If Jeff had to be replaced as host, and only could be replaced by a past Survivor player, who would you choose and why? (no wrong answers!)

  1. I love Ethan. He would have never crossed my mind for the hosting gig but I think he'd be great. My heart says Penner but the sass levels would be off the charts.

  2. Realistically speaking, they would never hire someone who hasn’t worked in hosting, so as far as I know the only candidates would be Colby, Andrea, and Parvati.

  3. Rob C hosts a podcast, as does tyson. Devens is a news anchor, jimmy johnson has hosted NFL sunday, and Boston Rob had his own reality TV show with Amber which is not exactly hosting but close enough and thats just off the top of my head others that ‘realistically’ could host

  4. I think Colby is the correct answer. One of the most recognizable Survivor figures from the most popular season. He is good-looking, charismatic, a good narrator with a nice voice, and he has hosting experience.

  5. Adam did a travel vlog on YouTube a few years ago, so I guess that sort of counts? It's really good, you should check it out.

  6. Penner! I'm surprised no one else mentioned him. I feel like he would have a similar vibe to Probst.

  7. I think the biggest issue with Penner is that he is a similar age as Probst and they would likely want to get more mileage out of his replacement.

  8. I always picture him so goofy though. Would be interesting to see if he could handle the deeper side to the show /conversations

  9. Cochran. Was in the game. Quick on his feet. Has enough sarcasm to have some digs on the players. But compassionate enough to know when to comfort and also let a big moment breathe.

  10. She's probably one of their ideal candidates. They would definitely go for a smart woman, from relatively newer seasons, who had an excellent social game & could handle themselves in challenges.

  11. 100% Angelina. She played, arguably, the most sacrificial game in survivor history. She’s a master negotiator. Woman literally had no fear! Remember when Jeff used to hang out of planes and stand on mountain tops during the premier… well she’s already climbed a 100 foot ladder (without the help of production!) There’s really no other correct answer, we must have Angelina

  12. Survivor Auction gains a spiritual successor in the form of the Survivor Yard Sale, where each contestant gets the opportunity to negotiate with Angelina for one of several available items

  13. Courtney, because I would love to see her just sass the entire cast week after week. Not to mention her challenge commentary would be brutal and hilarious.

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prompt on here that starts with “what former survivor player would you want to see…” where my answer hasn’t been the absolute king that is sir benjamin “Coach” wade.

  15. As someone who loves a guy, I naturally gravitate towards him. But he has so many other interests already in life and he’s making so much money, I cannot imagine for a second he would be remotely interested

  16. If this happened, I would stop watching Survivor. Somehow he's find a way to make it appropriate to host in those pink underwear and I can't handle that.

  17. Not a bad idea! Jeff started out as a host alone, not a producer. Naseer loves the game and has incredible presence.

  18. There have only been 2 Jeff impressions that I can remember. Rob c during all stars and FairPlay when he dressed like Jeff on fan vs fav. They already looked the part!

  19. Johnny FairPlay based on personality alone and he won’t be afraid to ask the probing questions that Jeff ask at tribal counsel

  20. I've been thinking... How would a season without any host look like? Would it make the game more "pure", with fewer (no) distractions?

  21. Fishbach, I like the way he understands things, he can be emotional when needed and a netural voice of reason when needed

  22. There are a ton of great answers (Ethan, Penner, Boston Rob, Colby), but I think it’s important to picture the longevity of the show. Most of those people are close to Jeff’s age, and while I think they would be amazing hosts, I think we could benefit from having someone on the younger side like Adam, Lauren Beck, or Devens (I’m gonna consider him young, because 37 is still younger than Jeff was when he started hosting). That gives us the chance for the show to last longer than 4/5 years after Jeff’s departure. A young host means we have the potential for the show to keep running and running, which I think is a possibility under the right leadership.

  23. Wendel!!!! He wouldn’t be the best host but I loved him sassing Jeff back in the challenges and I would LOVE to see him sass contestants during challenges

  24. My mind immediately goes to Penner but age wise it wouldn’t make sense to replace Jeff with Penner, everyone says Andrea which makes sense, I’d also love to see Rob C but there are definitely issues with that. Cochran would be great because he knows the game but let’s be honest there’s no chance in hell they would make him host.

  25. I think if Jeff does step down in the next few years and although not Survivor I’d want to see Phil for a season as like what a could have been

  26. He’d probably be the one who’d get the job because he has hosting experience, but imagine how terrible he’d be at running tribal council.

  27. I’m not sure if anyone has watched “Alone”, which is like an extreme, solo survival show, but on the one season I have watched on Netflix he was the post-episode host who had maybe 5-10min of convo with the people in the episode.

  28. I’m mainly thinking of this season with my answers. Evvie seems like someone I could get behind for host along with Ricard.

  29. There are so many better candidates though outside of the current season who have more longevity and presence within the Survivor community

  30. Knowing CBS and the climate of society right now, the replacement would have to be either a woman or POC so I guess start your guesses there

  31. I don’t know why people keep suggesting someone exactly like Probst. A replacement will NEVER live up to or be the same as Jeff. I strongly believe they need to go in a different direction.

  32. Yeah I’d want to see a woman for sure. Lauren would do well but i still associate her with the season that shan’t be named.

  33. Lucy Huang, she'd just tell people to be quiet all the time. No live tribals. No discussion. A silent season of survivor.

  34. I think the better move would be to hire one of the international hosts. I think the American audience would love JLP from AUS or Nico from SA.

  35. I think Colby would be the smartest choice. Huge survivor resume and the experience. I would love to see Yul get a shot at hosting something. I think he would need time to find his footing but could be good.

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