Can we get CIG to do a quality pass on ALL starter/cheap ships?

  1. They just started doing "gold standard" passes on a few ships. My guess is they want to do it on a few before doing it on starters because those will be used by so many people, so they want to solidify the gold standard a bit first.

  2. gets my vote too, and I also don't own a starter ship. But attracting new custom............I mean players to this game is much needed. And if their first experience is an aurora or Mustang........then RIP this game, I wouldn't even fucking play it if it was the only ship I had

  3. I do remember very carefully stacking all my boxes on top of each other and shimmying around them so I don’t break the collision in my aurora lmao

  4. Especially since the Aurora is the best ship in the game. You've got to have your best ships the most rock solid.

  5. I played a bit during last year's IAE. I remember the Mustang's canopy randomly opening/closing during flight in space which was unnerving and immersion breaking.

  6. I used to have a lot of issues with not being able enter my MR but they seem to have fixed it in the last patch. I personally am not having any issues anymore.

  7. Yes! At least fix the Mustang! Its such a bad first impression to tell a new player "The ship is bugged and you cant put cargo into the cargo version of the Mustang". It happens so often in chat.

  8. Or the fact that it's loosely sold as the "fighter" starter and it comes stock with 2 empty weapon hard points.

  9. Fortunately the mustang has a self destruct powerful enough to destroy a cutlass. Just park your ass next to whatever you want to die and hit alt+ backspace. Preferably while shouting "tiocfaidh ár lá".

  10. The reliants have a couple of just CRIPPLING bugs right now, but I'm soldiering on. It's worth it for that cockpit, man.

  11. I fly the reliant kore a lot in 3.13/3.14 and had no problems at all. The only annoying thing is that you can not get up from the seat in rotated mode. What problems do you have with it?

  12. It's very telling that for free flights they pretty much always give a Titan rather than the aurora or mustang. Both of those ships are just so inconvenient and bug prone that it makes the noobie experience so much worse. Give people a ship with an easy to enter ramp and easily accessible place to drop boxes, lo and behold they have a much better time doing noobie gameplay. Expecting them to battle bugs or shell out more money for an immediately less frustrating experience sets a bad precedent.

  13. Of course it's telling, it's the very reason why they do that. I don't think they are hiding that. I think they might have reasons we don't know. But yeah starter do need loves, at least they should communicate on them and the people that are working on them.

  14. Alpha or not, I have no idea how CIG can be okay with selling the Aurora and Mustang in their current state when they're going to be the first impression of the game many people get.

  15. That's a bed issue, not a ship issue isn't it? Many times I've gone to get up out of the Captain's bed in my Carrack and phased straight through the wall into space because my dude got up on the wrong side.

  16. This is affecting a lot of ships, not just starters. Those with a smaller cockpit and less MFD screens that are close to buttons are suffering from this.

  17. Happened to me too - right at the end of an annoyingly buggy box delivery mission. Went to call ATC, ended up jumping out of the ship at 6km off the ground. Yay!

  18. That seems to be an issue with every ship. Its happened to me in everything from a Superhornet to a Carrack.

  19. Starter ships should be a priority for them to get working right, They really need to get those ships worked out and able to hold the cargo containers they were meant to so new people can enjoy the game much more without requiring a upgrade to there ship.

  20. Yes - and iirc they're working on the External Cargo functionality, which is what both the starters (Aurora and Mustang) are waiting on... so it's not like CIG are just ignoring it.

  21. 100% this. I don't have any starter ships but the new player experience is so important. They should be totally viable and working for all basic career arcs sans medical transport.

  22. I actually do own a starter still. I have been playing since 3.7 but have an Aurora ES as a spare shuttle, just in case. It's still awful. I glitched out of it, had boxes fall out, had boxes push me out, had ladders glitch out. There's no reason for it to still be so broken.

  23. What, you mean ATC that you have to contact via the friends list in your space watch isn't intuitive for new players?

  24. I think a lot of the ships need a quality/design-polish pass. Even setting aside technical issues, some of the cockpits are poorly laid out given the current control schema, with interact-mode switches overlapping Screens to the point that some ships might as well not have screens. iirc, the Terrapin is particularly egregious. It spawned me in a hangar and I had to use my mobiglass to call traffic control to open the door because I couldn't use any of the ship's screens.

