Sam Bankman-Fried reportedly owns a $100 million stake in Elon Musk's Twitter

  1. To me it looks like a big billionaire valuation grifter circlejerk. Amazes me how much money a grifter can walk away with when the pond o snake oil dries up. Sorry if I sound salty, but I spent 20 years listening to “managers” and “leaders” sling bullshit and checked the fuck out of white collar a couple of years ago before the pandemic upended civilization. I needed to live for myself and get the hell away from the city. I think more people should do the same and let these people burn themselves down so we can get focused on saving the only planet we have.

  2. Yeah, close contest between a literal ponzi scheme and Twitter as to which was the worse investment.

  3. It's business insider, they know Sam's ownership was disproven but they're so salty about twitter's content curation team getting the axe that they can't help but report anything involving twitter and elon in the worst possible light.

  4. He already owned the publicly listed shares before Elon bought Twitter as I understand, so I guess he asked to roll over to save money.

  5. Bruh, this doesn’t reflect poorly on Elon. He doesn’t care if SBF’s minuscule stake in the company becomes a big part of SBF’s personal assets.

  6. If someone told Elon they had an invisible, incorporeal, dragon that breathes heatless fire in their garage, Elon would offer to buy it from them for a meme number of dollars.

  7. FTX also had a few hundred million in Robinhood stock, which turned out to be their most liquid asset. I’m convinced SBF was trying to run his entire company on meme magic. They literally just took billions in real money and replaced it with a shit coin they made up and counted that as even on their list of assets.

  8. So noted, an asset SFB's creditors, including the FTX account holders he stole from, will be able to seize.

  9. But what are they going to be able to do with it. With Elon saying the company is about to go broke who's going to buy outside of a firesale?

  10. So about point two percent, then. I mean, given the speed this guy (either of them) burns money, I don't think it really matters. Besides, what were you going to do with it? Hospitals? Schools? Lame.

  11. You'd assume it's as easy as 44bn/100mn but going private and the cost of financing aren't that linear.

  12. I saw in the texts from the court filing he was trying to get in and Elon met with him, but IIRC Elon recently said he DIDNT take money from Sam, iirc.

  13. Besides Musk being completely untrustworthy in the first place, the article links to the source that broke the story, and they have receipts to back these claims up, including text messages between Musk and SBF.

  14. Elon saying it's not true means absolutely fuck all. I'm not saying it's necessarily true, but just that Elon's tweets are meaningless.

  15. What's the difference between Twitter and Elon Musk's Twitter? Just fucking call it Twitter. Everyone knows that Elon owns it now.

  16. We are at the point where money means nothing. What’s the point of infinite growth. If once you stop growing it goes to 0?

  17. I thought Musk said SBF had his BS meter going. I get more concerned about my TSLA investment every day. He can’t stay out of the news for a day

  18. The most hilarious part of this whole thing is that it is in fact false. 5 minutes of researching shows SBF is one of 5 “investors” in Semafor who this article cites as its reference.

  19. Wow, epic dogecoin wholesome 100 comment bro, I’d never realized Reddit was full of idiots. Thanks for notifying the public

  20. This article is based on none confimed informations, aka all of this is bullshit. This so-called journalist is clearly after Musk.

  21. Musk is not a scientist or an engineer. He has not invented a damn thing.He is now just a fascist piece crap.stop sucking his limpness

  22. Crypto is a scam. It's always been a scam. It is not safe and has never been safe. Crypto is a lie. Like trickle down and tulips.

  23. Steal billions of dollars. Donate it to Democrats. Magically get caught a few days AFTER the election that your stolen money influenced.

  24. He's lying. The source that broke the story has the receipts - court documents and text messages between Musk and SBF. Not that they need them, because Elon saying it's false is all anyone would need to know that it's probably true.

  25. False. Proven to be a made up store by Business Insider. Check Twitter’s response for yourself

  26. Unlucky for him, Elon Musk decided to push Twitter to bankruptcy ... SBF will really have nothing left very soon.

  27. If this were true, which it is not, the money would have already been given. Investor in, or "owns 100 million stake" means money changed hands.

  28. Lol, Twitter is now worth a fraction of its purchased price.I think the latest is like $7 billion (as opposed to previous $43B). So that puts Fried’s value at around $20 million or so. For this guy it’s an improvement as went from losing billions to “only” losing 10s of millions.

  29. Just a friendly reminder that worth is only real when it's being sold. This is now a private company, assumed/calculated/estimated value holds no ... value.

  30. Why is everyone obsessed with this? Because “SBF gave money to this party”, “SBF invested in this business”, “FTX bought these properties”…. WITH MONEY HE STOLE.

  31. Joe Rogan claimed in a recent podcast episode that Elon told him SBF initially offered to put up $3B for a stake in twitter. Apparently this set of Elon’s bs meter because he didn’t think SBF had that much liquid money. Turns out he was right haha.

  32. Before Elon came out saying he was a Republican everyone including Clinton and Obama said he was a visionary. A few months after he said he supported Trump. He's now being called unintelligent. Really the guy worth $200,000,000,000 is dumb?

  33. Actual fake news. Elon is on record literally saying that he met with Sam once to discuss Sam investing in the Twitter deal but Elons ‘BS detector’ was going off. In other words, Elon knew Sam didn’t have the money told him No and that was the end of it. But of course the article won’t cover that easily verifiable fact.

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