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  1. The question arose today weither or not I want to follow my bf (Taiwanese) to Taiwan in summer or not.

  2. I'm currently bicycle touring around Taiwan and will be soon hitting the east coast. Can anyone with experience recommend which route to take between highway 11 and highway 9? Also if you know any nice places to camp on the east coast please let me know! Thanks

  3. I'd recommend highway 9. Personally I think there are more to do on highway 9 and it will be too challenging to ride on highway 11.

  4. Any news regarding the reopening of the railway between Kaohsiung and Hualien? I'm planning on taking the train from Kaohsiung and heading to Hualien in early March

  5. Hello! My partner got fever (not covid), and I'm trying to understand what medicine can help them. I've bought SP Fast Cold Relief Powder, but am not sure how to give it. Is it soluble in water? Instructions are a little unclear, as they only state to take a packet per day. Also, does anyone have any other medicine to suggest? Is paracetamol bought only under prescription here?

  6. You can buy 普拿疼, there's paracetamol in it. It's not prescription medicine and can be bought from a pharmacy easily.

  7. flying into taoyuan then takign a hsr into taichung. super excited, but kinda realized i didnt have plans with my fiance for new years eve. any nice places where people go to in taichung? (only kjnow about taipei 101 for taipei..)

  8. what are some must see places in the south, worth visiting during January and February (meaning summer/beach places are out of the equation)??

  9. Hi. Where in Taipei, am I able to purchase the most Winnie the Pooh products? Looking at luggages as a priority. You guys have unique Pooh items.

  10. Are there any current entry requirements for US citizens? Such as PCR tests, COVID vaccinations, etc?

  11. hello! my sister and i will be arriving at Taoyuan Airport around 1 am and our hotel is at Dayuan District. What is the cheapest way to get there considering it will be late at night? Thank you

  12. People who "sucked" at speaking Mandarin, how did you guys improve? I can read and write more due to my background but I have a hard time with listening/speaking the language

  13. If you're an extrovert, find a native to talk to on a daily basis. Just have some no-pressure conversations where you can say anything and listen. Find someone you can make mistakes with and ask questions to and just go for it.

  14. Maybe it’s just me, but he’s not that popular in Taiwan. Just like that YouTuber/Influencer Steven Lim

  15. How long does it take to walk from Wenxin Yinghua metro station to Feng Chia night market in Taichung? I feel like google maps telling me 18minutes seems wrong seeing as it’s such a big night market but isn’t that accessible to metros? thanks in advance!

  16. Are there lactose free options at drink stores? Or some kind of marking for lactose free milk based drinks in convenience stores? Or is everything just done with regular whole milk? E.g all the boba places in the US can substitute using lactose free milk.

  17. I know at some stores you can change the milk to soymilk. Not sure if that's something you're looking for.

  18. My family and I are planning to go to Taiwan for a week or two in the summer, most likely early-mid August. What would be some affordable options for housing? Also, how much USD would you recommend to budget for souvenirs? I would like to be able to buy clothing, and maybe some jewelry as well on the trip.

  19. If you're only going to Taiwan for a couple of weeks, I think your best options would be either hotel or guesthouse.

  20. Where can i get the best rate for buiyng Vietnamese Dong in Taipei - at the airport before depatrue can I buy currency from banks?

  21. I would like to buy one taiwanese souvenir but I don’t know the of it. It looks like big black ball with chinese signs and symbol of taoism on it. Don’t you know the name and where I can buy It?

  22. Hotels in Taichung will likely get more expensive, if not sell out completely as you get closer to LNY. Most people travel out of Taipei at that time. HSR will be packed, especially if traveling north on the last two days of the holiday as everyone is trying to get home. I would reserve ahead of time if possible just to be safe. Most things should be open by the 4th day, though. Most places just close for the first two or three days.