  25. I just want my fucking Cutlass to fly straight like it use to for a long ass time. Such a ridiculous change.

  26. Can't use mobiglass at all when in atmosphere or my cutlass black will nosedive. Plus the alignment issues with the HUD. They really need to do a clean up on that ship. I almost regret upgrading from the gladius.

  27. I never liked the Cutlass, but rented one for Roc mining (because it's cheap and I was poor.) Damn near crashed the thing trying to autopilot to a cave.

  28. Right? Like it was a "known issue" in the patch notes for several releases right off the bat, then they just gave up and stopped mentioning it without doing fuck all.

  29. For a while all accounts had a Freelancer since it was a workaround for an infinite bedlogout issue, and giving all accounts a second ship (especially for ones with only a starter) was really a great solution to a bunch of issues. They had another ship if they needed to fly to a new station to claim their first ship, could use it for box missions/etc instead of their starter. Just giving everyone who has an aurora MR or mustang alpha a Titan would be a big help, and it can be removed when they do "gold standard" on both starters.

  30. Only in the short-term. If they can get new players hooked with ships that actually work, they can upsell them to more expensive ships later. If they quit the game because the spaceships don't work right, that never happens.

  31. Should be a priority for ages now, but apparently they do not care. Meh, I love saying "woops you took the starter you cannot do shit with except pew pew, too bad" again and again to newcomers anyway.

  32. That's what is getting sad is seeing the same bugs and posts (and funny replies from vets) since 3.0. Worst case give em all an avenger (afaik fairly bug free ship) and call it a day. So many easy wins for CIG but instead they just sit eternally on the back burner yet are so integral to new players.

  33. The fact that neither the Aurora CL or the Mustang Alpha van transport cargo is just disgusting. CiG should be embarrassed.

  34. For some reason my starter Hornet refuses to remember how many missiles it has. I've landed with a full load of them, stored it to go do something at a station, only to restore it and find a random number of missiles have gone missing. And if I try to restock them it simply takes my money, and does nothing. Going back in and fixing the ship loadout does nothing. The only way it resets back to "normal" is destroying or abandoning the ship to reclaim it. And then it's back to missile roulette knowing eventually it's going to go bonkers again.

  35. While we're on it, those goddamn tips need a pass and to be triggered sensibly. Every time I log on I'm spammed continuously with tips that look like they're supposed to be context sensitive, but the situation is... wrong.

  36. oof, im new and i just bought a starter ship last night. im suddenly not really looking forward to logging in. kinda starting to regret buying this game now

  37. Tinfoil theory: CIG benefits financially from the entry level ships being bare-bones, bug-ridden, jalopies. As this creates a need for new backers to spend more than they originally intended to experience the current game.

  38. I think a good temporary response that wouldn't bog them down with work is to pick 1 ship to do a full pass on, say the aurora, and make it absolutely perfect, and then give it to every player as a loaner.

  39. I started in the alpha and the. Upgraded to a Cutty black. I honestly think you shouldn’t start with a ship at all. Doing box mission in a company freelancer with a custom space ups livery would be neat in my opinion. Imagine having to work as gunner to earn bigger pay days before you buy your first ship

  40. That WOULD be cool, but obviously the mechanics for that aren't in place yet. Hopefully down the road that'll be a viable option. I think it would be fun too.

  41. Absolutely. I haven't touched a starter since 2016, but my friend just joined Sunday, and Wow, I was shocked; It was a miserable time. I bought him a gift card to upgrade to the Titan, which only occasionally explodes walking down the ramp.

  42. Imho, they should really get in there and give utter priority for an all out polish/fix round on all ships up to the cutlass/freelancer. That's the group of ships most newcomers will buy in 99% of the cases, so all those ships should be the first ones to receive gold standard (and the first ones to be retrofitted with any new tech/feature they come up with in time).

  43. It's still a buggy mess, though slightly less so than last year. They added more consequences for dying, but the floor can still kill you. There are other more expensive starter packages. If there's not a package for the ship you want, you can "CCU" upgrade to it for the difference in price between the standalone (not with a starter package) versions of the two ships. They pull artificial scarcity limited availability crap with a lot of the ships, but you can get most of them during the upcoming IAE sale (note that it's a sale as in they're available for sale for a short time, not that they're on discount except for a few game packages).

