Wondering what a "US M7 Priest" with two barbettes would look like? i did a thing and turned it into a "M7 Cathedral"... and it physically fits just fine if you don't mind banging kneecaps into the radio :D

  1. Isolate the right hand barbette (from top to bottom of crew compartment) on a standard m7 priest and mirror it to the other side in the exact same spot, from the ammunition rack on the left side you'll need to remove 2 "squares" at the front and adjust the barbette seat and thats about it as it should fit about perfectly for the rest with only minor clean-up on a 3d model :D

  2. I really wish there was a tank game where you could design new tanks or upgrade existing ones. Like making a Sturmtiger open topped, or using ugly landships to make sick SPGs. As for new designs, you could design engines (like Automation) and set the hull/turret armor type, thickness and angle. Could also choose the armaments (for historical you could only use guns at the time of the tank. for new you could use any, from ww1 to now). Would go further but 12:47 am, i need sleep just came to speak.

  3. Sounds like a lot fun, and i get what you mean, it would be like kitbashing scale models and testing the results and having fun with friends maybe.

  4. ps, not my model, i downloaded a random m7 model a long time ago, probably an old WoT model or something.

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