  23. I'm flying Ireland-Australia and have a full day layover in TPE on New Years Eve. 18 hours, 6am-11:55pm. I really love theme parks and I'd like to try visit Janfusun Fancyworld for a few hours - am I crazy? I was planning to get the HSR to Yunlin and then an Uber.

  24. Don’t worry about it. Even the Soviet Russians made fun of China for the way they run their mouths:

  25. I’m in Taipei right now until Thu 29th Dec, where I’ll go to 小琉球 for 3 nights via HSR. Can someone advise for the following commute matters.

  26. Hey everyone. I’m visiting taiwan soon, super excited. My friends and I would like to play friendly basketball matches with locals :)

  27. If you're not from an Asian country, know that basketball is less physical in Asia and more things will be called fouls. 3v3 is also much more prevalent than 5v5

  28. I'm sure you could jump into a game kinda like you would with street courts in the US. I can't remember the name of it but there's a Taiwanese show where some local celebrity visits the US and does just that, jumps into a game with strangers. A bunch of parks have courts, I know for a fact there's at least 3 different ones along the riverside park. It's probably the most popular sport here, have fun

  29. As far as I understand the current pandemic measurements, you are not required to quarantine in a hotel anymore, and just observe your health for the first 7 days (based on an honor system).

  30. Hi, I'm not sure if this reply comes late for you, but I'm staying at the same hotel, and there was zero problem regarding this. I'm sure they just forgot to update it accordingly when the restrictions were changed. I booked my stay with no issues upon check-in either.

  31. Hi guys. Sorry for being late on this, but can someone please explain the 0+7 rule. If I wanted to visit Taiwan for two weeks what do I need to do?

  32. I just got back from a vacation pretty recently. You're given a free covid test pack with 4 test kits and asked to monitor your own health. They'll give you an information packet when you land. Have fun

  33. Hi all, I will be in Taipei with my family (wife and two kids 5 and 3) over the New Year. We wanted to go see the countdown at Taipei 101 but after reading that the city area is gonna be packed, I'm thinking twice. I'm staying at a hotel that's about 1.5km away from Taipei 101, so walking back is not a issue.

  34. Personally, I wouldn’t. It’s crazy packed. The kids won’t really have space to move around. It might be pretty miserable for them. There’s a playground at Xiangshan Park, but I don’t know how the view is from there.

  35. Yeah go watch it and have fun, it's gonna be packed like Times Square though. 101 is very visible from a long distance away, a lot of people watch it from the observation deck at elephant mountain but sometimes that's packed too. You can even see it from the riverside park but that's a bit far away.

  36. I'll recommend watching it somewhere from afar where it's less crowded. I went to 國父紀念館 many years ago and got a clear view of 101 and it was not packed. It was many years ago though - but I am sure you could find a spot to watch it without having to deal with the crowd.

  37. Anyone know where I can order cheese online? I don’t live anywhere near a Jason’s or anything so need to look online.

  38. Carrefours have nice cheese, but it's in a little fridge near the wine section... not with the regular cheese near the milk.

  39. Have you looked at Uber Eats or Food Panda? I couldn't find the ingredients to make egg nog and ended up finding them all from one grocery store on Uber Eats

  40. I may need to head to Taiwan and stay there for a few days (or as long as it takes) until I can test negative with a NAT in order to continue on to Macau.

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  42. When masks are required, it's definitely enforced. I'm still wearing mine just to pick up some delivery food that was dropped off downstairs in my complex. Last time I had a roundtrip fight to the US without any stops I had to wear it the entire flight both ways and in the airport. Kept hearing the flight attendants correct people that had it hanging before their nose. I know mask regulations are more relaxed in the US, but wearing masks has become completely normal here, since the pandemic started until now people pretty much wear them everywhere.

  43. Hi, we are planning a two weeks Taiwan trip in March/April. With rising numbers of covid cases in China, is this expected to spill over to Taiwan? Are covid cases and regulations in Taiwan expected to increase in the next weeks or months?

