What is your favorite SYNTH BASS in any song, any era?

  1. That looseness is so juicy, and all those mod wheel pushes so sweet. It's definitely been one that I could never forget!

  2. That's the song that got me into electronic music. It was 1995 (give or take) and I heard it on the radio at around 2am, I was like 'what in the hell is even that' and that moment significantly impacted my life

  3. Donna Summer - I Feel Love. The part when everything comes out but the bass then they bring the drums back in still sounds so damn fresh

  4. When I bought a MC 202, I got real close to the bass line. To be honest that's a lick I always play when I hit my music store !

  5. I've played that a bunch on my JX-3P, it sounds pretty close to the Oberheim, which also was used for Jump! by Van Halen. The JX-3P also has a default patch which sounds like the intro to the 1984 album, I'm pretty sure they attempted to match it on purpose.

  6. Interesting—after 4 hours, no one has mentioned the first one that came to my mind: Chameleon by Herbie Hancock.

  7. This should be the only answer...I still don't think anyone has programmed such a snappy funky bass synth patch as good as they did.

  8. A lot of my favs have already been said but I’m sure this bass program has been over looked and keeps this track disco funky “Steppin out”

  9. Can't go wrong with a Vince Clarke tune... He could be a legit answer to almost any "synth best of" question ;-)

  10. These are new to me, but I'm listening. Reminds me of Freestyle. I was DJing at college, and they had a wall of vinyl that they were going to toss, so I grabbed a couple hundred albums, at Freestyle was one of them.

  11. When it comes to questions like these, just pick a good one that nobody has mentioned yet and move on with your day. Nobody is going to hold you to it.

  12. I dont know WHAST the fuck is going on with "his" youtube channell...looks like they are re-adding all the same stuff every day or something! Cant find the TIMELESS album on there, though

  13. I think it’s impossible for me to definitively crown a single track so, I’ll just go with the first one that came to mind…

  14. Not what you asked, but just can’t help to say that the moment in Into The Groove when Madonna harmonizes the chorus always gives me goosebumps. Such a great, great song.

  15. Paula Abdul - Straight Up has a very nice bass sound. I remember talking to one of the producers of that track on a forum years ago… He said it was a DX7 layered with a Minimoog.

  16. Kinda like Haruomi Hosono's bass (from Yellow Magic Orchestra) on Behind The Mask in this video:

  17. So many good 80's synth bass lines have been mentioned here. For a more recent one, I'll say that the synth bass in "Old 45's" by Chromeo fills my body with emotion every time I hear it!

  18. These are all good guesses, but the correct answer is ABBA’s “Does Your Mother Know?”.

  19. Haha! I had a game on my Amiga 500 that was a flight sim, and they used that same "bass bell" sound in the game intro.

  20. For something more modern and what I've been enjoying a lot lately try YACHT - L.A. Plays Itself

  21. Touch Sensitive - Pizza Guy. The bass sound that comes in around 45 seconds is so perfect for the song. Just the right amount of filter envelope, resonance, and vibrato.

  22. Oh man, you made me remember a massive bass song for me, Swing The Heartache! I've blasted that so loud. The electric kick is a large part of it, but the sweeping synth just adds so much.

  23. "На дне" by Molchat Doma scratches all the right itches for me. Oh and how could I forget- “Oblivion” by Grimes of course!

  24. One particular bass that blew me away back in the 80s was from this Commodore 64 song (comes in at 0:30). Composed by the late great Ben Daglish.

  25. I'm surprised to see no mention of Carpenter Brut in here. That guy is renowned for his filthy synth bass.

  26. While I agree Flashlight is prime here’s my pick Poi Dog Pondering - God’s Gallipoli (live/arqueen remix)

  27. I’m sure there are way more impactful and important examples, but the line from “Roygbiv” by Boards of Canada is it for me.

  28. I can’t remember the name of the songs but all of Psychic chasms and intl night school by neon Indian have a lot of good bass lines

  29. Phat Planet has a really cool bassline and its the first thing you hear too and is the driving part through the song. I always remember that guiness advert with the horses as crashing waves and then hearing it was leftfield the whole time. awesome when the beat drops to it as well. oofff

  30. “People in the City” by Air has been one of my personal favs for a looooong time, as far as a mostly acoustic song with synth bass. I saw them on tour about 5 or 6 years ago and the live bass blew me away.

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