Elon Musk Roasted By Video Game Site Over Stolen Twitter Meme

  1. I kinda love that Elon Musk is Elon Musk's worst enemy. What was it, a year ago half the internet was ready to venerate this complete asshat as though he was the greatest thing ever? Then we got a look at what a complete shitbag he is. Just a whiny-ass manchild that does stupid shit for attention.

  2. He built an electric car company that nobody said was possible, today. It's the largest company in its space around the world. He did what NASA could not do over the course of their existence. In a matter of years. He has brought internet to war stricken countries and defended himself against cyber attacks from a country known as the best hackers in the world. You can hate on him if you want, but he is a legend and one of the greatest humans to ever exist.

  3. Why do you even care? All I see is elon musk on this subreddit, I’m not even subscribed here, why does this shit show up on my feed all the time. It’s a Reddit hate circle jerk sub, nobody talks about technology, just their hatred for elon musk? I just wonder why spend energy hating this person instead of not caring whatsoever like I do. He could die tomorrow, wouldn’t care, he could live until he’s 155 years old, doesn’t matter to me, he can buy and sell twitter 5 times, why would I give a shit?

  4. The owner of the site was the one tweeting back at him. Interns managing social media for companies is a thing of the past.

  5. The article quotes Musk complaining about 'wokeism'. A white South African complaining about woke people isn't a good look - in most circles, anyway.

  6. Do people still look up to Peterson? Even after finding out that he paid to have Russian doctors put him into a medically-induced coma so he could kick his crippling Xanax addiction?

  7. Yeah, and there was that satirical conservative comedian Tomi Lahren. Funny as hell how she used to say such stupid ass bullshit and would contradict herself constantly and they ate it up. Just sitting there like "oh I bet she's gonna do Kaepernick again! This is gonna be so fire since last week she said black people shouldn't riot and should peacefully protest, haha! How do they keep falling for this?!"

  8. This is just a drama post, why is it being posted here? Just cause Elon has a large stake in technology doesn't mean we equate him shitting in the morning to it.

  9. Whats at the top page today? Elon... Whats at the top page yesterday? Elon.... What about LAST WEEK? MUTHERFUCCING ELON?

  10. What a shitreddit here, you guys just downvote anything positive about Musk? Look in a mirror for once.

  11. Look at all these band wagon elon haters. Imagine being so stupid you need the internet to tell you to hate. Who’s it gonna be next year?

  12. Now that donalrd trump is not their president they found another famous person to live in their head 24/7 seriously you guys are pathetic XD

  13. Not a single person in this thread is discussing technology, what a wonderful sub. I’m not subscribed here, how do I remove this dog shit from my feed. Any help would be appreciated, I’m being genuine.

  14. It's interesting his fall. He started out pretty focused on doing cool things that he found interesting and somewhere along the way his brain started to melt like every other old person. It's so weird I see the behavior all the time and it's literally like their mental faculties start falling apart.

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