  44. The Titan has a very annoying bug with MFD interaction. You need to zoom very close to MFD and find a sweet spot to interact, otherwise you will click on another button like "unlock exterior"

  45. My first experience with the game a few months ago was very confusing as I tried to enter my newly bought Aurora and promptly clipped all the way through the ship 3 times in a row because I was standing too close to it when starting the ship entrance animation. Confusing and frustrating. But I haven’t had the same issue with the arrow or the Gladius.

  46. My aurora is constantly buggy. From only being able to turn off my ship when trying to use the comms page to teleporting and dying under my landed ship when entering the door.

  47. I would suggest doing bounty hunter missions and getting rep up to the medium risk group targets, you’ll get 23k+ bonuses each one and they aren’t that difficult and you shouldn’t have to land and repair after each one if you’re even semi decent at flying

  48. They should prioritise fixing the bugs on these ships. They don't need to go to gold standard to fix the Auroras bugs, or even give the mustang a quick, accessible inventory to make up for its lack of cargo usage.

  49. old ships are usually the most bug ridden and barely get any attention. starter ships just happen to usually be some of the oldest.

  50. All my friends have starter ships and they have no will to play the game due to how bad starters are. Im thinking of buying them all avengers to give them a chance lol

  51. Currently you can see through the Nomad's door out into space when standing inside, and there's some kind of clipping problem when inside the door that makes it almost impossible to open / activate the ladder

  52. I agree, but I also think there's a reason they don't. Consider how every new ship is improved in some way. We get better door panels, physical switches for each item in the cockpit, storage improves, lighting improves, even VFX improves like with that new 'glow' shader which makes effects cheaper.

  53. Completely agree. I don't even recommend the starter ships anymore due to their various problems. The minimum I recommend is the Avenger.

  54. please fix the exiting seat animation on the aurora, everytime your head goes slightly through the roof of the ship and that's for some reason extremely annoying

  55. So I come back from patch to patch and check out the progress that has been made and this last patch basically made trying to go on Comms in an avenger close to impossible. 95% of the time I can not click menu on any screen in order to go to Comms to ask for a landing spot or open bay doors. I just gave me the option to power off or eject or open the cockpit, I spent about 10 minutes a couple days ago just trying to ask for a landing spot, is this normal or is this because its a starter ship?

  56. Not normal and something only really happening in last few patches. You can try two things to work around it.

  57. given the design pipeline is focused on finishing Squadron 42 first, the starters wont be worked on until after they've finished the ships necessary for squadron 42. Richard Tyrer specifically said their design focus is Squadron 42 first, then when they're done they move on to the PU.

  58. Got the starter Mustang and couldn’t complete my first delivery mission. Rented an Aurora to get the jobs done. Received an Aurora in game but didn’t show up on RSI website. Ship was fully functional and allowed me to complete the missions until I had the experience to move onto bounty hunting. CIG or someone seems to be paying attention to this glitch.

  59. In my somewhat jaded opinion, I think there's a commercial reason why CIG has been mostly neglecting these two ships while focusing on others, more expensive one.

  60. Yeah they always boast about how most backers just have a basic starter ship, yet they so almost nothing to actually make them enjoyable to use. But yeah this has been called for for years now.

  61. Another problem with the Mustang is it's stock guns are pretty poor for learning space combat with a slow rate of fire and small ammo capacity. Something like a set of laser repeaters would be much more friendly.

  62. You bring up an excellent point and I whole heartedly agree that starter ships should also be prioritized for gold standard on equal footing with the hero ships of SQ42. Can you cite any specific examples of bugs with either ship? I know that neither have functional cargo bays, just wondering what else is common.

  63. lol do they even do quality on anything else? the only thing that works properly is the invoice system so you can buy bugged shit lol

  64. Even the avenger could use a little love on the cockpit. I mean, everything is extremely futuristic, and the avenger cockpit seems a WW2 plane totally unrelated to the rest of the ship...

  65. Why would they work on the cheap ships when they could hype you for a $300 one knowing full well people are stupid and irresponsible enough to buy it?

