Tier List for All Syndra Matchups (As of Patch 10.25) (This is my opinion, feel free to make any suggestions)

  1. Lol for real I used to be a Teemo mid main. Syndra was my perma ban, then I decided to main Syndra and haven’t looked back

  2. I think its because Synda can just pop him out of his ult. I wouldnt call it free but its favoured/skill in general but I might just have more practice in this one than others since im used to being nuked by him as adc.

  3. In my experience Yasuo feels unplayable, it's so hard to get him with your EQ cuz of his dashes and whenever there are no minions to dash to he'll just windwall it. Not to mention that you almost don't have an R against him. Also I haven't played the match up but I would think that Kog would favor Syndra, considering he's squishy and immobile, you just get into range and nuke him, right?

  4. You shouldn't try to hit him with anything as a mage, use EQ only if he gets in your face. Syndra is much better than him late game anyways, yes, he scales good, but not good enough if it's only farm

  5. yeah this is not a list I agree with. lux and velkoz are both soft counters to syndra. played right, syndra can't do much against them because they outrange her. for the same reason, cass is a free win for syndra typically. Syndra is also a well known counter to Annie and Lucian.

  6. I do not think Syndra is Lucians counter at all, a smart Lucian can save his dash and just never engage with it and due to that you better save your stun unless you are getting help from your jg. I've lost and beaten Lucians, and in my experience it's a skill matchup. He can easily kill you if you misplaced your stun. Although, its true for majority of matchups

  7. Iirc DoinB talked about this matchup during worlds. I'm not 100% sure what the verdict was but I think it was playable but lucian is favoured to win it?

  8. It's kinda surprising to see talon and akali in unplayable since syndra has quite an easy time against them. I also wonder how you win against vel and sera when they have prio all the time.

  9. Don't really agree with some of this. Only "free win" in that category is Veigar really. Not sure how Teemo, Annie and Heimer are not Syndra favored?

  10. Heimer can do W max and practically one shot you with grenade and W ult while Annie just has to survive until level 7ish and then she can flash R you

  11. Im looking at all the comments and I just wanna say this is just in my elo. I am currently gold 3 and your perception is probably different if you are in plat or diamond!

  12. This list seems wrong on a lot of fronts to me. Might just be an elo difference, but I don't see most of these being true

  13. I play Ahri and Syndra, when Syndra is in a good spot, Ahri should be a free win, Syndra can just shut down the champion so hard

  14. If talon isn’t fed, i can easily win lane with him since I tend to play more passive and poke more often

  15. I would argue Neeko is fairly heavily Syndra favored. Totally not because I went like 1/6 as her against Syndra but it does kind of add up. E for her R and would say Syndra does significantly more damage

  16. I disagree with alot of this if we are talking strictly laning phase. VelKoz is Syndra favoured? You should never be able to come into Vel's range after the first back. His wave clear and range poke far outdoes yours, same goes for Xerath. Even find Lux sorta contentious

  17. I must say first of all that I struggle against Velkoz. And secondly, Ekko and a good Irelia are imo Syndras worst nightmare. There is nothing you can do against either champion by yourself if they know how to play the matchup

  18. Ok, I am really fascinated by some of these decisions. I personally hate playing against Lux, and would actually put her in "Syndra not favoured". Veigar and Vel are at best favoured for Syndra.

  19. sylas is a very syndra favored matchup as a sylas and syndra player and talon is pretty easy aswell if you stun him post 6 he dies

  20. I’ve never played the matchup but I would imagine vs Morde, Syndra would be favored as she can stun him when he initially ults, canceling his ult

  21. Syndra wins lane so hard against Cassio but in my experience it doesn’t even matter because mid-late game my team will feed her anyway :c

  22. Scatter the weak is an 18 second cd lvl 1. If you use it to stun Irelia when she q's a minion, then you have to play back for 18 seconds. That means you give up lane prio and she gets free push and first move to anything happening outside of mid. As someone who plays both champions, this is definitely Irelia favored. Syndra can still kill the Irelia, but its on Irelia to mess up and once Irelia has any sort of mr/tankiness Syndra can't kill her without set up 1v1. If you play it well as Syndra you probably won't die but you'll never have lane prio against her. As for Orianna, Syndra is a known counter to Orianna because Orianna HAS to buy merc treads vs her. Syndra has a bit more range and also has much higher burst so Orianna is always on the Blackfoot. Vel'koz however I would say is not a free win, because as you said he has the range advantage. However, you shouldn't die as Syndra and if he spaces incorrectly you can get a stun off on him.

  23. For me, lux Vel and sera are actually pretty difficult matchups because they outrange Syndra, it is nearly impossible to pressure them if they have good positioning (plus once Veigar or Seraphine reach late game they win). For Annie, I find Syndra being able to deal with her fairly easily. Annie can be easily poked because of her short range and Syndra can throw tibbers around with W. And for ekko, I permaban him, playing against an ekko is so unplayable that I would rather face literally anyone else. Also, Syndra counters Heimerdinger, just throw his turrets around and burst him.

  24. Very true with malzahar being unplayable His pokes with E is just insane And the suppress is just out of hands (I am a Malzh main btw) syndra just feeds to malzh if the malzh is good

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