  44. I'm not sure if there is correlation between outbreaks in China to outbreaks in Taiwan. What I can say is the travel restrictions have become so relaxed that it would be easy for a carrier to travel here without being detected. Last year I went to the US and it was a huge hassle -- I had to take a covid test from the local hospital, masks all directions, social distancing everywhere, a bunch of screening and questions about where I've been, etc. PLUS a two week quarantine when I got back to Taiwan with regular checkups with some officer that had my phone number just to make sure I wasn't sneaking out. Soon after that they started requiringb proof of vaccination for travel. And around that time they had QR codes that needed to be scanned for every business you'd enter, even delivery people had to scan it everywhere.

  45. I am planning to study Chinese at a University for a semester, so I will be applying for a "Visitor Visa for studying Chinese". Does anyone know if I am able to rent a property off, say, 591 instead of relying on houseshare, and be able to set up a mobile plan?

  46. Like the another comment has said, Taiwan is a small country so it won't take long to drive around, but if you spend most of your time on the road then you won't have enough time to explore each place.

  47. Taiwan is very small, all those places are pretty convenient, this is totally doable. But 101 around new year is like being in the middle of time square. Most of my friends just view it from a distance like elephant mountain or the riverside park, even then it should be completely packed around that time. But if you're near 101 expect not being able to move much and a very long MRT trip back to wherever you're going.

  48. 14,600 for just a single room in 文山 is overpriced, I'd look elsewhere. If you're not looking to stay here for a long time you could try to find a place to share with other people looking to split the rent, seen some people do that before

  49. Hello! I know that is superlate, but does anyone know a nice restaurant for the 31/12 or 1/1? Doesn't have to be with Taipei 101 view, but I'd like some nice restaurant, not too expensive with a good ambient/vibe. Any recs?

  50. Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but when I was in Taiwan I'd go to Maokong with my family/friend.

  51. PCR as in covid tests? If so, the airport should give you sufficient tests. Masks are not required outdoors, but almost everyone wears them out anyway.

  52. I'm planning to have a trip to Thailand. Does anyone know where to exchange NTD to Thai Baht in Taipei?

  53. Hi, I'm looking to travel to Taiwan in March. I know things can still change, but I'm wondering what the impact of the 0+7 rule is as I would only be there for a week. If I understood it correctly, bars etc are open, but would I be allowed to go? And apart from having to stay somewhere with my own bathroom, are there other impactful limitations?

  54. It has essentially no effect. You’ll be able to go in anywhere and nobody will check your test/vaccination status or anything like that. They will give you take-home COVID tests when entering the country but there’s nobody following up to make sure you used them.

  55. Hi, I am going to do a cycling trip in Taiwan at Feb 2023 visiting Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung. Is there a website, where i can find cycling trails?

  56. Hey Guys - I've got a 20 hour layover within Taiwan next Wednesday 28th of December. What are the requirements for testing?

  57. Taiwan has no COVID-related entry requirements. The only rule is wearing a mask indoors if you're not eating or drinking anything

  58. Hi, I have a 4 hour layover in Taipei Taoyuan Airport, any recommendations for shops or restaurants I should check out since I have some time to walk around and browse the airport? Thanks!

  59. Hey everyone, so random question, what is the spider situation like in Taipei? I'm planning to move there soon but I'm severely arachnophobic and I've seen some discouraging articles when I looked it up online but I'd like to hear a more personal experience. Do apartment complexes take any anti-insect measures? Are the house spiders big?

  60. I'd say it's rare to see spiders inside apartments in Taipei. I have been living here for 4 years and I have seen very small spiders just two or three times.

  61. Anecdotal and I've only been in Taiwan for 3 months. I am from Australia and so am on the lookout for spiders. I have not seen any spiders/spider webs at all, my apartment sat empty for quite a while before it was rented to us and even when we were cleaning it I didn't see any evidence of spiders.

