Watching OAN’s Lies Will Be Difficult Now That It’s Been Dumped by DirecTV | The satellite TV provider notified One America News Network that it would not be renewing its distribution agreement.

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  2. Also note that OAN gets 90% of its revenue from AT&T and their DirecTV deal... so after this it may be difficult for them to survive.

  3. AT&T doesn't care. IMO - they supported the network as it supported Trump, right up and until their merger went through, then they stopped caring. It is downright sociopathic.

  4. People flooding the comments with CNN this, CNN that. Thankfully. Most people don't get their news from only one source. Pure projection in this thread.

  5. How is that the only retort? Anytime you criticize a news network it’s an immediate “what about CNN!” Like I don’t watch that shit either dude, turn off the fucking tv.

  6. It’s the projection that annoys me the most. Whenever my idiot brother tries to talk to me about this nonsense he starts off by telling me i’m not getting the whole picture from places like CNN. I don’t watch CNN or any other news channel. Unlike him i don’t spend much of my time paying attention to political news at all. These people assume everyone spends as much time obsessing and nursing their grievances about politics as they do. No thanks.

  7. Lmao, like CNN is even vaguely comparable. It's just a convenient scapegoat. In their mind, the further right wing you are, the more accurate. Facts be damned.

  8. frankly, i hate all the 24 news networks on my little digital cable plan thingy, i want them all off (Friggin give me gameshow network for them, surely thats an even trade)

  9. Didn't I see an article awhile back saying AT&T gave OAN its startup or something? Now they're dropping them? Good riddance and all but I'm kinda suprised.

  10. I’d come into my parents house and see OAN on and I’d tell them to please stop watching that garbage and watch Fox instead if they want conservative news.

  11. AT&T spun-off DirecTV last summer. While AT&T still owns 70% of DirecTV, they are no longer the same company.

  12. I switched to t-mobile after 20 years on AT&T because of this. Bonus, my family plan is 40 bucks a month cheaper now.

  13. My understanding is that AT&T still provides the vast majority of funding for oan but no longer retains control of direct tv so direct tv was able to make the independent decision to drop the dangerous propaganda and misinformation outlet that is oan

  14. How delusional do you have to be to think OAN is on the level. At least with Fox News it has the reputable name people are used too. OAN is just some fly by night bullshit but some stupid fucks actually take the shit as gospel.

  15. I know someone that works for OAN and made joke saying it’s one of few places that would fire you for getting vaccinated. They were busting up.

  16. Most of the right wing news people I know are only role playing for the money. Used to know many who took jobs with Christian televangelists. They were always a good source for weed or just some partying in general.

  17. All these comments saying this network is better/worse than that one… who are these people who like to watch a mouth moving on tv? Who watches tv news?! Seriously?!

  18. Can you imagine sitting through 8 minutes of cable news commercials just to get to some heavily made up talking head's opinion on current events? If there is a hell, cable news is playing on monitors there constantly at full volume

  19. They are rehearsing for when the pablum of their choice becomes the state media outlet. They can't wait until they get to the point where the TV watches you. All fascists necessarily participate in their own imprisonment. Its a rite of passage for them

  20. Just make sure you laugh and call out their lies, like they don’t support murdering anyone who disagrees with them.

  21. The fact that free speech defends against both silenced speech and compelled speech is a fact that conservatives seem incapable of wrapping their heads around lately.

  22. Difficult to watch? I'm not entirely sure how it's possible to gird enough loins to make it through an hour of that crap assuming the viewer has even the faintest toehold on reality

  23. I’ve been going to the same eye doctor for about a decade and he was always super nice. Last year I went to the eye doctor for the first time since 2018 (lol) and OAN was playing in the waiting room. I got up and walked out, idc how nice he seemed in the past. That’s some true colors right there.

  24. My MIL was watching it on Christmas Eve and it really is just hateful crap and hate speech rolled into a no actual substance just some dude seething and telling other people that they need to be angry about something that doesn’t affect them in the slightest

  25. Fox "News", Breitbart, Daily Caller, Newsmax, The Blaze, etc. You know, all the far-right propaganda outlets that farm articles from each other without any primary sources?

