Most Hated Things in 2022 Starterpack

  1. American really thinking the world cares about their mentally ill persons, guys a tweet or story from random people is no big deal why people are even paying attention to those

  2. Only part exclusive to America is the man in last picture-which I learned who he was through comment section.

  3. Hey man I’m not even American but I hate the shit out of Vladimir Putin. Anyone who still likes Putin at this point or thinks he’s some great leader/brilliant tactician is deluding themselves.

  4. Reddit is mostly American Nationals. The US has been getting increasingly politically divided since Vietnam. Therefore, whenever the political opposition gains power or achieves a legislative victory , they will refuse to identify or accept that government as their own. This can manifest into "Anti-American" views. Mostly, because to some Americans, whoever is in the US government will determine if the US is their Country. Think of the New Left's Anti-American rhetoric during Vietnam to Iraq or Trumpers saying "I would rather be Russian than Democrat" during Trump rallies. A country is more than their goverment but Americans get to focused on emotionaly loaded political and social issues.

  5. Politics/politicians, Texas being unable to keep power and water on, abortion being legal then not legal then kinda legal then illegal, inflation, lot of A-holes that come from here, rich sort of just ruling everything/ruining everything, lots of crime and gun violence/shootings, past/historical stuff coming back up, generalized racism/racial issues, police just killin people….

  6. Because self-loathing white people in America always want to trash the U.S. without having traveled anywhere except the whitest places in Europe.

  7. Things get worse around the world so a lot of other countries cope by saying “well at least we aren’t them”

  8. Is it though? It's a list of the most hated things, doesn't mean they're all the same or got the same hate

  9. I agree. I mean he just slapped Chris rock, who really gives a damn? I see people on Reddit get knocked out senseless, and here is Chris rock still bitching about a love tap. Fresh prince definitely doesn’t belong up there.

  10. Reddit hates Will Smith way way to much. He’s an idiot and made a stupid mistake, but people forget celebrities aren’t pinnacles of human perfection.

  11. They do their real job well which is to be a professional scapegoat for any problem you arbitrarily decide is their fault.

  12. Dang is Will Smith as bad as war criminals? Someone explain that. Inflation sucks but ya know what sucks WORST THAN THE COST OF LIVING? Will Motherfucking Smith

  13. No one is saying everything/everyone in there is equally's literally just a list of some of the most publically hated things/people this year

  14. Yea and is that Amber what’s her face? Forgot all about her. But sure - let’s put them and the USA on the same level as god damn Putin…

  15. I don’t know anyone IRL that dislikes Elon Musk (I’m not American). Reddit seems to think he’s the most evil man to ever walk the Earth.

  16. Many people genuinely hated him for what he did in Oscars. Though, many people also found him annoying even before the Oscars incident, that was just cherry on top. I was just neutral towards him and I still am. And it wasn’t even a big deal since Oscars aren’t even that prestigious event for films anymore tbh. There are worst things in the world lol some people are way too much invested in celebrity drama.

  17. I don’t hate him but do wonder when he’ll admit that he hates the way his marriage turned out and stop deflecting. Guy is clearly harboring major resentment and unhappiness but took it out on Chris.

  18. I mean, I don’t. I just think what he did was ridiculous and done to please Jada. Dude was laughing at the joke then saw the couch upon which he’d be sleeping that night in Jada’s eyes and figured assaulting the person on stage was the only way to fix the situation 💀

  19. Not really, it was stupid but I feel there’s a ton of Hollywood celebrities deserve more shame than him such as currently Kanye West who’s a straight up a nazi sympathizer and holocaust denier.

  20. Cause it's reddit the US is hated even if it protects them from Russia. And for Ron from what I heard they are discribing him as a mini trump but a bit better but since he's right clearly they hate him

  21. Eh. Those two knuckleheads are so hated that it's honestly getting tired of hearing about them. Besides, Trump has been hated since the mid 2010s. I decided to try something fresh.

  22. Biden is hardly doing anything I'm not convinced the people who hate him really hate him and only say they do because they are Republican and required to. Trump is becoming less relevant, I honestly can't think of 1 thing he even did this year, people just keep bringing up his name for some reason because we did it so much for too many years and forgot to stop.

  23. Listen I’m a lib but DeSantis doesn’t seem like the right choice here. He’s clearly not hated in his state by most voters.

  24. Yeah the guy who won landslide re-election is definitely as hated as a convicted criminal liar, an insane anti semite, and a dictator who is invading neighboring countries

  25. Dude honestly Putin deserves hate, but not Russia in general, its not right for any country to get hated because of their irresponsable president. And yes, United states too, obiously.

  26. America is riots CNN with cars on fire in the background call things "mostly peaceful" and you have people like Kamala Harris bailing out rioters...meanwhile Iran has sentenced 15,000 people to death for protesting wearing a head scarf.

  27. I can’t find any more official polls on his popularity but these two give mixed views. One does him as slightly more liked and the other shows him as slightly more hated than liked. Conclusion: no one can make a blanket factual statement about whether he is more liked or hated.

  28. If you look at Will Smith's TikTok,he went from having millions of likes to barely 100 to 500 thousand

  29. I think the US flag inclusion is more literal and relates to the fact it’s been hijacked by the far right GOP as belonging to them and them alone including all the subtle variants.

  30. I know people stopped doing the disaster of the month thing once shit got serious serious but 2022 is just 1 disaster after another

  31. Will Smith isn't most hated, most mocked maybe, but not hated. I also don't think Elon Musk is YET but he is on course to be

  32. I can’t believe how many sick people there are in this section defending a domestic abuser, amber was proven guilty, I watched the trial myself, the evidence was damning, anyone defending her either didn’t watch the trial or are just picking and choosing what ever fits their narrative, disgusting

  33. Do yall really care enough about Will Smith slapping Chris that you hate him for it? The dude that got slapped cares less than this. Two rich ass men getting into one situation can't be as bad as the Russian attack on Ukraine. Totally different caliber

  34. You got DeSantis on there so this looks totally on point. I would put Jeff Bezos on that list too for forcing employees at an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois to stay late last year when warnings were out for severe tornados. 6 people ended up dying in the tornado. Jeff Bezos spent that day talking about sending William Shatner up in a rocket and didn’t even mention his Amazon warehouse destruction till the next day.

  35. I'm starting to see lots of people hate zelensky because many people stated that he tried to start ww3 and the whole ftx money laundering thing.

  36. Who even gives a shit about this shitty war in Ukraine nowadays? Like most people cared for Ukraine just for clout or just so patriotic they'll shit on some Russian guy who has nothing to do with war for fucking existing. Ik some dude is gonna attack me while having Ukraine pfp and "Stand with Ukraine" username

  37. She beat her husband and even cut off part of his finger with a bottle, she also lied about him in court and got rekt by his defence team

  38. Not sure why you got downvoted twice for a simple question. I am not sure either but I think it’s Amber Heard. Gave you an upvote.

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