  62. Is it common for tourists to explore Neihu district and Rainbow Riverside park? What’s the best way to get there via public transport? It seems far from a train station.

  63. Neihu is not common for tourists, the most you'll get are lakes and some easy hiking trails if you want to go for a walk/hike. (Speaking from someone who grew up in Neihu.)

  64. What are some cosmetic/skincare brands that are a must buy (and affordable) in Taiwan? I haven’t decide which city to go, still open to suggestions. Thanks!

  65. Hi guys. For uber in taipei, do we need to bring our own child booster or seats? Will the driver reject the ride if we have no child booster or seats

  66. We extensively researched this as we have a young kid, Uber’s child seat option seemingly never has any drivers, and we had to go to some places in Taipei far from MRT.

  67. How old is the kid? Our 20 month old just sits on our lap or we strap him in the centre back seat with a lapbelt, same with taxis. We have never had the driver reject the trip.

  68. Hello! I’m planning a 7-8 days trip in April and would like to hear some suggestions on where to go :) rough plan for now is to spend time in Taipei and also drop by Jiufen. But no idea where else to go 😅

  69. The hot springs (Typically in the mountains), night markets and museums are a must for our family trips. Taipei has a lot of museums.

  70. how do i use the android mcdonalds app in taiwan? neither china nor taiwan are available in the list of countries in the app ... what do I do?

  71. You’ll find that most of the western brands that have online ordering (Starbucks, McDonalds, etc) usually have a completely different app for Taiwan and it may not have great English support. It’s annoying!

  72. I believe there is a different app. You would have to change your country/region in the Google Play store settings to download it

  73. Hello! I am visiting Taiwan for the first time in February and am looking for destination recommendations. I have 2-3 days between Bangkok and Taipei so I want to go somewhere relaxing and beautiful. I’m not into hiking or outdoor adventures I’m more of a spa, good food and beautiful views kind of person. Ideally it’s somewhere I can get on the train + taxi since I’ll have luggage. I’m looking for serene, with nice hotels, nice views and maybe nearby hot springs or temples? Think Ubud in Bali vibes.

  74. If you only have 2-3 days in Taiwan, I'd probably recommend just stay in Taipei and nearby cities. Travelling to the south will take too much of your time.

  75. What do you think is the best sourvenir to bring back from Taiwan to your friends? Preferrably non-consumable and not too big.

  76. I'm curious. Why are public buses in Taiwan not designed to be wheelchair accessible? I saw an elderly in wheelchair with their caretaker struggle so much getting on and off the bus, and felt so bad for them.

  77. I can't remember exactly where it was, but I did stop by a wheelchair accessible bus stop before. The man's wife asked the driver in Chinese if they have a wheelchair lift, the curb had a slope for wheelchairs, and the driver even delayed their route to help the man. Just depends on the bus and the stop.

  78. At least in Taipei (And to some extent in other cities), most transit buses are wheelchair accessible, drivers in some routes even help people to get in and out buses.

  79. I have an 11~ hour layover this weekend in Taipei, I'll end up researching later but is there enough around TPE to keep myself busy?

  80. i dont think so ... you could grab lunch, try some snacks ... or if u have the money for taxi, go to taipei, see the chiang kai-shek memorial site and go back

  81. I just went through this. They give you a 4x test kit for free, but nowhere to send negative results or anything, it's just for you to hold onto.

  82. Anyone knows a good Art Supplies store in Taipei? I’m looking specifically for metallic watercolors and brushes but I might need other professional art supplies in the future (calligraphy nibs, inks, professional paper, markers, oil painting, etc.)

  83. Any groups or pages to track gigs happening in Taipei, specifically Alt/Metal shows? Would like to experience the local music scene!

  84. Hi guys, since I haven't been back in Taiwan for more than 2 years, I'd just like to know if contactless payment options are more widely available now, such as for fast food restaurants, or restaurants in general, I expect night market stands still only take cash.

