Entire Starbucks Team Walks Out

  1. The drinks melting on handoff. The customers still waiting even though the baristas walked out. The manager being so wildly out of dress code. The one table that’s inexplicably right next to the door. The tote bags and tattoos. This video captures exactly what it’s like to work at Starbucks.

  2. If that's really the manager holy shit lol. Dress code her. Sometimes I feel spoiled that our manager is ALWAYS on the floor or ready to flex into whatever position's needed, I wish that was true for all locations.

  3. the greed of howard is starting to backfire - love it. you would think that a company that clears over 16 billion a year in profits after expenses would treat their employees better - but in reality we are all just numbers to them, not “partners” there to make the corporate peeps pockets fatter. I swear my DM takes more vacations a year than I have ever witnessed at my other employment endeavors!!!

  4. It's not the amount of vacation your DM is taking it is the amount of vacation we lack in return. Being on the floor should not mean less vacation time or make it more difficult to use our protected sick pay. I have seen so many DMs and SMS still work and forgo their time off. There's some great people out there. They should be taking that time they need it. I feel like there is more a forgetting where they came from happening. It used to be corporate or a DM or anybody came to your store they were on that floor in full support mode if you got behind. I'm lucky enough that still have the support but most do not. I feel a bigger separation and less support anymore.

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