Trillion-dollar crypto collapse sparks flurry of US lawsuits – who’s to blame? | Cryptocurrencies

  1. Alternatively i view it as having forced people to come up with more alternative energies by increasing demand. Also it made the GPU industry much bigger, which is on a cost per operation basis much much more energy efficient than a CPU. By pushing these industries it caused a lot of work to go into energy efficiency that wouldn't have happened otherwise

  2. The buyers and sellers believed it was a path to riches and ignored or ridiculed the experts who easily saw it as a scam

  3. I say the creators and companies that pushed it, this is clearly a scam and has caused real harm. The creator allow a currency with a massive flaw to be created and they supported it.

  4. It's pretty clear that there are some powerful governments and other financial organizations that are trying to suppress crypto. Fundamentally it is too valuable for their efforts to succeed right now they are having a last gasp effort to push it downwards but it is as futile as fighting gravity. Who is able to stop a superior technology from being adopted can't out the genie back in the bottle as they say

  5. Crypto is just block chain code. Block chain technology is useful for many use cases. Crypto has few use cases and most will be trash. 😮‍💨

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