  85. Most stores, including some night market stands, I saw now accept LINE pay. But you've to be from a country where LINE pay is available to use it in Taiwan.

  86. I just arrived to Taipei a few months ago and the only place where I’ve been able to run my foreign credit card has been Poya and the big international clothing franchises. They even told me “cash only” at my local McDonald’s, however they did have an Easy Card reader. Most places only accept cards issued by Taiwanese banks and/or Easy Card, if they accept cards at all. Out of all the online payment services Line Pay is the most common.

  87. I do see some more now, but more common at bigger businesses and restaurants. More casual places still seem to avoid credit card and thus contactless payments. Line Pay works well though.

  88. Hi there - request for travel advice. I’m hoping to work remotely from Taiwan for 6 weeks in October/November. I’ll be working office hours and want to go exploring in the evening and on the weekends.

  89. october november is still summer temperatures, wearing shorts and such, so all the beach options in the south are still valid, but a bit far if you're in taipei ... also taipei rains all the time

  90. So my parents bought tickets to visit Taiwan without consulting me on dates and they chose Jan 20th-Jan26th. Will there be anything open in Taipei? Night markets? Tourist/historical sites? Would I be able to show them places like 九份?

  91. My sister and I will be around the Taipei Area for three days this early January. I plan to go to Jiufen and Yangminshan. What other places do you think we'll be able to squeeze in?

  92. I had a great dinner here. View is great, heated tables. Online reservations using Google maps. Go 1 hour before sunset. The sunset is amazing. 草山夜未眠 02 2862 3751

  93. I just spent an hour searching online, trying to find out how I register an appointment to get a flu vaccine and my next covid booster. Feeling pretty stupid after spending an hour and finding nothing. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks in advance. I've never seen a doctor since arriving in Taiwan and getting my NHI so I'm clueless.

  94. I believe flu vaccines are just walk in at any clinic. For COVID, it depends on the city you're in. They each have their own online booking platform.

  95. I bought this traditional made soy sauce made in Japan. Made the old traditional way. There is a store in Neihu. Mayfull Fine Foods 02 2794 6889

  96. I'm visiting TW for about 10 days and looking for pocket wifi recommendations for our group of 3. We'll be flying into TSA and then flying out of TPE.

  97. I use the app Kkday to rent portable Wi-Fi often, you can reserve the unit before arrival, pick up booth located in the arrival lobby, I believe they offer free cancellation up until 3-4 days before reservation date, return at the departure area, really convenient.

  98. Hi everyone, I will probably come to Taichung in February as an exchange student and I need to apply for a visitor visa because I will stay there for 5 months. How long does it take to get a visa and what do I need to ask for it?

  99. Hi i’m visiting taiwan next week and would like to visit the Totoro bus stop (didn’t get to on my first trip pre-covid). See some reviews online mentioning the one at Dali Street no longer exists, where is it located now?

  100. Just got my prepaid SIM setup. My partner and I chose 2 different carriers since.... we're working and we need good connectivity. If one service sucks we can at least swap with one another. REceptionwise in major metro areas is good with either Chunghwa or Far Eastone. The reason I picked those is because Chunghwa is the biggest and FarEastone was the best 5G pick per OpenSignal. FarEastone gives me faster Speedtests (400mbps+) where I live compared to about 180 mbps on Chunghwa. Both will be fine for working this week.

  101. Hi all! Would it be hard to book trains during the Lunar New Year period? It seems like the reservation hasn’t started yet, and I have no idea how to do it and if I should expect difficulties in booking…

  102. I’m a language student and recently extended my visitor visa for another 90 days. I had some stuff come up back in my home country so I likely won’t be able to stay for a full semester, but I’d like to stay in Taiwan for another month or so to travel.

  103. As far as I know, visitor visa is a single entry visa, which doesn’t allow you to travel outside of Taiwan. Please go or call immigration.

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