  26. Surprised I haven’t seen anyone post this yet but there’s a lot more interesting story that’s been completely ignored by the mainstream news...

  27. CNN isn't the other side though... Closest would be MSNBC, but even they don't outright lie about things like right wing networks do.

  28. Tom Selleck voiceover: “Have you ever tried to overthrow a democracy…from the comfort of your own home? …you will. And the company that will bring it to you…is AT&T.”

  29. From the article: Former president Donald Trump, known for his gluttonous diet of TV news, is going to have trouble finding one of his favorite far-right channels, One America News Network, in a few months.

  30. The fairness doctrine only applied to broadcast TV and broadcast radio. What should apply to these days? Cable news? Satellite radio? YouTube? Facebook? Blogs?

  31. It so funny to watch them post an article that's only slightly not aligned with conservative views and their entire base calls them traitors and liberal news and says "I'm not watching this garbage"

  32. Now we need to get to where shows or networks based on opinions, not factual information are not allowed to promote themselves as or call themselves News Networks. Hint - if your "reporters" are taking sides, name calling, threatening, and going on rants instead of just reporting on what is happening you are in fact not watching a news report. You are watching propaganda and it should not be allowed to disguise itself as news.

  33. Deplatforming seditious elements may be the only hope our democracy has. I remember the wonderful relief of silence after Trump was kicked off Twitter. I hope this continues.

  34. I remember the sweet, sweet news of Rush Limbaugh’s death, thinking it would free my dad from their death grip. They play this dead asshole’s old content that is pertinent to current events. I’ve never been so furious.

  35. It’s sad that so many equate freedom of speech with the end of a distribution contract for an infotainment corporation due to market forces. No one is stopping OAN from speaking or punishing them for their speech.

  36. Don’t let it shoot up too far. AT&T were the ones who came up with the idea for and funded the creation of OAN in the first place.

  37. Just a reminder, AT&T essentially created OAN in the first place. They were trying to make more money off of our political turmoil and failed.

  38. Not only did AT&T found OAN through distribution and donations, they don't even control content contracts anymore. DirecTV split from AT&T except at the top. It was DTV that cut the cord here, because ATT couldn't stop it.

  39. To be fair, it's more like they decided they needed to create a new poison, distributed it then after poisoning a ton of people they decided to take that poison off the market.

  40. My folks are deep in the rural, directv being the only thing available. They've been tuned into Orange-Ass News for a while now, their worldview a leaf in the wind of disinformation and lies. Never thought I'd be happy they went back to FOX, but here we are lol

  41. It’s mostly older people and hotels/restaurants/bars/etc. My parents still have it. Thankfully they hate OAN though.

  42. So what should I watch local live sports on? My options are DirecTV and Comcast. And Comcast doesn't broadcast in HD. More than half of my television watching (including streaming) is live sports, DirecTV is far and away the best way to watch that, especially local teams.

  43. About damn time. Stations providing misinformation leading to deaths should be sued as well by the families of the people whose deaths they contributed to by spreading misinformation.

  44. The only real hope I have for the future of our democracy is if cable and other tech companies don't give people platforms to broadcast their lies. And even then, it's impossible to unbrainwash the people who have been exposed to over 20 years of the Tucker Carlsons and Hannitys of the world. 🙄

  45. If folks would maybe consider the prosperity gospel folks next, who have channels on XM radio, ah, I have a suggestion.

  46. I didn't even know this was on TV. I assumed it was a "YouTube network" or something like Info Wars. Glad it's not getting renewed. Is it only on Direct TV?

  47. Doesn't matter too much because It and and few other extreme right channels are free to view on The Roku Channel.

  48. The management of DirectTV runs a business, and this was a business decision. OAN's stated business model was to appeal to the rich conservatives. OAN provides pawnshop content over a Walmart medium to a target audience that shops at Nordstom. Even AT&T could see the bollocks of that business model.

  49. All those advertisements they did and never wanted it. This is the best ad they ever made. Good guy DirecTV, even if it is a money dispute.

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