A university cheerleader grabs a stuck ball and gets a standing ovation

  1. I was a long distance runner in high school, no one paid any attention to us. But in a pep rally one day (for football or something) someone handed me the big school flag and said "Run this around the gym in front of everyone". They went fucking mental. It was great. Obviously. I still remember it twenty-fmgrlgl years later. That cheerleader is going to remember that moment the rest of her life.

  2. Ran Cross Country. They'd grab 3-4 of us to literally just do laps around the gym all pep rally and people would do the wave as we jogged by their section.

  3. I literally did this in college. I would’ve been the guy standing underneath her, never got any recognition

  4. Back in high school during gym class I happened to score the winning goal. The entire class cheered and even carried me out of the gym on their shoulders. It was just gym class. I was a nobody. But to this day I still remember how good that felt.

  5. Dude it was so awful. What a time to take a complete dump. Nothing against the Gaels but worst game of the season. I hope it makes Trayce come back...

  6. Why let the 5ft nothing ref try to get it rather than the gargantuan of a man standing next to the chair?

  7. The big man tried to step on the chair, and the ref said, "I don't want any of you guys hurting yourself!"

  8. Right before the clip started, the big man did try to reach up with the broomstick, but he barely put any effort in and did a quarter hop. He easily could’ve reached.

  9. the player tried to reach it, and didnt want to get up on the chair for obvious reasons. why are you choosing to be angry over literally nothing?

  10. Also. A Basketball Arena, with an active basketball game and it's the only ball they have access too? They running a tight budget? Hope it doesn't bust.

  11. This guy is the real hero. The girl just stood there and then raised her hands up a little to knock the ball loose. The guy had to lift her up and then raise her higher to be able to reach the ball.

  12. I agree. I think it’s because it’s kind of cute / endearing to see the “talent” (basketball players, cheerleaders) using their respective skill-sets or physical gifts (height, being able to climb on top of each other) for something other than their sport. Like a tangible / helpful thing that just happens to also be in the same venue for everyone to see.

  13. What a solid human moment. Like watching the DVD screen saver finally hit exactly in the corner and everyone collectively cheers. Beautiful really.

  14. I mean common, you can’t say that and not provide a link. It’s videos like this that give me hope in the inherent kindness of humanity

  15. This. It’s an amazingly wholesome moment and a lot of keyboard warriors got upset without understanding the context.

  16. She gets the standing ovation but the dude who lifted her goes back to hype her up, something tells me he’s use to being backstage lol

  17. Cheerleader*s*. Absolutely love this. The strength of working together each in our own way. Wonderful seeing the celebration of it.

  18. I love those random crowd moments in sports. Squirrel running across the field and everyone cheers as it dodges security, the cup snake at the cubs game years ago, and of course the beer pyramid at the hockey games where they stack the cans against the glass and everyone goes crazy when a player gets hit into the boards and knocks it over

  19. I was there in the crowd and it was honestly amazing, she legit got a standing ovation for it. It was also hilarious cause we boo’d the player and ref that failed trying to get it before her😭

  20. zero credit to the dude that had the strength to pick her up and walk her over there and bring her down.

  21. My friend and I did this in middle school. As soon as I got the ball, those fuckers got so excited they forgot to hold me up and I fell and broke my wrist.

  22. Born and raised in septa territory and i was wondering the whole time why they only have one ball for the whole game

  23. I think basketball is the only sport to use one ball isn't it? Even if it gets beer spilled on it or whatever they use the same ball

  24. I don't follow basketball, I was about to ask it. Probably people who do t follow basketball

  25. My sister married her partner from cheering. They stunt like this all the time to grab a stuck frisbee in a tree or whatever. It’s a pretty cute flex.

  26. That bro just lifted a dead weight of 115-125, give these gals and girls credit. Strength and balance without a hesitation. He and she have been doing this for awhile.

  27. It also look like he has to walk her around and under the backboard to get her into position which is crazy to think about how casually they do that

  28. No way she weighs that much but the point still stands. My college girlfriend shared a townhouse with two Kentucky cheerleaders. She was the bigger than both of them at 4’11.5” 105lbs.

  29. Sometimes I watch something happen in sports and think, if no one were around and that happened, that would look weird as shit. No one else in the world would be cheered for something as simple as being lifted up, grabbing a ball off something high up…

  30. This a weird question but do all cheerleaders have to learn to clap like that? I swear they all clap exactly the same

  31. Super wholesome. For once a post that wasn't just pure drama or something else of the sort. Got a huge smile out of me. More of these please

  32. I'm disappointed he didn't then throw her in the air, she twists and turns and on the way back down slips through the hoop without it even moving, and sticks the dismount.

  33. The real hero is the dude who picked her up, put her on his shoulders while walking and then tossed her up so she could stand on his fully extended arms. Dude pretty much did a walking deadlift with her. Those two have put a lot of time and practice into it too.

  34. Why didn’t the center stand on the chair with the pole??? “Let’s have the tall guy help the shortest man on the court onto a chair.”

  35. Ok - that made my descent into Reddit insanity worth it today. Especially love the play by play call.

  36. As a little girl starting cheer, she imagined that one day this moment would come. "One day, my cheer skills will save the day!"

  37. Of course she did. Play was stopped. She got the game moving again. Very well done. She deserves the applause

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