Can someone can help me find this series?

  1. I love how every few months without fail there’s always a post of someone looking for what they think is a sentai show they remember from their childhood and it always turns out to be gransazer

  2. I mean it is basically Toho's attempt at sentai. Take away the more armored chests and they're easily mistaken for rangers, especially since they have "zords" (Chouseishin) and a "Megazord" (Daisazer). Factor in that it's like 20 years old and memories are fuzzy and conversation about it is minimal.... Yeah.

  3. Kyuranger was based on constellations, not the Zodiac. The only Zodiac ones in Kyuranger were Leo, Scorpius, Libra, and Ophiuchus (if you follow the 13 Zodiac Signs model).

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