  66. If it was me, I'd remove the Auroras for rework and make the base package the Mustang alpha. Equip it with the missing guns, and put it right out there that cargo isn't working for it, pending rework (or better, disable the cargo lift and remove the cargo cap from it - this actually helps set expectations as single-seat fighters without cargo are common). Then include the Pisces as a loaner. It works very well, can carry cargo and boxes, and doesn't give up too much on the Aurora for the added benefit. Remove the Pisces when a CCU is applied. The starter retains its $30 value, standalone Pisces is still viable, and the player gets a nice intro to both professions. The Mustang is decent at low level combat, and there aren't any other budget fighters that are as useful. The Titan gets to keep its status as a nice aspirational upgrade ship that combines both roles but the new player isn't forced to immediately upgrade to be viable.

  67. The last thing they need is another single-seat fighter with no cargo. The Delta is fine as it is, there's no need to cancel the Alpha's cargo to make it a worse Delta.

  68. The issue mentioned isn't just about starter ships -- its about the game in general. It is TIME to stop going off on virtual drudgery tangent rat-holes like eating, drinking and now medical before getting a base game release ready.

  69. Agreed. The closest I've to a starter ship is a Pisces for occasionally running boxes but they need to be gold standard, if not platinum. Most players don't immediately skip to the Titan so the Mustang and Aurora are their first experience with gameplay. We can't have that experience even buggier than the rest of the game or none of them will stay to play the game or continue to pledge.

  70. I'm in the Aurora right now and it's just sorta flimsy and easily destroyed but literally anything. I go to do a bunker mission, and run on foot from behind hills so my ship doesn't die. I come back and it's exploded.

  71. Starter ships being in the state that they are in are ment too encourage you to pony up for a more expensive ship ie Titan or Cutlass. Even if they did fix the ships they are still ment too get you to buy more.

  72. I've seen this before and I completely disagree. If I was brand new and I spent that much $ to find out I have to spend more because that ship is fucked and has been forever? I'm not spending another penny. Huge red flag

  73. Short term vs long term investment. Us backers are investors into SC, but we're also an investment for CIG. While the player starting with a Titan might never upgrade it, a lot of prospects are going to be horribly turned off by making a choice between two starters that both have massive issues or spending yet more money for a (clearly to them) buggy product that may never release. You can kiss any more money from them goodbye, plus they're gonna tell their mates about it.

  74. Hence the "if a ship is known to be fucked give the player an unfucked ship" . They should either fix them or do this. Some of the bugs with ladders and boxes are literally 3.0 bugs I swear and yet we still see them posted frequently. No reason to be giving ships in that state to a new player give them a loaner.

  75. If you expect people to put money into your game after their initial buy in, you need that buy in to be usable. Every time i tried getting into my aurora it would glitch me in front bayern seat and windshield, sometimes i could wiggle around until it popped me out others i had to suicide.

  76. I spent the extra $25 when the data was reset because I didn’t want to deal with how annoying the early game is with the Aurora. You can barely do box missions and I find box missions to be the best early game mission to figure out mechanics of the game and explore a little. When I first joined, I constantly glitched through the ceiling of the Aurora when I placed boxes on the extremely limited floor space. And the Mustang would be great except that the cargo area doesn’t even work on it. The Titan is really the only way to go early game unless the starter ships are fixed

  77. As far as I know none of the starter ships are in "gold pass" shape yet. So they will be getting another go-over at some point in the future.

  78. CIG have only just gotten two ships (Gladius and Sabre) up to their current "gold standard". This is because they're to be used in Sq42.

  79. Completely agree. However CIG are focused on SQ42 so only the ships used by that game are prioritised for gold pass.

  80. Agreed. They can do some of the Monitor missions pretty well, but they're also pretty messed up. I lost shields on the Aurora and it bugged out my atmospherics. Even after I got off the ship and walk around the station, it was as though I was out doing a EVA. everything on the voice and in comms was audibly muffled. Switching helmets didn't fix this. Only ever happened on my Aurora.

  81. Please fix the floating text selections on the Avenger Titan you can’t change the MFD type without selecting “turn off” or “ejection” by mistake, make the hitbox smaller on the buttons.

  82. I have a Nomad. Since the recent update things got fixed but also new problems created with that ship that worked before.

