African spec classic [Opel Kadett] seen in the UK today

  1. Srsly miss the show but their budget is soo much higher on grand tour. Like when jeremy modified the bentley to turn it into an offroader, i lost my mind.

  2. According to the report on the event website, the people in the car with him were the people who recently worked on respraying the car, so they're probably gone.

  3. I managed to briefly interview Richard for my podcast yesterday. He’s a really nice guy! From what I gather his team at The Smallest Cog only finished restoring Oliver the night before the show.

  4. Nice! Good to hear someone else here was there. Really fun show, found it hilarious that all the modern exotic and luxury cars were promptly ushered to the back corner behind 2 fences on arrival

  5. Fuck when I'm feeling down I go and watch the part where they're all staring through binoculars at the tourist taking the piss out of him and he turns and they do the "acting natural!!!" quick turn around 🤣 forever kills me

  6. That was a nice surprise, I was looking around the concours section and then when I came out he had appeared!

  7. These little coupes represent (to me) the high water mark of affordable, fun, personal transportation. (I have a 1969 BMW 1602 as a daily fair weather driver.). For good reason, I guess, safety, emissions and common sense have doomed these classics to the dustbin (salvage yard) of automotive history. They are still fun to drive, easy to work on and generators of countless smiles, thumbs up gestures and encouraging shoutouts from the classic car appreciating general populace.

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