One of the main reasons to own a gun

  1. Same. I believe it is peak tool. Not to say any of the other albums are bad, each one has its own vibe and style, which i also love, but all of Tool's hard work, practice, and dedication that came out of their previous albums all culminated to their best work on Lateralus and it remains my favorite band.

  2. wait this could be an actual strategy, you sell weed, people go to your door, you ask what their fav tool song is and if they say the pot, you know it's business.

  3. There is too many good ones so I'll give you a list: pushit, eulogy, hooker with a penis, sober, stinkfist, distgustipated (the very end always gets me), H, Pneuma, Rosetta stoned, message to Harry manback (more of an intermission but whatever), and jimmy. Pretty much all of them but those are a few of my favourites.

  4. Third Eye and Ticks and Leeches. On Ticks and Leeches when the music kicks back in after the lull, I just lose it. It’s peak Danny Carey at that point.

  5. Aenima. And I do not recommend brandishing a firearm. Liable to get you shot or arrested. Lol. Remember the 4 rules folks.

  6. "There’s a strong correlation between this band’s name and the type of people who listen to their MC Escher butt rock. Hopefully it will be 10,000 more days before they release another album." -

  7. Ditto. Switzerland does it right and the US tries really hard. Granted you have to worry about idiots with guns, but it seems like that’s better than idiots oppressing the population with guns.

  8. Opiate! Used to be a whole bunch of assholes living in this part of the building herr. But we systematically exterminated them like you would any sort of termite or roach.

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