I self-sabotage when it comes to cutting sugar

  1. I have no issue with artificial sweeteners, and would be willing to give them a shot! My goal is to not crave sugar, so a detox is a good idea. I long for that moment where I eat something sugary and it tastes bad.

  2. Lol at this point I've recommended this one advice to WAYYYYY too many people but I do so because it works. For the first 2 weeks, everytime you wanna binge on sugar, stuff yourself up with whole foods. Vegetables, meat, eggs, fruits, yogurt, nuts, cheese, porridge, whatever. Just do it every single time you want to eat sugar. You'd be surprised how less you think about sugar when you've eaten till satiety and eaten whole nutritious food.

  3. I'm right there with you. I quit sugar and am 100% involved, reading all the posts and feeling great, then I fall off the wagon and I unsubscribe to this sub because I feel like shit for not having willpower.

  4. Reading "Good Sugar, Bad Sugar" by Allen Carr helped me view sugar as something I don't want. I ad to read it twice and I still slip up but I see it completely differently now than I did before. I see it for what it is and I see the marketers for what they are.

  5. I have started ozympic….it has helped me to slow down my sugar consumption…early days yet but it feels like a reset ….

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