  83. Ik bought Star citizen i'd sat about 4 months ago. Bought the mustang Alpha stater package and have since then also crewed in allot of bigger ships. And honestly, except for the occasional quantum jump bug ( which also occur in any other ships) i am yet too find something wrong with the mustang. Overall i would dat the mustang is a pretty good state.

  84. Is there a spectrum page we can go to upvote for this also, since we have been told even thought devs do read post here they can't make work orders unless it's on spectrum!

  85. My mustang cant even carry crates, it cant do combat cause it dies instantly, cave missions are bugged and I can never get out so everything I have left is locating wrecks and doing some FPS combat

  86. New accounts with a starter package just purchased should get whatever ships came out with the last patch as loaners until the next patch.

  87. i don't own a starter and played with a friend of mine who fly's the aurora.. it's just so bad that CIG let's starterships be this bad as of this moment.

  88. So what is the best starter ship with price-performance ratio in mind? I want to upgrade from my aurora when the new patch releases

  89. Yes. I've been saying it for years that the current starters are mostly a turn-off to new backers after they get in and find out that they have to jump through a lot of hoops to do even basic box delivery missions.

  90. Yup, soiunds good. Work from the ground up. These are small ships, so the amount of work is manageable, compared to a monster ship like the BMM. Get the Aurora, the Mustangs, and next the 100 series and the Avengers to GOLD standard ASAP.

  91. It feels like they neglect them, hoping that the shitty experience will motivate players to spend more and upgrade to the minimum viable ship like a Titan or Pisces. But I think it's a really bad way to treat the newest players - they should be motivated with the carrot of "oh wow that ship has a much bigger cargo bay, I can't wait to do bigger cargo runs after having to rely on 3SCU for so long" rather than just "this ship I paid for is bugged and I have to spend more to have a good experience".

  92. Totally agree. I see so many new players in chat getting frustrated with their Auroras and Mustangs. Many saying they're going to give up. It's such a bad first impression for new players and won't help grow our community.

  93. They should be pointed to the Titan. I upgraded and wish I had outright started there. I'm still new, but that ship is way more capable of all the early missions compared to the Aurora or mustang.

  94. As a player who only owns an Aurora, the fact that I've never played without getting murdered by the ladder is the main reason why I only enjoy the game passively.

  95. What’s the point on fixing starter ships when you can force players into buying more expensive ships or stop playing?

  96. Don't worry; give them another 6-8 years of alpha and I'm sure they will do something with them :P ;) lol

  97. What's wrong with the Aurora? Mine works fine (most of the time anyways haha). The Mustang I totally agree, I started with that one because of the looks. But had to find out the tedious way that it was bugged.

  98. Quickly upgraded to the Pisces because getting packages into my aurora was mind numbing. Sad because I quite like the auroras look

  99. I think CIG's thinking is that they'll want to spend more money to upgrade. I think this is also the reasoning behind not letting us buy components for our ships and install them from wherever if they're stored now. We'll have to buy a ship with cargo space even if we're uninterested in owning a ship like that. It's pretty gross if that's the case.

  100. Eh....a bit too far there. You don't need a ship with cargo space to upgrade a ship. Just fly the ship you want to upgrade to the place that sells the upgrade.

  101. but why should they? they are in fact "starter" ships ... ya know something cheap and quick to get back so can learn the game and it's mechanics. then it's on to bigger and better ships !! :)

  102. Mostly agree with this, but the external cargo box support is really needed before these ships will start to be useful as intended.

  103. I got the aurora mr started and could not play due to every time I try to enter the ship it immediately ejects me out the opposite side…. And when I finally got in and tried to do a cargo mission all the cargo would get sling shot out to oblivion… bad first impression I almost spent a bit more to get the titan avenger everyone recommends but decided against it.

  104. I agree on this and it has to be a low hanging fruit solution, or moved to high priority. New players initial experience is super important I think.

  105. This would be nice! Even some of the other <$100 ships in game packages getting a cleanup pass would be great too, but I agree the base starters are priority.

  106. Totally agree. I just bought the game with Aurora MR and it's state make me laugh my ass off. They really should fix them or give newer small ship discount in pledge store to attract new players to newer ships if they don't want to spend some time on fixing old ones...

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