it. And Joe Kelly will be given a 10-day suspension for it.

  8. I like before the season started the nfl made a statement that any unvaccinated players would be liable to monetary fines and more punishment if they where found to break protocols and shit. I’ve seen a lot of players lying and breaking protocols but have not seen a single punishment or fine yet.

  9. The fact that the Packers are about to drop two games because of him, potentially costing them a run at the title in spite of being the 1st seed right now, is hilariously punishing enough.

  10. Yeah remember last year when Alvin Kamara refused to wear a tracker, that was required by all players to wear for contact tracing, and the NFL did nothing? Same will happen here

  11. Which means he should have not played against the cardinals last week since he was in direct contact with someone that had covid.

  12. The NFL has a definition for close contacts and it is tracked through location sensors on the players bodies in the facility. Basically you have to be really close to someone, unmasked, for more than a little bit of time to count as a close contact. It may also need to be indoors.

  13. So it's been reported now that at the start of the year he tried to petition the NFL to allow his "alternative treatment" to count as vaccinated and they declined. So the NFL has known he has been unvaccinated.

  14. Isn’t regular testing the procedure for non vaccinated players? If so I would hope they’ve been testing him regularly and subjecting him to the health and safety protocols. I guess in Rodgers’ case they likely weren’t but it would be interesting to find out if they were. My guess is that they knew he isn’t vaccinated.

  15. Your article also says that he was in street clothes during a preseason game without a mask. That would be against the rules since he would not be active at that time.

  16. He sounded like another anti-vaxx moron. Maybe even a MAGA fuck. All respect I had for him is gone. Sigh.

  17. As a Vikings fan I almost had more respect for Rodgers then Cousins because of COVID. But now I see he is just as much of douche.

  18. Don’t forget Thielen. Like that guy so much (walk on try out, crushed it every game last 2 years) until he came out anti-vax.

  19. There was an NHL player who was outspokenly against the vax. Turned out he had "asymptomatic covid" (his words) over the break, and now has a heart condition that has rendered him unable to play professional sports indefinitely.

  20. Apparently, the league has known the whole time he was unvaccinated, but he told reporters he was vaccinated.

  21. It has been such a lesson to fall in and out of love with both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. My larger lesson is to not idolize entertainers for anything more than the skills they bring to the table.

  22. Rodgers is actually a good QB though. Kaepernick's career was ending anyway. Probably would've stayed on as a backup somewhere, but why would any team want the drama that came with him for a bench player? Not saying what he did was wrong. That was just the reality of the situation.

  23. Kaepernick was pushed out of the league because he was a bad player. Expectations were high for him because he dominated a shit conference in college and people continued to give him chances because the league at the time thought mobil quarterbacks were the way of the future. His career died when that mentality died. If anything, the kneeling kept him relevant for a year or two longer.

  24. Maybe you should check out Kap’s stats in his last seasons before saying he was “pushed out of the league.”

  25. Weird…the guy who appears on the Pat Mcafee(known for not giving a fuck) show on a regular basis and is known for his not giving a fuck attitude is lying to do whatever he wants…

  26. You know what's funny? I actually got my vaccine inside Lambeau Field. Bellin Health had their vaccination site inside the stadium. Literally no excuse to not get vaccinated.

  27. Aarons been sus ever since he went on Pat's show to complain about woke people trying to cancel him for saying "I still own you" when we know no woke person gave a shit

  28. Rodgers doesn’t like being put in a basket but he absolutely put himself in one. I’m not surprised by this whole situation. Unless you bang on getting vaccinated like Bruce Arians or Zimmer you are on some spectrum of vaccine hesitancy. I have no issue saying I’m vaccinated and motivating others to get one.

  29. Guys not scared of having his brain bounce around his skull regularly from 6 foot + men the size of livestock plowing into him, but the vaccine is going to harm him somehow.

  30. Apparently this isn't news at all to the team or the NFL, and he's been following protocol for unvaccinated players (per head coach Matt Lafleur)

  31. And once he comes off the covid list he should immediately be suspended for lying about it. Gamblers, I mean the competition committee, don't take too kindly misinformation.

  32. Make them forfeit their game against the Chiefs. That’d be a massive wake up call to any organization and their unvaccinated players.

  33. Lots of vaccine liars out there. My aunt-in-law lied about getting jabbed so she could hang out with her friends. She caught covid and had to be hospitalized. Lucky for her she didn’t die and still maintains its a hoax. 🙄🤷‍♂️

  34. Lol at everyone saying they’re gonna boycott Rodgers because he isn’t vaccinated get off of your imaginary high horses good grief. Sure he “lied” but the league “KNEW”. This will be blown over in a week.

  35. This is going to be the first time a bunch of rural Minnesota Vikings fans don't jump at the chance to shit on the Packers.

  36. That's just what a lot of people say. I know plenty of people that do. It's pretty easy to lie about it, especially when others hound you.

  37. If a typical person does this at their job, they may very well face termination. I’m doubtful the NFL is capable of holding players accountable to a similar standard.

  38. God what a world if one of the best quarterbacks destroys his lungs being a fucking idiot. Would show the rest of US something tho.

  39. Hmm.. "fully vaxxed" White House spokesthingy Jen Psaki gets Covid, no one says a word. Presumably she spends some time near Joe, but I guess it's OK to have Covid if you're vaxxed, but not OK to have it if you're unvaxxed.

  40. Getting vaccinated is one thing, not getting vaccinated is another. Lying about being vaccinated is just dishonest abs shady as fuck. Both sides should be mad if this is true

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