Why do people blame HBO for the final season of Game of Thrones?

  1. Everyone I know blames D&D. If there is any blame levied at HBO it is "Why did they allow this to happen?", but I remember even before season 7 aired there were articles about how HBO and George and just about everyone wanted more seasons except D&D.

  2. There are definitely many people blaming HBO. I’ve seen lots of users right here in this sub doubting a new series’ quality because “HBO fucked up GOT”

  3. Wait, who's blaming HBO? I've only ever seen D&D get blamed for it. Pretty much every IMDb review I saw of the final episode back when it aired was cursing the latter out

  4. I've heard more blame levied at D&D, especially given the context of them preparing to take over Star Wars projects, which made it seem like they rushed through the end of GOT to focus on Star Wars.

  5. D&D had planned to leave the series, but I do wonder why HBO didn't ask executive producer/lead writer Bryan Cogman to take over as the show runner in order to continue with the series.

  6. Because there would be no cast unless you wanna "other Darrin" Jon Snow for sure and at least 2 or 3 other actors (vague rumors who the others were). However, definitely clown on D&D for shit writing w/ Jamie and to lesser extent Danny

  7. I know HBO's reputation as "Television Auteur's paradise," but I think if there's one time where they would have been perfectly within their rights to take a show out of a showrunner's hands, it was that time.

  8. thats all fine and all and I know GRRM wanted 10 seasons but say the removed after s7 or s6...now I dont know much about tv making and the industry but everything I have heard is that its not an easy job.Much less so to create a truly great show let alone the biggest show ever made.

  9. At the very beginning D&D said, "We are doing the whole thing in 73 Episodes", and when it became clear that it needed much more, they just said Fuck It, and mailed in the last season. You can lay some blame on HBO for not firing them before they left the flaming bag of shit on our doorsteps.

  10. Honestly a lot of people don't give a shit about making this distinction. They pay for HBO, not for D&D, and they don't care to follow the specific drama behind the scenes. If I go to a chain restaurant and don't enjoy my meal, it might be due to the behavior of a specific cook that night, but at the end of the day it's the chain's responsibility, and I'm going to say "I have a bad dinner at XYZ" not "Chef Dominic at XYZ made a shitty chicken parm tonight."

  11. You gotta know when to fold em and when to hold em, and HBO didn't know when they should have. Creative control is important, so is freedom of speech, but you gotta know when someone is yelling fire in a theater.

  12. Before season 8 they had no cause for concern tbf. I mean sure there were problems with the post 5 seasons in minute ways to big ones but they were critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

  13. HBO might have pushed for more seasons and D and D might have not accepted, but it is the networks decision on when to end the show.

  14. Probably not going to get a straight answer from Reddit, way too many butthurt nerds who still can’t handle the story ending differently than they pictured in their mind.

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