‘Doctor Who’ adds Neil Patrick Harris to cast for 60th anniversary

  1. I've wished for a sequel for years. Almost certainly never happening with all the news about joss though :/

  2. I would've been stoked ten years ago. But after word started getting out about how awful he is to others, I'm less excited [didn't even know about the Amy Winehouse thing until a few years ago].

  3. Twist, he’s taking inspiration from Harold and Kumar and having him play himself but still the doctors greatest enemy yet. For whatever reason the actor singer NPH wants to destroy the doctor

  4. The greatest enemy the dr ever had should be an evil future version of himself or an evil past version from before the memory wipe.

  5. He's the Doctor's therapist who is secretly holding him captive in a "time loop" where the Doctor is a human video game designer who invented a game about the last remaining member of an alien species called "Timelords" that changes forms sometimes and he is in love with one of his love interests, the key to his ultimate escape, wherein they both find out that she had the power of a timelord the whole time.

  6. I still struggle to take him seriously as a villain. I adore NPH and think he's very talented, but I just don't buy him as a bad guy

  7. His last role as antagonist was in Matrix resurrections. I think he did ok, until the very last scene where he reverted to his HIMYM persona.

  8. Based on the picture, if it's a returning character, it's likely to be either The Toymaker or the Master of Fiction, both of whom would make sense based on the current reports coming from public filming.

  9. I’ve drifted away from doctor who but they’re filming outside my bosses house at night and he keeps showing me pictures they’ve managed to sneak from their windows and I’m getting pretty excited.

  10. Oh yeah, Ten, Donna and Wilf are going to be in... this is vaguely worded, but scenes that will air around the time of the 60th.

  11. After NPH’s “Amy Winehouse’s corpse” food platter he had made for a party only months after she died I can’t even bear to look at him

  12. Yeah, dude seems like an absolute douchebag. Not nearly as bad, but there's also the time he made a tweet making fun of Rachel Bloom (creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) at the Tonys pretending he didn't know her...when they had met several times as her husband wrote several episodes of How I Met Your Mother. They later reference this on Crazy Ex-Girlfiend, which is pretty funny.

  13. I'm with you dude. Like, I know people were always making fun of her but to me now as a man nearing his 30s that is far and away the most tragic death in Hollywood that I've been alive for. To belittle her with such a grotesque depiction? I can't look at him the same way again.

  14. After a decade, an apology, and no further incidents, I no longer avoid watching things he’s in. But I still have a low opinion of him.

  15. I would have never thought about NPH being in Doctor Who but this is fantastic casting. Hopefully he’s the villain like it seems. He can walk that serious and silly line really well and just bleeds charisma. Hope he gets some scenes with Tennant.

  16. You might give Capaldi's third season a try. I happened to like it a lot. (And if you never actually finished the second season I recommend it. If nothing else, the episode Heaven Sent is one of the best Who episodes of all time.)

  17. I always found his Halloween Insta kind of creepy. It’s not as sleazy as the Amy Winehouse cake, which is just so gauche and crude, but the way he features his kids in his Instagram feed screams “influencer,” i.e., vanity.

  18. David Tennant will be returning to the role of the Doctor in the 60th anniversary special(s) (which is what this news is about)

  19. Unless RTD is going to retcon the whole Timeless Children thing and fix the show back to before the Chibnall era, not even NPH and Tennant's combined power can make things right and get the show back on track in the long term.

  20. Was the retcon bad? Yes. Is the best and only way to go forward to spend time retconning it? Definitely not. Just move on, or do something cool with the idea

  21. NPH is a big, awesome, brilliant kid. He should be everywhere. He should be at your house right now.

  22. Had no idea about the Amy Winehouse cake 11 years ago. Just knew him from around town, LA at the time, and really like his work. Still, eleven years have passed. Does he have a reputation as an ***hole otherwise?

  23. Obviously Harris won't hurt but it's not acting ability that the show is missing, it's writing. Whittaker and Capaldi are both great actors but their seasons were shit. The writers let them down. If adding Doogie Howser is the most original idea they have I think this show is fucked.

  24. The 60th anniversary has a different showrunner and production company than the eras you’re talking about. Russell T Davies & Bad Wolf

  25. Chibnall can't write his way out of a paper bag but Capaldi's seasons were great. Heaven Sent may well be one of the greatest DW episodes there has ever been.

  26. I think Harris can do very well in Dr Who. He is very good at being “over the top” in the exact way that Dr Who tends to be

  27. Hey I don't have any friends I'm asking for me did they retcon the doctor's 50th anniversary so that gallifrey is now dead and not stuck in a Time slice

  28. It feels like no time at all has passed since the 50th anniversary, I can’t believe they’re about to hit 60. Haven’t kept up to date with the last couple of seasons but I’ll definitely be catching up for this

  29. Graham was a top-tier companion but aside from a few really good historicals (Alan Cumming as King James I/VI!), most of Thirteenth Doctor's run has been poorly written, a real waste of Jodie Whittaker's talent. It hurts to have to say it but it's true.

  30. That's something I'd never expect he's pretty great in all his roles. Still hoping he voices Nightwing again, probably my favorite NW voice that happened only once

  31. Just add anyone who played a Doctor on a show. I’m going to pitch Quinn and Zoidberg. Maybe the guy from Northern Exposure too.

  32. It's a surprise, yeah, but NPH was in Russell's rolodex and it's just another flex for the 60th.

  33. It happens now and then, sometimes in really random roles. Like the lead singer of Slipknot pitched in on an episode a few years ago. Or Eric Roberts once played The Master.

  34. The running guess among fans is he's playing the Celestial Toymaker, a character from a mostly-lost First Doctor serial.

  35. They should just make him the same character he plays in The Matrix: Resurrection and Doctor Who has to deal with whatever story in the middle of an AI Civil War.

  36. So the Dr. gets to meet Dr. Doogie? That's a team-up I didn't count on. Perhaps they should add Fred Savage as well - I hear he's available...

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